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Comment Re:Minus 20% VAT (Score 1) 172

This article made it seem as if they were infrequent enough to be newsworthy, so that's good to hear. Still, they're not as fast currency markets, and this approach is a great way to scalp nations if Apple chooses to do so. In my experience, most companies don't do this, even though their conversion rates tend to be less-than-stellar.

Comment Re:Typically price adjustments in steps, many reas (Score 1) 172

Regarding this:

Typically, when the price is highly visible to the consumer, certain price points work best: 0.99, 1.49, etc. You don't price an app or a hamburger at 1.82. To achieve that, you "bundle" your price increases.

A similar aesthetic could be achieved by showing the attractive USD price, and the converted price in a smaller font, or even on a different page/view/whatever (although that's kind of shitty). I've seen this approach in a few places.

Comment Re:Forex vs that magic .99 (Score 1) 172

Not having done forex, my guess is that *most* of the time, the major currencies would drift within a few percentage points of each other week to week, so sticking with 0.99 would work better than 1.02 one day, 1.01 the next, then 0.98. 1 is psychological cut-off, going above that reduces sales.

If it was that simple, I'd be a Forex millionaire by now, as would many others, since buying each dip would be a viable strategy. Unfortunately (or fortunately, since I didn't go broke), I ultimately threw out about 6 months of development into a complex algorithmic trading system that targeted Forex. Bear in mind I did that as somebody that's not afraid to take risks; unfortunately, currency pairs swing wildly, even when no geopolitical events can be easily attributed to the fluctuations.

To get an idea, take a look at the 52-week pictures for a few currency pairs:


These are major currency pairs, and as you can see, they move wildly on a daily basis, let alone weekly or monthly. Sometimes there are obvious events such as Brexit, but most of the time it's due to innumerable factors and a dash of irrationality. Fixed currency conversion rates do not have a place in modern society, and are almost always a scam. What Apple is doing is wrong, and I'm sure at least some of the people involved know.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 172

It's possible, but if I'm not mistaken, that would take an almost 20% drop from where it stands now. Seems unlikely considering political fervor is one of the major forces behind the rising USD (and the decline of the GBP too--nothing has really changed as of right now), and that sort of thing typically doesn't last.

Comment Re:Minus 20% VAT (Score 1) 172

Even if my predictions are wrong (which I doubt, given how general they are), the core of my statement remains true: currencies are volatile and subject to sudden movements. This is not the type of thing that can be accurately captured in corporate policies, and anybody with the slightest exposure to Forex knows this.

Apple is arrogant for not doing proper currency conversion.

Comment Re:Minus 20% VAT (Score 1) 172

The problem is that this seems to be corporate policy, which is notoriously slow to change. Currency markets, on the other hand, are extraordinarily fast paced, and typically open 24 hours a day. The USD rally will not continue, and similarly, the GBP depression won't either. Once these corrections take place, what then? Is Apple going to revise their policy once more?

The only fair way to handle this is by doing a proper currency exchange at fair market values, then adding appropriate fees and taxes. Anything less is sheer arrogance. I wouldn't be surprised if this policy remains in place even after major price movements occur, invalidating the original justification.

Comment Re:Managed by morons (Score 1) 115

Actually, you're right in many cases. As a dev that has shipped software with poor security at the behest of ignorant management that didn't care to understand the problems, I shouldn't be so shortsighted. Open source software is another matter, however; somebody should step up, and do things the right way.

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