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Submission + - Is there a good 3rd party licensing solution?

AnderMoney writes: I am a developer writing some software that will need a license generation/activation scheme when it is released. For various reasons, however, I don't have the resources or budget to write one myself from scratch. Does anyone know any good prepackaged solutions for purchase(or free?) that handle this? It seems like a fairly common problem but I don't know what to look for. Anything I come up with sends me to various spyware and key generation sites.

Submission + - Vulgar Comment on Newspaper site costs man his job 1

DeeFresh writes: "ReadWriteWeb has an article up today discussing an incident in which a school employee lost his job after leaving a comment on the website of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch newspaper. After the school employee responded to the newspaper's poll of "the strangest thing you've ever eaten" with a feline-inspired vulgarity, Kurt Greenbaum, the site's director of social media, tracked down the commenter's identity through his IP Address and reported him to school officials. When confronted, the school employee resigned from his job.
Here is Greenbaum's follow up article discussing the employee's resignation."

Submission + - Want to Stop AIDS? Spend $60 billion ASAP ( 2

sciencehabit writes: A group of researchers is proposing a radical approach to halt the HIV/AIDS epidemic: Go on a spending spree. Pouring more than $60 billion into treatment, massive prevention campaigns, and condom distribution over the next 5 years—instead of slowly doling out the money over 2 decades, as is currently planned—will effectively stop the spread of the disease, according to a new model. Governments, nongovernmental organizations, and charities spend about $9 billion a year on these efforts, even though they have much more at their disposal. The proposed strategy, referred to as "utopian modeling" by one epidemiologist, would pour all the resources into fighting--and hopefully ending--the epidemic in one fell swoop. This might take $63 billion over 5 years, but could be much more effective than current attempts to address the disease. Other researchers point out that the such a plan might create a false impression that a solution for the HIV/AIDS epidemic is just a matter of spending money, and discourage the development of new treatments and vaccines.

Submission + - Mac laptops less reliable than major PC notebooks

wiedzmin writes: Apple's line of laptops ranked fourth behind ASUS, Sony and Toshiba in a multi-year reliability survey of nine notebook makers, with an average 3-year failure rate of 17.4%. According to a study of 30,000 portable computers published today by SquareTrade, company that provides after-sale warranties, Apple finished in the middle of the pack with ASUS (15.6% failure rate) and HP (25.6%) taking the first and last places respectively.
Internet Explorer

Submission + - How do I convince Execs to drop IE6 support? 1

AnderMoney writes: "I work as a web developer for a massive multinational corporation that has Windows XP and IE6 deployed on all of its users desktops worldwide. As someone who supports our web applications I'm often frustrated by the inadequate and non-compliant nature of older versions of Internet Explorer and I would like to do the world a favor by getting as many users away from it as possible. That being said, the people in charge of these kind of decisions are focused more on avoiding the cost of deploying a new browser on an extremely high number of desktop machines. What evidence can I use to convince them to upgrade? How can I show that it's security flaws and poor rendering are valid reasons to drop support for it?"

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