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Comment How much do you believe ? (Score 3, Insightful) 764

Speaking as a Brit: we have just been through a month of unscrupulous back stabbing carried out by our MPs (Members of Parliament). The Prime Minister resigned and so the Tories had to elect a new one; several put their names forwards and then huge amounts of muck was dug up, some of it completely proposterous or ridiculously overblown; the press played their part in keeping silly stories on the front pages.

We have the same thing going on in Labour: leadership election with mole hills being blown up to be the size of Everest; again the press with the Westminster mafia out to knife Jeremy Corbyn. He is loved by Labour voters country wide but hated by those in the Westminster bubble.

This story strikes me as made from the same elements: something small made out to be oh - so important. The trouble is that many voters are not able (or sufficiently interested) to see beyond the head lines.

Comment If what is collected is benign ... (Score 3, Interesting) 148

and nothing that any of us should worry about, then why is there not a way in which the PC's user can view all of the data that is sent to Microsoft? This should include a plain English explanation of everything. After all: why should a PC's owner not see what it sends ?

Disclaimer: I do not have any MS product

Comment If you don't pay for it ... (Score 1) 465

you can't rely on it to do anything in particular; you are entirely dependent on the whims of whoever provides you with a free service.

Everyone on slashdot should know that, I tell my friends to backup things from ''the cloud'' to some physical media that they can hold in their hand (preferably 2 copies), but I know that most ignore me ... 'Oh, that is just Alain sounding off again, I will be all right ...'

Comment Script to TV advert (Score 1) 57

What happens when you leave your TV on near your unattended echo and the advert script runs like ...

Alexa Order me xxx expensive bit of junk
... pause ...

Not entirely improbable - the ad showing the gullible how easy it is to buy their stuff

It arrives and you dispute that you ordered it

Comment Re:This was expected (Score 1) 285

Forget 2020. I wouldn't be surprised if 10 includes a time bomb to deactivate it if you don't start paying a monthly fee, starting around August or so.

This might be Nadella's wet dream but he won't get away with it, in Europe at least: the EU would come down on them like a ton of bricks. They might make it very hard to install something that is not in the MS App store; this would make it hard enough to install something like libreOffice that many will just buy an Office365 subscription. They would do this by hiding the ability away such that you need obscure registry settings, or something.

Comment USA laws != German laws (Score 1) 126

“In our role as a global payments provider we must look at the full details of a service’s operations and compliance, including how the company addresses the laws and regulations related to the sharing or dissemination of illegal content as well as the policies of PayPal’s processing banks and card networks,” it said.

My emphasis. Paypal do not say who's laws they are enforcing, I suspect that they are talking about the laws of the USA; they are not interested that their (Paypal's) customers might have to obey different laws. Paypal might even be obliged to demand that their customer obey laws of the USA regardless of which jurisdiction their customer is subject to. For all we know Paypal might have received a NSL (National Security Letter) as the FBI/NSA/... is interested in some of Seafile's customers -- we will never know.

Comment Got to show the report (Score 3, Informative) 371

All that the (prospective) tenant needs to do is to submit a Subject access request (possibly paying £10) and they have to give all of the information within 40 days. Certainly for people in England (and it is a British company), I don't know what happens if someone from the USA would try it.

Trouble is that many people will just hand over their passwords and forget about it.

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