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Submission + - Vulgar Comment on Newspaper site costs man his job 1

DeeFresh writes: "ReadWriteWeb has an article up today discussing an incident in which a school employee lost his job after leaving a comment on the website of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch newspaper. After the school employee responded to the newspaper's poll of "the strangest thing you've ever eaten" with a feline-inspired vulgarity, Kurt Greenbaum, the site's director of social media, tracked down the commenter's identity through his IP Address and reported him to school officials. When confronted, the school employee resigned from his job.
Here is Greenbaum's follow up article discussing the employee's resignation."
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Vulgar Comment on Newspaper site costs man his job

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  • What business does the site 'director of social media' have in tracking anonymous posters by their IP and reporting them? Even if he was posting it from a school IP, that's an issue for the IT director at the school itself to handle -- not some nosy, nitpicking newspaper site manager. The guy is a moron for using a work computer, but at best he's due for a warning or something. It wasn't child porn or anything like that.

    Frankly, I think the idiot who reported him needs to be fired for being a total tool.

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