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Comment Re:lots of empty (Score 2, Informative) 145

the US military uses converted shipping containers to house deployed soldiers in Afghanistan. They have lights, power, small window mounted heat/air conditioning units, and sometimes they're even wired for internet. Much more comfortable and private than tents or communal b-huts. Also, do you really need to let in sunlight to A) an internet cafe in B) the middle of the desert?

Comment Re:What is the point? (Score 1) 1713

So, I'm in the market for an E-reader. Would the iPad be a better E-reader than the kindle or nook? The LCD display has pros (no annoying pause-and-flicker during page turns, night lite that doesn't suck, high contrast) and cons (battery life, glossy) but the 3G wireless access costs 19.99 per month instead of...nothing. That might be a deal breaker. I already have an iphone so features like web browsing, GPS, WiFI, etc don't really matter to me. It's not like I'm going to be carrying this thing around with me everywhere i go. Although, come to think of it, a small kindle or a nook would fit in one of my cargo pockets. this iPad thing needs a backpack.

I guess the games that come out for it might be cool. It remains to be seen how well the processor will handle it, but with a decent sized screen we might be able to get some nice RTS games or something. Although the same reasons large, quality apps on the app store are so few and far between will apply to this thing as well. If you write and sell software for a living, it's difficult to justify the risk of spending a lot of time and money to write an app given the stories about the app store's approval process being maddeningly arbitrary. Also, I think software development using X-Code and Objective-C is a miserable pain in the ass compared with... well... any other modern programming language at all.

Comment Re:Whatever you do (Score 1) 37

Traurig zu sagen, aber Deutsch ist ein unheimlich klingende Sprache! Sie könnten Rezitation eines sonet über Tulpen und kommen aus, als wärst du über jemanden getroffen! Verwendung, die für humoristische Wirkung scheint harmlos auf mich! Hat England haben jede Art der freien Rede könnte dies durch Gesetz geschützt werden!

Comment Re:Repositories! (Score 2, Interesting) 611

No but how about a balance between the two. Repos for what most people want. PGP signed debs for the 3rd parties. Straight deb for all those feeling frisky. It's not hard to warn people that, "Hey you're installing a unsigned package, chances are this will ruin your computer, sure you want to do that?" If a third party wants to distribute packages the least they can do is self-sign (bottom end), get a real cert (higher end).

The inherent problem with the iPhone is that you can only go to one store to buy apps (namely iTunes). With Repos you can pick and choose which stores you trust and which you don't. Much like how I choose if I want to buy software from BigBoxMart or BestStolen. The Internet in general could (since I am using a store analogy apparently) be seen as buying stuff off the street. Yeah, the stuff looks cool and at these bargain prices you can't beat. But I do need to exercise some caution when I flash my wallet to some guy hanging out the back of a van.

So yes, I agree, I'm not too hip on the one store to rule them all policy. But I do believe that the store concept actually has some utility to offer if given the ability to go to another store should I so choose later. I obviously don't want to exclude the random vendor on the street that is selling hand made crafts, or even the random kisok by the bus stop selling phones. I do however what to keep in mind the burly looking thug over there selling "Snoby" Radios. I think it is all a matter of getting people to get inside a way of thinking.

To me, and that only applies to me, Mac OSX screams "Hey buy more shiny Apple stuff" (Security by insulating ones self by coolness). Linux says to me "Hey subscribe to a Repo because we are always changing stuff and you want to have the latest build." (Security by trust of subscription [or maybe sheer geekness]). Windows just looks like, "Hey we're cool with everyone, you want herpes? No problem we're cool with that. Want to do really neat spreadsheets? We're cool with that too." (Insecurity by being a software whore. We're just trying to please everyone.)

Comment Re:It's about social status... (Score 1) 836

Partially, I think it depends on what kind of software you're writing. I've been tasked to write a vessel track prediction algorithm using Kalman filtering, so I've been relying heavily on what I learned in Cal I and II. Before that I was tasked with some 3D graphics work, so I had to go dig out my linear algebra textbook. Before that I was tasked with designing a few pages for our website, which I sucked at, and which my computer science degree didn't help me with at all, although if I had been a design major I probably would have kicked ass. Before that I was writing SQL to talk to our Oracle database, which I think is a perfect example of blue collar programming. Someone with no college degree who had taken a few database training courses would have probably done the job much better and faster than me.

Also, college gives students an opportunity to start a job search with a little bit of experience under their belts. If you participate in research, or semester-long group projects, or SOMETHING other than just Comp Sci I, II, Data Structures, Algorithms, etc, than that's something you can put on your resume that a high school graduate with a few technical training courses under his belt won't necessarily have.

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