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Comment Re:What about facts? (Score 1) 565

I don't know but I know for sure that every freaking website and magazine wrote up stuff when George published that they had only 71 tasks on list left to do.

Just an example:,7593.html

Last reported number was only 24 things are left to do. And that was on April 13th!!!

I'm pretty sure that Duke Nukem Forever has gone to GOLD!!! :)

And during the next few days I think we will hear more about the matter. But I am not going to buy this story until actual press release is sent out.

We should make a bet here. You will offer me free drinks, free women and free meals during the next weekend if I am correct.

If I'm wrong... well... I can always buy two bottles of Finnish Koskenkorva Viina or some cheap Russian Vodka if you like and then we can both have a blast off party for 3DRealms while sitting on cold bench at park and crying together...

Comment Re:What about facts? (Score 1) 565

Note that website has not been closed. Forums and estore are both active and working. Also at least my web browser tells me that there is too much traffic in and that's why it cannot access it.

And I agree with dbcad7. Something fishy is going on. Especially with game which had only 24 tasks/objectives left to do last week before being 100% complete and ready to go to gold.

Comment What about facts? (Score 1) 565

1. Take-Two which has lots of money(tm) owns 3DRealms. Take-two did give lots of money to 3DRealms until the contract which made it that 3DRealms will make the game by themselfs and Take-Two will only publish that game after that. And they are not allowed to say anything about situation in 3DRealms. Why is that so?

2. DNF is at least 95% done atm. Why would they be showing stuff off if it wouldn't be? Besides Bloussard in his blog mentioned that the check list of undone/buggy stuff for DNF has/had only 24 objectives left. When bug smashing started it had literally thousands of objectives.

3. 3DRealms has survived this long without much help from anyone. Why now so suddenly would they be closing? Website closed? I think they are more likely to update it entirely. After all they have had it same at least 10 years.

4. News like "3drealms closed" is just the news we all probably have been waiting for these long years... Think about it. What would be the best way to shout out that Duke Nukem Forever has gone to gold? Of course it would be to give press release of 3DRealms shutting down!!!

I'd say that this is just a marketing trick and odd but kind of funny way to shout out that DNF has gone to gold!

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