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Submission + - UT Dallas student and amateur astronomer catches a rare astronomical wonder (

abhi2012 writes: "Hall may be the only person in the world to capture a video of an apparent object hitting the planet Jupiter. The impact created a bright fireball on the planet that lasted only a few seconds, but catching the event resulted in several hours of fame for the unassuming Hall. He has uploaded the video on his flickr page at and his website contains more information regarding the same:"

Submission + - Hotmail users get a clean start to 2011 (

nycguy writes: Hotmail users may resolve to find a better email provider after finding their accounts have been reset, starting yesterday and continuing today. Microsoft's support forums are choked with complaints from users whose accounts have apparently been erroneously reset due to "inactivity", causing all saved emails and folders to be deleted.

Submission + - Huge security risks in PDF standard (

crabel writes: At the 27. Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin security researcher Julia Wolf pointed out numerous, previously hardly known, security problems in connection with Adobe's PDF standard. For instance, a PDF can reportedly contain a database scanner that becomes active and scans a network when the document is printed on a network printer.

Submission + - Hungarian Officials Can Now Censor the Media

An anonymous reader writes: Hungary is set to regulate the media, including web-published content, under a new law applicable today. The law requires all the media to provide a "balanced view" and must not go against
"public morality", and places all publications under the control of a new regulating body, whose top members have all been nominated by Prime minister Viktor Orban.

Orban, whose strong ways have been compared to Putin's, has been tightening his grip over Hungary. "In the seven months since Orban came to power with a two- thirds parliamentary majority, he has implemented retroactive taxes in violation of the constitution, curbed the Constitutional Court’s power, effectively nationalized private pension funds and put ruling-party allies in charge of at least four independent institutions, including the audit office".

Citizens sentenced in application of the new law can still challenge it at the European Court of Human Rights — see you in a few years.

Submission + - iPod Nano Hacked, Jailbreak To Follow? (

itwbennett writes: The nano doesn't run iOS, but that 'hasn't stopped people from trying to jailbreak and modify it to support additional apps,' says blogger Ryan Faas. 'While there hasn't been much success so far, one hacker by the name of James Whelton has managed to modify the device's homescreen. That's not total success, but it shows that true jailbreaking might be possible.' But then there's the question of what sort of apps anyone would actually want to see on the tiny screen.

Submission + - Security Highs and Lows of 2010 (

wiredmikey writes: This year may not be remembered for any single stand-out security incident, but 2010 still had many important lessons to teach. It was the year in which mobile malware attacks became significantly more widespread, in which efforts to combat botnets appeared to have limited success and in which, consequently, the problem of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks appeared to show little abatement. It was a year that brought us some unfortunate reminders that many of cybercrime's oldest, tried-and-tested techniques are still able to find more than their fair share of victims.

But it was also a year that saw some of the most significant efforts to improve the security of the Internet's fundamental plumbing than we've seen in decades....


Submission + - Latest From Mars: Frosty Landscapes, Ancient Lakeb (

Phoghat writes: "A new batch of images has been released by the HiRISE camera on the Mars Reconnaissaince Orbiter and as usual they are stunning. In the first image, there is a lot going on! Numerous dust devil tracks have left criss cross marks
The second is an image of what could have been a once habitable lake.
There are more including a possible future landing site."


Submission + - Jessica Simpson Lands Lead in Metroid Movie ( 2

An anonymous reader writes: Hollywood keeps reaching. Actress Jessica Simpson is rumored to have secured the role of Space Bounty Hunter Samus Aran in a Hollywood version of a Nintendo game. It appears that Jessica Simpson will be the next headliner to ruin a video game franchise.

Despite the success of "Prince of Persia"- history has shown that even the best actors have had less than stellar success with video game adaptions. Dennis Hopper was cast as Bowser in the flop Mario movie to bring it an experienced actor. Instead his role is remembered as one of the worst of his career..

It is unclear when Nintendo signed off on the movie or production. It is clear that legendary game designer Makoto Kanoh's work will likely be changed dramatically to fit a 2 hour run time.


Submission + - Canadian Minister Slams Door Shut on 3 Strikes Law (

An anonymous reader writes: It did not attract much media attention when the Canadian DMCA was introduced, but this week Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore slammed the door shut on a three strikes and you're out system for Canada, saying such an approach would be devastating. The comments come as the opposition Bloc are now calling for a two strikes and you're out approach.

Israel's Supreme Court Says Yes To Internet Anonymity 198

jonklinger writes "The Israeli Supreme Court ruled this week that there is no civil procedure to reveal the identity of users behind an IP address, and that until such procedure shall be legislated, all internet postings, even tortious, may remain anonymous. The 69-page decision acknowledges the right to privacy and makes internet anonymity de facto a constitutional right in Israel. Justice Rivlin noted that revealing a person behind an IP address is 'an attempt to harness, prior to a legal proceeding, the justice system and a third party in order to conduct an inquiry which will lead to the revealing of a person committing a tort so that a civil suit could be filed against him.'"

Submission + - Apple Censors Dalai Lama iPhone Apps in China (

eldavojohn writes: Google and Yahoo! have relinquished any sort of ethical integrity with regards to free speech in China but Apple appears to be following suit by blocking Dalai Lama applications in the Chinese iPhone app store. An official Apple statement reads, 'We continue to comply with local laws. Not all apps are available in every country.' A small monetary price to pay for the economic boon that is the blooming Chinese cell phone market but a very large price to pay for that in principals.

Carriers, Manufacturers Are Strangling Android 306

loconet writes "This article in Gizmodo claims that Android's fragmented model is harming it, but Google has the power to save it. The rumored Google Phone could be a ploy to upset the wireless industry, or it could be an expensive niche device. Either way, it would be a bid to take Android back from the companies that seem hell-bent on destroying it. '...once handset manufacturers (and carriers, through handset manufacturers) have built their own version of Android, they've effectively taken it out of the development stream. Updating it is their responsibility, which they have to choose to uphold. Or not! Who cares? The phones are already sold."

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