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Comment Re:Don't worry (Score 4, Insightful) 249

I'm not so sure its about aging... I think its mostly that anyone else has given up on this place and moved on... arguing with Alt right or hyper libertarian or whatever the flavor of the month zealots are, its exhausting... and this place isn't important enough anymore to make it worth defending from idiots with poorly formed world views who can't see past the end of their own noses.

There are a few old timers still around... like me they tend to post less an less and just ignore the cesspool that this place has become out of a sense of nostalgia.

Comment Re:Who is responsible when (Score 1) 158

That happened because the Tesla "autopilot" is a joke. It is not Autonomous and requires driver attention at all times... which, of course the driver does not give because most of the time it is good enough.

These cars are going to have to do a lot better than that... laws or no... because the companies making them are going to have to have insurance to cover these scenarios and they are going to have to be good enough that that insurance is attainable.

Comment Re:Trump lost by millions (Score 1) 442

Voter fraud is mythical, it has been studied and it doesn't happen in nearly large enough numbers to be relevant.

This is not investigating voter fraud. Voter fraud involves people physically voting illegally. This is different from a hacking the voting machines to give an incorrect tally of votes, they are 2 different things and you acting like they are the same only indicates your lack of knowledge or understanding.

Comment Re:Trouble turning a profit? (Score 1) 306

They are also working on developing their own self driving cars which is probably sucking up a lot of their potential profits. To say that they are unprofitable is true but a little misleading... if all they were doing was running the business instead of expanding into other business' (they could wait for google to develop the self driving cars and then buy a fleet of them) they would probably be making quite a tidy profit...

Comment Re:Good for repeat purchases though (Score 1) 102

This is a good point, I bet a lot of people buy movie tickets on their phones compared to desktop. I would bet it has a higher percentage of mobile app buyers than most things but they really do streamline it either by saving your billing info or letting you use alternate payment systems like applepay or google wallet.

Comment I worked on a retail iOS App (Score 4, Interesting) 102

The experience I had at a retail shop was that tons of people would browse on the iphone using mobile web but nobody would buy there. People would buy on the desktop web, but when given the choice of buying through the app instead of the mobile web (which included a much easier checkout flow with card scanning or applepay/paypal options) they definitely were more than willing to purchase on their phones. The conversion rate for the app was considerably higher than even the desktop web conversion rate (far fewer casual browsers).

I think its possible to get people to buy on their phones but it has to be seamless and typing into web forms is not desirable.

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