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Comment Re:Yes? So? (Score 0) 552

And Obama had this power too. Don't remember quite how far back this goes, but pretty sure Bush was able to do it too.
And EVERY president going back to the start of the Emergency Broadcast System, since 1963, has had the ability to commandeer all airwaves as well. It was accidentally set off once, in 1971.

Stop pointing out the facts, you're foiling the F.U.D. apparatchiks!

Comment Re:That's nice (Score 1) 142

Six years is a pretty good run an all. That said, I do wish they would actually update the 2011 17" MBP with the nifty matte screen and the upgradable memory and hard drive bays.

This is my current MacBook Pro. I'd replace it in a heartbeat if they released a new 17" matte screen. I don't really care about the upgradable memory or Hard Drive, as I usually order mine maxed out when I do.

Comment Re:Sometimes it feels like living in alt. reality (Score 1) 470

Snopes discredited themselves through their blatant political bias. Sure, each answer can be justified, but the bias is obvious in the choice between "not true" v.s. "partially true".

Yeah, but their bias is definitely left-leaning, which is why I thought it would be seen as a credible source by my friend.

Comment Re:Sometimes it feels like living in alt. reality (Score 1) 470

The most recent fake one that I've seen, with its supports absolutely adamant that it's real, is the "Clinton didn't really win the popular vote, Trump did!" thing. They defend it to the day they die, despite the fact that it's flatly contradicted by all official sources, can be traced back to the guy who made it up, and is based around factually incorrect statements about how votes are tabulated.

I saw this on Facebook from Judge Jeanine Pirro. I went and checked, and couldn't find any returns that supported it.

Not that the left is innocent in all of this. I still keep seeing that fake quote about Trump saying that Republican voters are idiots who will believe anything. How many times do you have to point out that it's fake for people to stop circulating it?

Another friend of mine posted the Trump quote and I linked to Snopes showing it was a fake, figuring he would see that as authoritative.. One of his friends said "Yeah, and who runs Snopes?!?" Another one of his friends said something like "So what if it's not true? After all the lies he told about Hillary, we need to keep circulating it a million times!" SMH.

Comment Re:No, not fake news (Score 1) 232

OK. People don't need to be actually stupid and you put it into much better words, but it's still not something you can blame facebook for.

The problem is with the blame Facebook theory is even if they didn't believe these types of stories, the people I know who were Trump supporters NEVER would have voted for Clinton.

Comment Re:No, not fake news (Score 4, Insightful) 232

Fake news on facebook did not effect the election. It was the people stupid enough to believe them.

I have several friends who are Trump supporters, and a lot of them posted some of the most ridiculous stuff from non-credible news sources (think "less credible than InfoWars"). I wouldn't call any of them geniuses, but I wouldn't call them stupid either. Were they gullible and guilty of wishful thinking? Sure, but definitely not stupid.

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