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Journal Journal: Gentoo is like Soviet union at the moment 1

Gentoo is like Soviet union at the moment is my impression of it. It's slowly but sure starting to collapse.

Testing and fixing things is slower than few years ago and developers are nasty about each other. Ideology is great but it doesn't seem to work in real life conditions. We need to fix it so that it will inspire people to do more for less. Gentoo is all about it's community. Hopes for it's survival are crusial for source based distriputions.

Come on guys! Let's start to move the clock, stop doing nothing and start inventing new stuff! You took 2 and half years to fix ALSA bug in your kernel. When most of the other distriputions fixed it like in a year or half.

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Journal Journal: journal

journals suck. I'v had a bad day.

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Journal Journal: A Funny website

I was looking into a news from and I found news link into a this article: "What OS proved more reliable than Linux? Study" It was that hidden Get the Facts campaign, I should have realized by just looking into it's name. But anyway, it lead into a article with notes all over the article, but just that way hidden that you won't see them unless you really put effort into reading it. I just liked the parts where read: "Sponsored by Microsoft. Some featured content also provided by, ZDNet and TechRepublic" or funny little things like "This may seem like a shock, but is it possible that the Linux patching has surpassed the Mac and Windows operating systems?".

I had a good time reading that site, but then I discovered even more funnier site. There was a link into Microsoft's website which had this "study".
It included a lot of information about how and why these tests where made. I got good gags out of the very last line of the web site:

Please note: "Your results may vary."

Please note: This last line was the only line on the page which really is true. This is just the way people get punk'ed by Microsoft. They release false studies and do stuff like that. I think they should be get suied over lying and leading that much for people to bad road. They just want your money. Don't be stypid and find out yourself which is the best server OS, ask from people in the real world who really use their systems and ask from those why for example Linux or BSD is that better server than Windows.

Links: (Warning, includes: adware, spam, direct lies, microsoft shit and false studies. )
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Journal Journal: Why game makers are made clowns of...

Is it right to tear problems and dig up the dirty past of the game makers when ever there is a story available? I personally think that John Romero is a pioneer in his business and we should be grateful for him. He is THE BIGGEST ROCKSTAR of our AGE!

Damn, I miss those times when games where games and not some junky american game movies like they are now.

I vote "NO" for the Yellow Press like GameSpy/IGN. IGN sucks anyway. After GameSpy joined with IGN everything there has been gone like downhill under to the table. Who is stypid enought to pay for the servises like GameSpy?

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Journal Journal: Ever wondered where this virus and spam stuff is going?

Well, I just noticed that most of the ISP are providing you email adress. Well, that is not weird, it's a quite common acctually. But think about that you pay for your email a 40/a month and you still will get viruses/spam/adware thought that very same email. The catch is that why? Most ISPs are also providing service which will cost you some extra for that they will clean your email for you. Are you ready to pay 2-10/a month or more for your clean email? I don't think so since you are already a paying customer. Yes, there are exeptions to this but I think that all ISPs should provide that service for free to everyone. Now the email is just like Windows, waiting to be repaired. Or you can repair it by calling high cost maintenance. I know that there are free and so called effective Anti-Spam and Anti-Viruses for email clients but basicly that is just rubbish. Why cannot we get the service we really need and earn for the basic cost of our internet service?
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Journal Journal: why...

Well, I just logged in slashdot. I have been reading this alot since I first heard of it. But reason I made my account now was that I didn't really need one until now. I have been starting to comment news and I thought that it would be nice to have account so that I don't have to be "anonymous coward" what I really wasn't from the beginning since I inserted my anaram AnDy or AnXa nicks to bottom of my messages. anyway, I hope that I will have good time writing interesting comments.

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