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Comment Consumers (Score 4, Insightful) 129

Modern consumers almost never consider the origins of complex digital devices (or any other inventions for that matter), and our societies go as far as mocking the "nerds" than make such inventions happen. They don't realize that Apple didn't invent cellular technology because they simply don't give a shit. To the average consumer, a cell phone is only marginally different from a piece of fruit picked from a tree.

Comment Re:Minus 20% VAT (Score 1) 172

This article made it seem as if they were infrequent enough to be newsworthy, so that's good to hear. Still, they're not as fast currency markets, and this approach is a great way to scalp nations if Apple chooses to do so. In my experience, most companies don't do this, even though their conversion rates tend to be less-than-stellar.

Comment Re:Typically price adjustments in steps, many reas (Score 1) 172

Regarding this:

Typically, when the price is highly visible to the consumer, certain price points work best: 0.99, 1.49, etc. You don't price an app or a hamburger at 1.82. To achieve that, you "bundle" your price increases.

A similar aesthetic could be achieved by showing the attractive USD price, and the converted price in a smaller font, or even on a different page/view/whatever (although that's kind of shitty). I've seen this approach in a few places.

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