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Submission + - Firfox won't load since yesterday

An anonymous Frank writes: "within the default bookmarks is a reference to: headlines.xml, or "", which (currently )redirects to: "" which was unavailable.

Somehow this kept Firefox from even loading one's home page, or do much else even with about:blank as a home page, soon to be "not responding" in any case, for that past day or so. --The BBC site and/or page is coming back up now, so Firefox is back to normal.

What looks like a server-side redirect is the culprit, but you have to wonder why it's such an imperative to connect to all the bookmarks before allowing for any other work to get done."

Submission + - Torrent tools or solutions to deploy MSI packages

An anonymous Frank writes: "Our 1500+ workstations, spread across central and remote branches, are setup using PXE, RIS, and then populated using MSI packages assigned by AD/GPO via group memberships; it works albeit it is a bit slow. Most branches have a local server, very few branches don't and thus get deployed using an optical media when absolutely necessary.

When disaster strikes, we have 100 workstations sitting at a removed (supplier) site waiting to be reset and built to the needs of the moment, and then shipped off to whichever location will temporarily host our distraught comrades. The nightmare begins where suddenly it all takes far too long before we have ready-to-use workstations. This exercise saw us make changes here and there, some technological, some more humane, and then some more. ;) In any case, it occurs to me that even though we've made RIS/File servers available here and there, this is still a somewhat centralized, or one-to-many delivery model, as opposed to say, using peer-to-peer tools such as BitTorrent to do the same. I think it would be a great benefit to switch to p2p even during normal operational conditions.

I've used several BitTorrent clients for personal purposes, and though I keep finding likely contenders in the Linux world, I really have to stick to some form of Win32 service so as to keep its footprint on our workstations as small as possible, thus I'd also rather keep away from Cygwin, which I'm familiar with.

Conceptually, I can see how one could rig things so that we actually continue to use AD/GPO to "deploy" software, thus keeping the business processes intact, but making Windows Installer use a torrent client to find, and nearby computers to fetch, the MSI packages. The way I see it, I could deploy small MSI packages that would use some tool to get its sources (torrents) and then install them. I'd write some maintenance scripts to handle aging and local disk space among other things.

So I need a Win32 daemon that would download and then seed MSI packages (really torrents) listed in a multitude of private trackers (the existing RIS/File servers which would also seed). So where is this tool (or mix of tools) I could use or shape into what I need?

Any comments, suggestions, experiences or advice will be greatly appreciated.

Submission + - Disable NetBIOS or set MTU in registry via GPO?

An anonymous Frank writes: "You want to reduce the MTU, or disable NetBIOS on Windows Targets?

You look around and you can't find a Policy to do it, and you quickly find out that these registry keys are located under each interface, who's names or IDs change from node to node. You search on the net and can only find rumours of having to get some script to do it for you...

Well, a little bit of VBScripting training later, and I've got this script going that will find your NICs and push those registry keys for you, all you now need to do is add it to the COMPUTER startup scripts policy in a GPO:


Dim objShell
Dim BindKey, BindarrValues, BindstrValue, BindItem
Dim BindstrValuePrefix, BindstrValuePrefixLen, BindstrValueUIDPrefix

BindKey = "HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Link age\Bind"
BindstrValuePrefix = "\Device\"
BindstrValuePrefixLen = Len(BindstrValuePrefix)
BindstrValueUIDPrefix = "{"

Set objShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
BindarrValues = objShell.RegRead (BindKey)
For Each BindstrValue In BindarrValues
BindItem = Mid(BindstrValue, BindstrValuePrefixLen + 1, Len(BindstrValue) - BindstrValuePrefixLen)
    If Mid(BindItem, 1, 1) = BindstrValueUIDPrefix Then
        'Set Maximum MTU
        objShell.RegWrite "HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Para meters\Interfaces\" + BindItem + "\MTU", 1300, "REG_DWORD"
        'Disable NetBIOS over Tcpip
        objShell.RegWrite "HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\NetBT\Para meters\Interfaces\Tcpip_" + BindItem + "\NetbiosOptions", 2, "REG_DWORD"
        'Wscript.Echo BindItem
        'To be ignored, i.e., NdisWanIp
    End If

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