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Journal AnXa's Journal: Gentoo is like Soviet union at the moment 1

Gentoo is like Soviet union at the moment is my impression of it. It's slowly but sure starting to collapse.

Testing and fixing things is slower than few years ago and developers are nasty about each other. Ideology is great but it doesn't seem to work in real life conditions. We need to fix it so that it will inspire people to do more for less. Gentoo is all about it's community. Hopes for it's survival are crusial for source based distriputions.

Come on guys! Let's start to move the clock, stop doing nothing and start inventing new stuff! You took 2 and half years to fix ALSA bug in your kernel. When most of the other distriputions fixed it like in a year or half.

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Gentoo is like Soviet union at the moment

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    I can't read much in the forum because the filter on the systems at the public library causes the page to be dumped. I did catch a few other things with which I can empathize:

    From Making the distro [] by Robbins:

    First they'll start unfairly criticizing or bitterly complaining about a project and/or the developers working on a project. Then they will refrain from offering any constructive solutions. They will also not be willing to help with the project in any other way unless they are promoted to the role of project manager

    In another approach, freaks will irritate and drive away your productive developers

    Unfortunately the senior Stampede developers didn't take on freak management. In other words, they allowed these two guys to pester me (and others) to no end

    And then the name of this URL ( 007/02/18/im-tired-of-being-insulted [] ) pretty much sums up how I feel every time I am subjected to comments of certain users here on Slashdot.

    I never worked

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