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Journal Journal: On raising your children and jumping to conclusions.

Posted a comment on the story about the new "Internet Luring Law" thing that is happening in Canada at the moment.

The gist of my comment was "I guess the law was formulated with good intentions, but the responsibility for the child ultimately lies with the parent"

Holy heck was I overwhelmed with negative responses!

Seems that people tend to read a comment to where they can find a place to disrespectfully disagree and then hammer the poster with whatever they can get.

News to you all. It makes you look dumb.

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Journal Journal: Staring a limited lifespan in the face... skewed stats FTW.

I commented on the H1N1 poll about when I found out that I was diagnosed with Marfan Syndrome.

Reading online documentation about the disorder and talking to various doctors I got the news that Marfan sufferers on average have a life expectancy of about 42 years. Heck I had hoped for at least double that! I was about 29/30 at the time and the prospect of having already lived more than two-thirds of my expected lifespan was worrying to say the least.

My GP was kind enough to have a look and explained to me that the statistics was generally skewed because people who died young with my condition generally had other issues like Cancer, Smokers, Diabetics or generally unhealthy people.

I was, on the other hand, perfectly healthy considering my condition, so 84 and upwards is by no means out of the question...

What this episode DID do for me was that I had a real taste of what it feels like to deal with limited time. Sure, 12 years sounds like a lot at first, but there is some mental trigger that causes one to suddenly become very agitated. 12 years!??! What!? I have so much I want to do!!! Heck paying off my car will take up a third of that!

Yep, panic a nasty thing...

Well, it is a few years later now. In February I am turning 32, and I realised that after I was assured of a normal (ish) life expectancy I have again become complacent.

I decided that this December I will take the opportunity of our company closing down for the holidays to spend some quality time with me. A happy me is probably one of the better gifts I can give my wife and kids, sort out my plans for the immediate future, connect to what I really find important - maybe paint a little!

Heck this sounds like a good plan...

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