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Comment Re:Damn Glad We're on Linux (Score 1) 519

The idea of keeping track of the sales receipts as well as the licenses themselves is ridiculous

You can't be serious. Not keeping track of what you legally purchase, as a business, is ridiculous. You have clearly never run a business of any kind. Of course you keep all the receipts, it's the law!, besides, not keeping them will cost you money since your accountant will not be able to deduct those expenses from your operating costs.

I did not say to not keep track of a purchase, but I did say that some purchases can be made for cash that can save money. All you have to do is write up the cash purchase on an expense voucher and submit it to accounting for reimbursement. I've done that on several occasions. There are vendors at the monthly flea market that will offer a 10% discount for cash purchases. Just be sure to check for the presence of the holographic CD/DVD and the presence of the license and legally you are good to go. If you buy the same product from a store you might pay many times that much.

When I say a lean mean startup, I mean exactly that. Linux is the way to go for 90% of the work, using Windows, properly licensed, for the few things that Linux does not do well yet.

Comment Damn Glad We're on Linux (Score 4, Insightful) 519

I'm really glad the software shop I'm working with is on Linux. No Windows crap in sight. We could get one of those BSA letters and all have a good laugh.

I feel sorry for anyone that has to deal with the BSA. My condolences, but you should have chosen software without licensing issues. The idea of keeping track of the sales receipts as well as the licenses themselves is ridiculous. What would they do if you paid cash for the licenses? The source of the license does not matter as long as the license itself is not a forgery.

Comment Re:RELIGION SUCKS (Score 0, Flamebait) 1131

I have to agree with you on this... with just religion and greed we could probably account for 95% of the worlds problems, with most of that being due to religious differences.

And now our own idiot teabaggers want nothing more than to put in an American Theocracy. These people just do not look at the harm religion has done to other countries.

Comment Immunity, No, Migraines, Yes (Score 3, Informative) 495

I would love to be able to watch 3D movies, but the parts I want to look at (background action) are always blurred and I walk out of the theater with a head-banger of a migraine. My wife is the same way, except she claims that she does not watch the background like I do. An example of interesting background action would be "Natural Born Killers", not anywhere near a great movie, but the background scenes tell the rest of the story as the foreground limps along.

When 3D is as focused as 2D, then maybe I'll try again.

Comment We Control It (Score 1) 247

I have a saying that keeps me secure in my house and my office:

"If it comes into my possession, I control it."

What that means is that it does exactly what I say, does not call home unless I let it, does not keep hidden logs, does not have back doors, does not answer to anyone but me or the person I have controlling it. I think if this were phrased in lawyer speak, then that would be all we need from technology.

There would be no DRM, there would be no humans answering to robots, ever, even if the robots were made to be security guards, and that is in progress as we speak. There would be no way a manufacturer could say that you could not use their machine in the way you want.

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