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Comment What is this about ''for kids'' ? (Score 4, Informative) 95

Something like this is needed for every site for adults, most of who cannot be bothered to read any ToS and would not understand them if they did. Hell: I suspect a lot of adults would still not remember much about a ToS written like this even if you could persuade them to read it.

This written by someone who does read ToS and frequently refuses to use a service as a result.

Comment Re:Remote monitoring is insecure ... (Score 1) 163

Why would he need to bypass encryption ? He has access to the servers to which your power usage data was uploaded. All he then needs to do is to write a bit of SQL/... and print some addresses that he gives to his mate with the crow bar - Burglar Bill. It matters not how secure the Smart meter is, nor how well encrypted the data upload is; the data will end up on a server that someone will be able to query. Given how well (ahem) many corporates seem to protect customer data I would expect to see some of this grabbed by a cracker and put up for sale.

Comment Remote monitoring is insecure ... (Score 2) 163

these devices allow remote monitoring of power usage with granularity of a day or better. How hard would it be for a power company sys-admin, who is a little short of cash, to write a script to find customers who's usage had dropped by 50% or more since a few days ago ? Then sell that list to his house burglar friend who would like to know about homes who's owners might be away on holiday.

Comment Re:Considering is different from doing something (Score 1) 218

I'll admit that I probably do worry too much about how something will perform if the dataset/... gets to be large. Reading articles like What every programmer should know about memory do not help, it is easy to become seduced by the idea of trying to keep everything fast - when most of the time most of the code is quick enough; the rare times when it is a bit slow are probably not worth the effort/complexity dealing with. Identifying the 3% can be really hard.

Comment Re:Duh (Score 5, Insightful) 181

In fact the device maker should be by law forced to supply updates for it for 3-5 years for any device they make that connect to the internet for security reasons.

3-5 years is far too short. How often do you replace your: fridge, room light fittings, central heating system, ... ? For many this will be when they break, which for most of those things is 10-30 years. That is how long they should provide security updates for; with a source code escrow system that puts it all into the public domain if the manufacturer goes bust. Unfortunately many IoT manufacturers are only interested in a quick sale; once the next model is out the previous one receives no attention at all. The same is with 'phone manufacturers.

In addition: if the IoT device relies on some manufacturer provided cloud service they should be forced to keep that running for 10-30 years as well.

Comment Re:illegal content (Score 1) 321

TFA says often anonymous postings. Maybe facebook, etc, should change their T&Cs so that if a post is found to be offensive that any right to anonymity is lost and it will then next to the (possibly redacted) post display: username, IP address, etc. This brings it more in line with somebody saying something in a pub/where-ever: the speaker might offend but his face is visible to everyone in the room; the result is that people will moderate what they say.

There does need to be protection to stop exposure of someone making reasonable comments in a country rules by an oppressive regime. The hard part is defining what is offensive: one person's free speech is someone else's hate speech.

Comment Re:It might be an issue in the future (Score 1) 304

if you time it you'll probably find the whole process of filling your car with gas takes ~10-15m.

I cannot see how you get 10-15 minutes to fill your car with petrol - assuming that you don't have to queue. It is easily done in 5 max: 4 to self service fill up, 1 to pay at the pump with your credit card.

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