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Submission + - Opera 11.50 released (

AmigaHeretic writes: Today we released Opera 11.50 aka Swordfish. With its new streamlined body and highly powerful interior it becomes the most dangerous predator on the internet waters. Opera Swordfish, with its innovative Speed Dial extensions, makes your Speed Dial more alive than ever before. Now you can get all the information you need straight from your Speed Dial, without the need to go to the page. All of this is made possible thanks to the smart Speed Dial extensions, which you can download and install from our addons portal. Beside that, Opera 11.50 allows you to easily synchronize your passwords between computers. This way you can access your favorite services, without repeatedly typing in your passwords on different computers. Opera 11.50 is equipped with our newest rendering engine — Presto 2.9.168 — featuring up to 20% faster rendering of CSS and SVG, support for HTML5 tag , Session History and Navigation and many other enhancements.

Submission + - Opera 11 Beta Released with Extensions Support (

An anonymous reader writes: Opera 11 Beta has just been released and now includes support for extensions. Also new in this release Tab Stacking, Visual Mouse Gestures, performance improvements, new installer, and much more. Even with its many new features, Opera 11 is 30% smaller than Opera 10.60. That means that Opera downloads more quickly and installs in fewer steps.

There are over 130 extensions and climbing including NoScript and AdBlock! Extension can be found here:

Submission + - Opera 11 Beta now with Extensions! ( 1

AmigaHeretic writes: Opera 11 Beta has just been released and now includes support for extensions. Also, new in this release Tab Stacking, Visual Mouse Gestures, performance improvements, new installer, and much more. Even with its many new features, Opera 11 is 30% smaller than Opera 10.60. That means that Opera downloads more quickly and installs in fewer steps.

Submission + - Geocities Available As A 1TB Torrent ( 3

An anonymous reader writes: Felt a shortage of the blink tag in your life lately? Well, have no fear. One year after Geocities was shut down in a cost-cutting move by Yahoo, a group self-styled as "The Archive Team" have released a 1 TB torrent file archive. It doesn't have every single site, but they believe they got most of it. The team believes that it's important to not just delete our digital culture, and as crazy as Geocities may have been, it was an important cultural milestone in the history of showing that anyone could create content online.

The Galaxy May Have Billions of Habitable Planets 380

The Bad Astronomer writes "A recent astronomical report (abstract in Science) came out stating that as many as 1 in 4 sun-like stars have roughly earth-mass planets. But are they habitable? A simple bit of math based on some decent assumptions shows that there may be billions of potentially habitable worlds in the galaxy. '... astronomers studied 166 stars within 80 light years of Earth, and did a survey of the planets they found orbiting them. What they found is that about 1.5% of the stars have Jupiter-mass planets, 6% have Neptune-mass ones, and about 12% have planets from 3 – 10 times the Earth’s mass. This sample isn’t complete, and they cannot detect planets smaller than 3 times the Earth’s mass. But using some statistics, they can estimate from the trend that as many as 25% of sun-like stars have earth-mass planets orbiting them!' Getting to them, of course, is another problem altogether..."

Hiding Backdoors In Hardware 206

quartertime writes "Remember Reflections on Trusting Trust, the classic paper describing how to hide a nearly undetectable backdoor inside the C compiler? Here's an interesting piece about how to hide a nearly undetectable backdoor inside hardware. The post describes how to install a backdoor in the expansion ROM of a PCI card, which during the boot process patches the BIOS to patch grub to patch the kernel to give the controller remote root access. Because the backdoor is actually housed in the hardware, even if the victim reinstalls the operating system from a CD, they won't clear out the backdoor. I wonder whether China, with its dominant position in the computer hardware assembly business, has already used this technique for espionage. This perhaps explains why the NSA has its own chip fabrication plant."

Mozilla Labs Add-On Provides Video and Audio Recording From the Browser 132

An anonymous reader writes "Mozilla Labs is working on an experimental add-on which enables video and audio recording in the browser. Anant Narayanan writes on the Mozilla Labs blog, 'The Rainbow add-on for Firefox is an early developer prototype that enables web developers to access local video and audio recording capabilities using just a few lines of JavaScript. The add-on generates files encoded in open formats: Theora (for video) and Vorbis (for audio) in an Ogg container. The resulting files are accessible in DOM using HTML5 File APIs, which may be used to upload them to a server.' Support for live streaming and WebM is planned for a future version of the add-on."

Submission + - Fastest Browser on Earth Released! 1

An anonymous reader writes: Opera has released a beta version of there new 10.5 browser. They are claiming it to be fastest browser on the planet. "Our new JavaScript engine is 8x faster than before." Tests show it edges out even the latest Chrome v5.x beta releases. Vega graphics library, private browsing done properly, and a new Opera Widgets platform that allows widgets to move beyond the Web browser and onto your desktop are just a few of the new features being touted.
Internet Explorer

Is IE Usage Share Collapsing? 575

je ne sais quoi writes "Net Applications normally releases its statistics for browser and operating system usage share on the first of every month. This month, however, the data has not shown up — only a cryptic message stating they are reviewing the data for inexplicable statistical variations and that it will be available soon. Larry Dignan at ZDNet has a blog post that might explain what is happening: Statcounter has released some data that shows a precipitous drop in IE browser use in North America, to the benefit of Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. At the end of May, StatCounter shows IE usage share (for versions 6, 7, and 8 combined) at around 64%; at the beginning of June it is now about 56% — an astounding 8% drop in one month. We should keep in mind the difficulties in estimating browser usage share: this could very well be a change in how browsers report themselves, or some other statistical anomaly. So it will probably be healthy to remain skeptical until trend this is confirmed by other organizations. Have any of you seen drops in IE usage share for Web-sites you administer?"

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