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Comment Re: WUT?!? (Score 1) 214

That's reasonable enough, what I don't get is this:

"air-quality program for London's schoolchildren"

  Are the children going to be kept in airtight enclosures? Can everybody else just suck on a tail pipe? What exactly is going to happen here?

Air quality: it's not for the children, it's JUST for the children.

Comment Pretty much anything from a reputable manufacturer (Score 1) 315

I switched from PC to Mac in 2005. I had G4s, G5s, and intel versions. Recently, my MBP 17" Turned itself on in a backpack and melted the GPU loose. So I went looking for a new one. Nothing about them excited me. It was the same old shit, except NOW I couldn't get a 17". In addition, my OSX experience has been getting fairly shitty. The MBP turning itself on while closed and unplugged from anything, for instance. Had happened quite a few times, before the fateful backpack incident. There have been other irritations... Occasional freezes that cause a hard reboot (on two different machines). Wifi shutting itself off and requiring a reboot to get it to connect.That bullshit animating behavior it has when you maximize a window and try and tab to another one Dozens of irritating little things that have made using the macs kind of a pain in the ass. It used to be really nice. Shit always worked, looked good, and was intuitive and convenient.

So I replaced the dead MBP with a $1000 gaming laptop PC. 16 gigs of ram, latest i7, 1tb hard drive(not ssd ), GeForce 960m. It's fucking awesome. I can play games again! The amount of software available to me is fucking incredible. I can run VR! AND I spent $1600 less on the thing, so I bought a projector to go with it. Windows 10.... well, it isn't that bad.It's ugly and a bit clunky, but it's solid. The updates are fucking infuriating, but on the balance, the windows laptop just provides so much more value than the MPB would. Slidey strip thingie and all.

I still have a trashcan Mac Pro, which is pretty much relegated to messaging and GarageBand at this point, and I think it's the last one I will buy... unless it commits suicide like the MBP and i need to get a mini for garageband.

So in answer to your question, any windows laptop from a reputable company, that you pay over a grand for, will provide much more value than the MBP.

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