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Comment Re:Well, it is either her or Trump. (Score 1) 477

This is the odd thing though, superdelegates in many cases are not democrats per say but are actually lobbyist. Lets say that they know that Hillary can't beat Trump... are they better off with Trump, who likely can be bought (despite his claims of incredible wealth) or Sanders, who won't take their money.

Comment Re:Same Would Have Happened to Nokia (Score 2) 92

This is very true... but could they not have managed a cheeper phone than the competition, or a more bullet proof one for the same money? Its hard to say, they certainly had hardware talent.

You are absolutely right about the whole internal OS thing, that was a mess and it does imply deeper problem but we never really got to see how deep those problems went. It could be that their arrogance would have been their downfall just like it was with blackberry... The fact that they tried to stick with their own OS indicates that this might have been the case... but it could have gone differently and they had the tallent to pivot if someone at the top had the vision to make it happen.

Blackberry lacked both the vision and the tallent... they were doomed... Nokia was talented, but without vision they collapsed.

Comment Re:Same Would Have Happened to Nokia (Score 1) 92

I get where you are coming from but unlike Blackberry I do wonder if Nokia had the design chops to compete. Blackberry made awful phones with stupid keyboards that were hard to use. They were successful for a time because they were the only game in town when it came to a "smart" phone, but they got their ass handed to them when someone (apple) came along and made a real, modern smart phone that was fun and easy to use and gave a mobile web experience that was more on par with a desktop than anything that had come before.

Once you take away BBM and once the other features that were eclipsed by the existance of another smart phone option there isn't much to like about blackberry.

Nokia on the other hand made some pretty impressive hardware. I'm not sure if it would translate well to the smartphone world, but if they had been the first out of the gate with a toughened Android phone that could take a real beating they might have been able to compete, its hard to say if they eventually would have been beaten out by other manufacturers but its not like any of their other projects really went anywhere. Hard to say for sure and its possible that the same fate might have befallen them if they had gone the Android route, but their hardware was revered by many while blackberry, not so much.

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