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Comment Re:Passing the buck? (Score 1) 128

And when you argue that "That's a long way from it being used to deny a criminal electricy (sic)" you're overlooking the obvious - meter tampering is and of itself, as is theft of electricity.

I'm not overlooking the obvious. They cut off the electricity when the electricity use itself is either wired dangerously, or itself being stolen. There is a definite correlation between grow-ops stealing electricty, and of violating all building codes when runnign their lighting wiring.

But that is a long way from cutting off power that is wired safely to code, that is being paid for properly, simply because it is being used in support of a criminal enterprise.

Comment Boycotting pirates (Score 1) 128

It's the same with the hosting providers that give rack space and network connectivity to these sites.

Indeed. Once a wrong-doer using their services is identified, CloudFare — and all other enablers, including the ISP — can be expected to stop the enabling.

Unless, of course, you don't think, the "alleged pirates" are doing anything wrong, do you?

Even if they didn't, someone else would

Yeah, there is no point in vegetarianism: if I don't eat this steak, somebody else would. And a great defense for a contract killer too — if I haven't shot this guy, they would've hired someone else to kill him.

A week ago you were defending boycott of Mozilla over Brendan Eich's "homophobia" — now you are claiming, a boycott can not be effective?

Comment Re:Passing the buck? (Score 1) 128

Both links aren't really about shutting down power to curtail illegal activity, per se. Both struck me as more safety related -- in the first they mention illegally bypassed meters (theft of electricty) as well as the status of the buildings being unsafe for human habitation etc (due to mold, humidity, and dangerous wiring etc... ) The power was NOT cut because generic illegal activity had taken place ... it was cut because the wiring situation there was a hazard.

Likewise, the 2nd article, the main reason the power was off was the wiring around the electrical box needed to corrected and repaired. The grow-up allegation was incidental -- the electricy would have been shut off even the meter replacement guy had been invited in for tea and given a tour of the place. The root issue was the unsafe wiring. He couldn't legally attach the meter and turn the power back on until the wiring was corrected.

So, thank you for the links, but I don't feel they've really demonstrated anything except that the power will be cut off if the wiring has been illegally tampered with and/or is a hazard. That's a long way from it being used to deny a criminal electricy as part of a curb on his ability to commit a crime.

Comment Re:Passing the buck? (Score 2) 128

They are, for better or worse, more materially related to your illegal business.

And that's i guess where you are trying to 'draw the line' between peripherally or incidentally related and 'materially' related. But i don't think it's a very clear line -- perhaps snowclearing my driveway is on one side and fedex actually carrying packages for me is on the other?

But without both, my milk isn't going anywhere; so who's to say that the snow clearing isn't material?

As for the vendor selling me cows and milking isn't that like arguing the gun store is somehow responsible for what people do with them?

Comment Re:Questions to Hillary's fans (Score 1) 250

it is profoundly unfair to discriminate against women at the workplace because of their biology.

That women give birth is as unfair as gravity, which keeps us from realizing our dream of flying. But it is not wrong to acknowledge it. The point was — and remains — that this biology is inconvenient. Why is acknowledging the inconvenience "sexist"? Can a true statement ever be unfair? How about these:

  • Blacks have more pigment in their skin than Whites.
  • Women have uterus.

Are these two racist and sexist respectively? And if they aren't, why an equally correct statement about employee's pregnancy being an inconvenience is?

By stating that this is an inconvenience to employers, Trump is stating that this unfair state of affairs should continue.

Stipulating for a second, that "unfairness" equals "discrimination", is he even stating that?

While a tortured interpretation is required for Trump's words to appear remotely sinister, Hillary Clinton's dismissal of rape-accusations as "Bimbo Eruption" is Ok with you... The hypocrisy is so thick, you can cut it...

It was racist primarily because there was absolutely no basis in fact

But there was basis! His father was from Kenya and traveled there with his pregnant mother. Whether she returned to States to give birth or not was not at all obvious.

people claimed, despite contradictory evidence, that he was born in Africa

I haven't seen such claims — certainly none by Donald Trump. The evidence — still posted on White House web-site — only appeared in 2011.

and was a Muslim

A son of a Muslim is a Muslim — fact. And converting to any other faith, as Obama has done, is a capital offense under Sharia — but Obama's religion is a different topic, let's not get distracted.

as if either condition disqualified him from being a US citizen

No, his citizenship was not in doubt. Whether he was a natural born citizen was questioned. And McCain faced similar questions — which, for some reason, have never been denounced as "racist".

Comment Re:Passing the buck? (Score 2) 128

Grow-ops have the power cut all the time.

Are you absolutely sure? Can you find a cite for that?

I know unusual power consumption is actively used to *identify* grow ups, but I don't think the power company is ever obligated to cut power. I mean... why bother? Once they know where they are they just go collect the plants.

From what I can tell grow ops losing power is usually initiated by the utility itself because the grow up was actually stealing the electricity (ie not paying for it) and the only reason the courts get involved with that is because some utilities are so regulated that they need permission to cut off the power even when it is being stolen -- because it could lead to a resident freezing in the winter for example.

Comment Bad scaling? (Score 1) 114

D-waves systems are inherently statistical. Which means you need many replicas of an experiment to map out the ground state and reliably establish it is the ground state. Doesn't this mean that the more cubits you have the exponentially more replicas you need to run? thus anything short of exponential gains in speed is a step backward in perfromance as you add quibits? or am I wrong.

Comment Re:The most most seriously needed LEO database (Score 1) 181

Do we condone the true bad actors? No, we put them in jail with the rest of the criminals

Usually we send them on vacation (aka "suspended with pay") then close the cases against them "for lack of public interest".

I understand your need to spew ad hominem attacks, trying to denigrate others is always easier than dealing with your own inadequacy. Please continue, you are highly entertaining.

The next time you hear a window in your house shatter at 2am, try calling the fire department and let me know how that works out for you.

Or you could ask Carolyn Warren, Joan Taliaferro and Miriam Douglas how calling 911 has worked out for them.

Comment Re:Passing the buck? (Score 5, Insightful) 128

Where do you draw the line, if I'm *suspected* of running, oh i dunno... an illegal unpasteurized milk business from my home, should the telephone company be obligated to cancel my service? Should the power company be obligated to turn off the power? Should the snow clearing company be obligated not to clear my driveway?

While they cannot "keep the sites offline"; pulling their service will, at least for the short term block a venue for accessing those sites.

Yes, and the power company, telephone company, and snow plow all pulling their services will all make it more difficult for my 'customers' to access my illegal services. That doesn't make them contributors to it.

If knowingly extending CDN services to any of these websites, CloudFlare can legitimately said to be aiding and abetting the distribution of their content by those websites.

And if you tell my snowplow guy you suspect I'm delivering illegal milk (remember I haven't even been charged yet, nevermind convicted... you could be a busybody for all he knows), but he's now aiding and abetting the distribution of illegal milk by clearing my driveway? Really? That's how you think the world should be?

I think CDNs should be treated as neutral in this. If a court asks them (via subpoena) for a the contact / billing information for the allegedly infringing site then they would have to turn it over. But I don't thin the CDN is aiding and abetting the illegal activity any more than the telco is for running the wires, or the power company is for providing the electricity.

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