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Journal Aloriel's Journal: Spanish Police Beats Demonstrators of 12th - 15th of May And Censors Media

I'm a Spanish citizen living abroad and I've been following all the recent events and demonstrations of the so called "Indignants" since the May 15th of last year. I've seen that several publications have lately published information about the last demonstrations during the anniversary of the event, which occurred worldwide on May 12th. However I have not seen any pictures or footage about the police brutality that took place, especially in Madrid, during these last demonstrations. The international press is not paying any attention to these issues while the civil rights in Spain are being threatend, among them the freedoms of expression and demonstration, as well as the freedom of the media.

I am trying to push to have some of the websites translated, as well as some of the videos subtitled, so that it's easy for foreign press to publish them and inform people about the events, however it might take some time. Meanwhile I would like to send you some related links that don't need much understanding; however I will provide you with a summary of each one of them:

A police man trips a demostrator while trying to escape from a police charge.

Policemen hit a huncuffed young man before putting him inside a police van, without giving him their police identification numbers (a rgiht in Spain).

A policeman harrases a girl for four minutes when she is already handcuffed.
In the end, the girl, who was not even a demonstrator, just happened to come out of a club and bump into the police. Her injuries were not stated in the medical report.

The police try to stop people filming in the street threatening them (a right in Spain).

A policeman punches a young woman for no apparent reason.!

An article about how the police push back identified reporters that are trying to film, report and photograph the events, so the media cannot publish information.

An article about how the police detain non-demonstrating civilians on the street, like the aforementioned girl, or a waiter that just left work.
They face 4 years of imprisonment for this.

An article about how the police force people to sign their declarations at the police station, without even allowing them to read the statements; even foreign citizens.

An article about how the police beat up detainees at the police stations.

An article about how the government says that the police actions were impeccable.

Footage of the same police group beating demonstrators in different situations.

There is more material in Spanish and on YouTube, but I tried to summarize most of it here.

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Spanish Police Beats Demonstrators of 12th - 15th of May And Censors Media

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