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Comment Re: This will be denied by all the idiots (Score 1) 347

If they were in it for the money you know damn well that they wouldn't be in higher ed.... or at least you would if you were at all honest with yourself.

You get all fucking flip because I tell you to step outside of your news bubble and actually read something that isn't from some conservative jackass who knows literally nothing, who feeds you information in little bite sized pieces designed to fit right in with your preconceived beliefs and lead you right to the slaughter, along with the rest of us.

You know what would help me sleep at night, if shit-stains like you would stop pretending that 99% of climate scientists are somehow out to screw you over by telling you that the world cannot sustain our current greenhouse output. We have known this was a danger for decades and you still want to have your head in the sand and when you are confronted with the fact that these people didn't get into this line of work to get rich of some imaginary government teat you devolve into an argument about wage stagnation. Its no wonder you don't have the balls to post as anything but an AC

Comment Re:100% of landline customers affected by strike (Score 3, Insightful) 149

Then clearly the companies shouldn't be employing any of them... which is fine, but probably not the case since companies are pretty slick when it comes to figuring out if they still need employees and cutting down labor costs if the answer is "no" so really this is just about your hatred of unions because you know damn well that if these people weren't needed the company would have laid them off a long time ago

Comment Re:That's fine but you can't cheer this budget on (Score 1) 648

This counter argument is bullshit, its the trickle down economics of government regulation. Damage to the environment costs money that the people eventually have to pay. Preventing that saves money. Never mind the fact that we never seem to actually see any real benefit from all of the money we save so called "job creators"

We have been following this "cut taxes on the rich" and "de-regulate industries" bullshit since the 80s and it hasn't helped a damn thing, it has caused several major recessions and pay for most people is lower than it was when this started.

THIS STUFF DOESN'T WORK. We know that... but it doesn't stop rich people from continuing to serve you the same line of BS that they have for the last 30 years. Maybe its time to try something else?

Comment Re:The United States of America is already bankrup (Score 1) 648

Those entitlements are paid for out of taxes that are explicitly earmarked for those entitlements. Social security, you pay in and the money is supposed to go to social security, same thing for medicare.

If you are going to cut those entitlements you had damn well better cut out those taxes and you really ought to return the massive amounts of money paid into those programs that we will never see. The budget would be just as fucked, if not more than it is now and I'm damn well not giving back some of that tax money just so we can spend another 100 billion on the military.

The problem is that the government has consistently borrowed against that money and not paid it back, entitlements aren't the issue, we pay for those, we should get them. The issue is that our discretionary spending isn't sufficiently covered by our other taxes. This is in large part because the rich don't pay nearly as much as they used to and because corporations often pay little to no tax. We have been cutting the taxes on the wealthy for years while increasing discretionary spending, thats the problem, not entitlements which have been properly funded since they came into being.

Comment Re:So what? (Score 5, Insightful) 149

I suspect you will see a pretty big shift in what makes a car desirable when self driving cars become the norm, its hard to say if ownership will even be as common as it is now, it seems unlikely that kids who grow up in a family that has a self driving car will ever learn to drive.

I suspect that more and more, in car entertainment, comfort, ride smoothness and fuel economy/range will be the primary things used to market cars in the future and not the ultimateness of the driving machine.

Comment Re:I know the way Slashdotters vote but... (Score 2) 305

Its not our fault that people are dumb enough to buy garbage like pizza gate to the point where some fuckwit with a gun shows up and shoots up a pizza parlor.

This kind of speech is dangerous and while I might have, at one point, believed that nobody of consequence would believe such obvious bullshit that is clearly not the case so now we have to worry about folks that get indoctrinated into this kind of bullshit doing things like killing innocent people.

We used to say that the truth is the best way to inoculate against this but the forums where this crap comes from ban anyone who posts anything that they don't agree with (but of course its liberals who are the people censoring, not the alt right forums).

So whats your suggestion for fixing this problem, or do you think its a perfectly good status quo?

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