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Submission + - Netflix invests hugely in on-demand content

Alan426 writes: The New York Times reports that Netflix has entered a deal worth about $900 million over five years to acquire the online distribution rights for new releases from three major Hollywood studios.

The Epix deal will add new releases like "Iron Man" and "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" to Netflix's catalog, greatly enhancing the streaming service that the company markets to subscribers as part of an $8.99 package that also includes DVD deliveries. It was the second film deal for Netflix this summer, coming a month after a pact with Relativity Media, the firm run by Ryan Kavanaugh.

All the more reason for /.ers to cancel their subscriptions to cable tv. But how long will it be before streaming video becomes a premium paid service?

Data Storage

Submission + - Online Storage & File Sync Launches Linux Clie (appscout.com)

Alan426 writes: PC Magazine featured an online file-synchronization application for Fedora, Ubuntu, Mac, and Windows. From the article:

Dropbox, one of the many file-synchronization and online-backup combo tools to debut this year is finally ready for the masses to sign up; no more invite required. The basic service is free and includes 2GB of storage space online. Maybe even better news: Dropbox now has Linux clients (for Fedora Core 9 and Ubuntu 7.10 and 8.04), which it says is functionally the same as what you get on Mac and Windows. You won't find that yet with the competition.

The web site has a nice explanation, with diagrams. The product sets up a hot folder and background processes to sync with a central server. Storage is free up to 2GB, US$9.99/month or $99/year for up to 50GB.


Submission + - VMS Dinosaurs Stall Seattle Schools (nwsource.com)

Alan426 writes: School reform in Seattle is blocked — by two aging VAXen. If only there were some way they could run this old, proprietary software on a PC! Maybe someone will invent a magical box to replace these mainframes. Flashback to 1992.

From the article:

An aging computer — so old that the University of Washington has an early model on display as a museum piece — stands between the Seattle School Board and the changes it wants to make in how the district assigns students to schools. The computer, called a VAX, was first sold in the late 1970s. The district still uses two VAXes of late-'80s to mid-90s vintage. They use old-fashioned disks and stand about 5 feet tall. Staff members sometimes look for used replacement parts on eBay.

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