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Comment Re:Company Towns, but on the Internet (Score 0) 469

SV is one huge company town right from the last century. The only thing that is missing is Pinkerton thugs cracking skulls.

This is the logical conclusion of all union-busting that we have done last 25 years. While you might hate unions, the alternative is much worse.

The lack of Pinkerton thugs cracking skulls seems like a much better alternative to the definite presence union thugs cracking skulls...

Comment Re:Inflammatory headline (Score 3, Insightful) 380

A more fitting headline would've been "Happiness is on the wane in developed nations. Which might actually help explain the rise of nationalism in recent elections.

No, you're messing up the narrative! Here's how to spin this: Trump is causing a drop in happiness across the world, especially among Italians and Spaniards, who had such high hopes for Hillary Clinton. Just stick to the narrative, or people might start thinking for themselves.

Comment Re:wrong conclusion (Score 1) 374

the solution is not even more money from the state (and the people via taxes) but to get the government out of it completely and allow the market to self correct

But if they get rid of easy debt, then how are they going to be able to keep producing miseducated youths with no skills applicable to the real world that live out their lives as debt slaves?

Comment Re:"...disabled by default." (Score 4, Interesting) 307

This feature is on by default on the Mac. It's one of the first things I turn off when I set up my account on a new Mac, but it is great for everyone else in my life. My folks & in-laws have Macs, so I'm their defacto support guy. I administer their computers, and they can't install any software except from the Mac App Store. My mom wanted to install a solitaire game from some dubious website, and this prevented it from being installed. I found her a legit solitaire game on the App store for free. As a CIS teacher & hobbyist programmer though, it can be a pain in the neck, since a lot of open source software, such as GIMP aren't already available.

Comment Re:And the mic? (Score 1) 49

I have a 6s as does my wife and son, and an iPhone 5 before that, and we've never had these issues.

I have a 6+ (over 2 years now), and an iPhone 4 before that. I haven't had any of the oft reported issues on either, such as "antennagate", "bendgate", or random shutdowns. Not sure if I'm lucky, or if some users are doing weird stuff with their phones.

Comment Re:Shift from offering products to exploiting user (Score 1) 156

It has never been a Democracy. It was always an Oligarchy. The rich white men (mostly slaveowners) who were running the country wanted to keep running the country, and wanted to get the Monarchy out of it. But they didn't want every plebe to have a voice, that would be madness!

You can trash the founding fathers of this country all you want, but they instituted a form of government that gave every plebe far more autonomy than ever existed in the past, even giving the plebes the ability to change it or abolish it if necessary.

It's our job to get vocal, get active, and get Democracy. Abolish the electoral college, as well as the practice of denying felons the vote. That only creates more incentive to find those who are politically inconvenient guilty of a felony.

Here's a thought experiment for you: Do you suppose Democracy would lead to more laws being passed or fewer laws? If the former, would that lead to more felons, or fewer?

I agree that former felons ought to have voting rights restored. But I really think they should ALL rights restored, including their 2nd amendment rights.

Comment Too much noise (Score 4, Interesting) 190

I definitely got a little burned out on Social Media since the election. I think I've used Twitter a half dozen times since then, and am only checking Facebook once or twice a day, usually to send birthday greetings. Some days I don't get on at all. It definitely lets you do more important/productive things, and you stay out of arguments with your left/right friends who are posting fallacious memes.

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