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Submission + - Anonymous Publishes Names And ID Numbers Of Spanish Riot Police (

Aloriel writes: "In Spain policemen have to have their ID numbers visible so they can be identified, but they usually remove them or hid them under the vests so they have complete impunity during demonstrations. After the demonstrations against the public budget cuts many people got injured, and detained, even press (police hitting a cyclist demonstrator, police kicking the head of a detainee, police hitting kids,
woman that will lose vision in one eye due to a police shell). Since it is completely impossible to identify those who misbehave, Anonymos has decided to publish a list of few policemen members of the riot police, and promised to publish more if the police violence doesn't stop."

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Journal Journal: Spanish Police Beats Demonstrators of 12th - 15th of May And Censors Media

I'm a Spanish citizen living abroad and I've been following all the recent events and demonstrations of the so called "Indignants" since the May 15th of last year. I've seen that several publications have lately published information about the last demonstrations during the anniversary of the event, which occurred worldwide on May 12th. However I have not seen any pictures or footage about the police brutality that took place, especially in Madrid, during these last demonstrations. The intern

Comment I know the Gumstices (Score 2, Informative) 193

I did my final project with Gumstices, developing a complete user manual and they are incredible. You can have many kind of software running inside them and the connectivity is also awesome, USB-net, ethernet, bluetooth, wifi, and now gps (and probably more to come). We set up a JamVM to test Java and also C and C++ small programs. Was nice to work with those small pieces of hardware.

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