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Comment Mediator perspective (Score 1) 458

IAADM (I Am A Divorce Mediator).

I worked once with a couple who had a major point of contention over 10 years of family photos stored on the family computer. While he had physical possession of the computer, he claimed the hard drive failed so there was no way to recover the data. She claimed there *must* be a box of negatives somewhere. He responded they had shot only digital for the last several years. I asked if anyone had thought to keep backups for this irreplaceable community property. (of course not). I offered to refer them to a data recovery firm. (can't afford it, too many legal bills already).

Long and the short was, they spent many more $$$ paying their lawyers to litigate who gets to keep the dead hard drive.

Please, please, please, don't expect the law or the courts to solve this problem for you. Sit down together like adults and work it out!

Comment Contacts in the field (Score 1) 129

First thing I learned in the Army (well, not the first thing, but a very important thing) is you don't wear contacts in the field. Too unsanitary, incompatible with corrective inserts in gas mask, and fracking painful when you get a faceful of diesel smoke after being awake 24 hours. Plus, think it might be kind of awkward if your targeting display falls out of your eye on the ground?

Submission + - Netflix invests hugely in on-demand content

Alan426 writes: The New York Times reports that Netflix has entered a deal worth about $900 million over five years to acquire the online distribution rights for new releases from three major Hollywood studios.

The Epix deal will add new releases like "Iron Man" and "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" to Netflix's catalog, greatly enhancing the streaming service that the company markets to subscribers as part of an $8.99 package that also includes DVD deliveries. It was the second film deal for Netflix this summer, coming a month after a pact with Relativity Media, the firm run by Ryan Kavanaugh.

All the more reason for /.ers to cancel their subscriptions to cable tv. But how long will it be before streaming video becomes a premium paid service?

Comment Dollar value for open source assets (Score 1) 128

Another way to look at this move is that open source projects have a significant dollar value, if for no other reason that the project may compete for market share with other products. One could certainly see the strategic benefit of supporting a "hard to kill" project to compete with a market leader. Now, we have an example of such a project becoming an acquisition target.

This is no different than a company which buys out their competitor for the purpose of "integrating" (e.g., shutting down) a competing product line. Luckily, unlike proprietary solutions, this project will fork back to the community and live on, albeit without Sun's corporate backing.

Comment Re:Done that.. (Score 1) 532

That seriously happened to me. Every time I look at that (unchanged after one year) website, I remember examples of undocumented hacks in there that made a nice proof of concept but were *never* intended for the production system. I feel a little bad at first, but then I remember why I left that job -- and chuckle.

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