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Comment Re:Just Bizarre (Score 1) 722

What annoys me is that they don't have a 3 DVD out at a time plan without streaming.

Sure they do. They have all the way up to 8 DVDs at a time. With or without streaming.

8 DVDs at time is $43.99 a month

You just need to click "Show Additional all DVD Plans" option.

(Additional all? -- Their grammar, not mine.)

Comment Re:What about DVI-HDMI cables? (Score 1) 417

Old days on the steets of New York, police questioning a street vendor selling his warez from his trench coat:
Cops: "Is this a real rolex?"
Vendor: " Yes Sir, same same but different"

Future Cops of New York questioning a street vendor selling his warez from his trench coat:
Cops: "Is this a real HDMI to HDMI cable?"
Vendor: " Yes Sir, same same but different"

Comment Re:Buzzing (Score 1) 249

Gamble on new, experimental, unpopular, or auxiliary services if you must

I guess that's exactly my point on this Google+ and the "Social Front" the article talks about.

Do I bother investing time and setting up Google+ and investing personal time in it? What I've learned with Google is wait and see else don't be surprised if all the time you've invested sort of goes "POOF" and turns into a... well... 'Cloud', of smoke that is.

Comment Re:Buzzing (Score 1) 249

I'm sorry, but your post looks a lot like FUD.

Why? Because they are things you didn't use?

Google Notebook? Some of us actually used that.

Google Video? Some of us used that too. Sure we could move to Youtube or Vimeo or 100 sites now. Point is Google Video ended.
Wave? Yeah, it was never huge, but I got a lot of people signed up and had quite a few good Waves.
Yes, I use/used Google Health. So what? Again I get burned.

There's more I never used. Dodgeball, Jaiku, Google Catalog Search, Mashup, Lively, Google Answers, etc that I never used, but just goes to show they are not afraid to move on. Which is probably good for them, just bad for me.

Comment Re:Buzzing (Score 4, Interesting) 249

Yeah, I'm not too excited about anything "Google" that's personalized anymore. I mean I still like Google and they have some great ideas and products and Google is still my home page and my pretty much the only place I search from.

That said I don't trust them to keep anything going long term. Every time I find something useful, it gets taken away, Google Health the most recent on the chopping block. And I'm sure we can make a list of other that have fallen to the wayside. Wave of course. I even dialed 800-Goog-411 the other day to get a phone # and it was gone.

It's hard to want to invest in personalizing anything Google these days. I use to feel secure thinking my "Gmail" account would be around a while. These days I'm not so sure.

Comment Re:10 years & still only 1 broswer supports it (Score 1) 203

Try downloading a largeish torrent via it, leave it running for about 60 minutes, clock the average d/l speed - kill opera get utorrent (or a.n.other) to take over the download, watch the d/l speed increase by a factor of 10.

How about a few seconds? I'll give you the link so you can test it too.

I went to:

Here is the direct link:

Here is a picture of the speed at just 4%

Now, that particular one is not the fastest torrent out there, in fact I think it is only seeded by a few people, but it is a legit one that I actually do download when there are updates to this particular AROS distro.

That is 866.3 KB/s reached in a few seconds in Opera's built in client. Now I run uTorrnet anyway for things I seed myself longterm, but it's nice to just DL a file and not worry about anything. It's also nice when I have Opera running from a thumb-drive (option from Opera's default installer BTW) that I can just DL a torrent from "anywhere" just as I would any other DL and not have to mess around.

Again, as the article says BitTorrent has been around 10 years. I think it's common sense that you should be able to download a "download" in your browser.

Do I use an FTP client when moving lots of stuff around on my server? Hell yeah. Do I use my FTP client when I want to download a quick file of webpage and the linked file happens to start with ftp: ? Hell no.

Comment Re:10 years & still only 1 broswer supports it (Score 1) 203

Maybe because the GNU/Linux distributions all include a simple client already? Nobody cares about Microsoft Windows users.

You miss the point. Your GNU/Linux distro has an FTP client built in too. Evertimey a DL link happens to start with ftp: do want to have a separate client open or do you want your browser to just DL the file? I bet 99% of the time when you DL something you don't even know if the DL link you click was http or ftp. Nor should you care. The browser takes care of it for you.

This is similar to how Opera handles torrents. For a quick DL you can just click it like I would any other DL and it's in my download list. Easy peasy.

Should it replace a full BitTorrent client? No.
Should a browser replace an full FTP client? No.

Should a browser be able to download a file quickly off the internet whether it be http, ftp, torrent, etc? Yes.

Comment Re:10 years & still only 1 broswer supports it (Score 1) 203

Congrats to the Opera fans, but for the rest of us the "browser that does everything approach" died with Netscape Communicator almost 10 years ago.

How many megabytes smaller is the Opera download than Firefox download again ;)

FF Win32 - 13.0mb
Opera Win32 - 9.8mb

Even if I just want to use it as "only a browser" I guess it's still smaller! Interesting. Oh yeah, and on topic it downloads torrents too!

Comment Re:10 years & still only 1 broswer supports it (Score 1) 203

Yeah, and maybe I'm wrong. but if Firefox and Chrome etc, supported in right in the browser and it was easier for people to use it might be used for more legit content. I could be complete wrong about that though.

I think a lot of legit adoption (ie BitTorrent replacing things like RapidShare for everyday quick uploads) has to do with learning how to seed a torrent the first time, learning to use a tracker, etc.

Comment 10 years & still only 1 broswer supports it, O (Score 2) 203

BitTorrent still doesn't seem remotely mainstream still. I know with Opera you can basically treat a torrent almost like any other download. I'm not sure why other browsers never took this approach. I know for the e-l33t around here you all want a separate client, but for those that just want to download the occasional torrent the browser seems like the logical place to support ahhh...."downloading" of a file. I don't know....

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