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Comment Huh (Score 1) 96

If Trump's campaign fuels attacks, then why haven't they been owned as thoroughly as the DNC? Guccifer 2.0, whoever that might be, has leaked numerous DNCs docs at this point, and I believe more are in the pipeline. At the time of this writing, nothing comparable has happened to the RNC.

Comment Re:Too Bad They Used Linux (Score 3, Insightful) 85

The right sentiment, but not entirely true, actually. Some SQL injection bugs are only exploitable when a specific dialect of SQL is used under the hood. Some support query stacking (MSSQL), while others don't by default. Some allow for easy creation of files on the server's filesystem (MySQL), some don't. It's not exactly the norm, but also not uncommon for the behavior of a SQL dialect to mitigate a vulnerability. Not that one should rely on such behaviors for security, but it can assist. That's not to say this is a case where a different version of SQL would have helped, of course. I haven't looked at the details.

Comment Re:Great (Score 1) 48

I'm talking about Chrome OS as a whole. It is most certainly a powergrab in the form of driving users to Google's services using cheap hardware and a locked down OS that they know will only be replaced by a small minority of users. Introducing the Android ecosystem is just more shit stirred into the same soup.

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