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Journal Journal: My DVR full of Porn 5

I ordered new cable service from my cable provider a few weeks ago. We haven't had a landline phone in years and I worked it out and from what we could save by lowering our cell phone minutes we could pay for a VOIP phone that has unlimited anytime minutes.

So the cable company was offering the best deal I could find, it was expensive but not when bundled with TV, Internet, Phone, and their new DVR offering. The lady on the phone quoted me a quite attractive price so we went ahead and signed up. We were told to wait 3 weeks so they could make sure to secure a number in our area. Ok, no big deal.

Weeks pass.

So they come to deliver the equpiment last tuesday. Things seem to be going smooth until they hand us the bill, it is $40 more per month than we were quoted. So we call the cable company and they admit that they quoted us the wrong price but this is the price for the package that we're recieving. My wife yells at them for bait and switch for a while, and finally they say they'll have a manager call us later in the day.

I come home and start playing around with the DVR before they have called us back, and what do I find? This DVR was used, and it was full of Porn. I'm not talking softcore boobages, I'm talking hard core lesbian sex. I thought it was pretty funny but my wife pointed out that if our son had been home at the time and had accidentally found it, we'd have a whole other problem to deal with.

Yeah, so when we called the cable company again (they never kept their promise and called us back) my wife had them by the balls.

She kept telling them that all she wanted was the package we were promised for the price we were promised. Oh and what are you going to do about all this porn you delivered to our house with no sort of protection on it? Fun stuff. Fun stuff.

So now I have pretty much all the channels on the box, plus internet, plus voip phone, plus the DVR, for a very low price. Not that I'll ever watch this much TV, but once we finally got a clued CSR at the cable company who couldn't believe how we were treated, things got a lot better. The CSR even gave us his direct number in case any more crap happened to us.

I just thought it was funny them delivering a DVR full of porn to someone's house. Lucky for them I'm not a litegious person eh?

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Journal Journal: Chris Berman Sucks 3

Why does ESPN hire Chris Berman to do anything that requires him to speak?

Surely I'm not the only one that can't stand the guy. I watched maybe 5 pitches of the HR derby last night before I turned it off out of madness. His stupid "BACK BACK BACK BACK" might be cute once or twice ... a year, but "He ... could ... go ... all .. night ... long" doing the same stupid schtick that people hate him for.

Can't stand him. I seriously wish they'd can him.

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Journal Journal: Courage

Lance Armstrong

I still can't believe he's going for one more. He could have retired last year and gone out on top, but he's putting it all on the line again. He knows there will be contraversy, he knows there will be idiot spectators, he also knows he doesn't need to prove anything to anyone, except himself.

That's courage.

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Journal Journal: Camera Phones

A cool phone comes down the pike:

Problem? It has a stupid camera. Not an optional camera but they threw one in there because "Why not? Everyone loves a camera phone!"

Except those of us who work for companies who forbid cameras of any kind from entering the building. It sucks that nearly every time a phone has come out that I think I might like to get "oh by the way, it has a great camera! 1MP even!".

Sheesh. Soon ALL phones will be camera phones and I won't be able to get a new one and I'll be stuck with my old clunker.

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Journal Journal: Fantasy Baseball

I'm looking for a good Head to Head fantasy baseball league with very active and competitive teams. Anyone got any good leads, or want to help me form one?

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Journal Journal: Rest in peace, Johnny 1

Johnny Carson (1925-2005) was hands down the funniest man to ever do late night television. He will be missed ...

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Journal Journal: Worthless eBay 3

eBay announces they are raising rates.

If I was another auction site like yahoo or amazon, I would be advertising HEAVILY over the next month. Ebay raising rates 60% is ludicrous, a lot of people were already barely making a decent margin, even some of the larger sites. Now they increase it this much and people won't be making a profit and therefore will have no reason to sell there.

I don't understand eBay. For one thing they let sniping go on ... its pretty easy to stop sniping, anyone with half a brain can figure out that sniping leads to lower auction closes and therefore ebay makes less money because of snipers but they refuse to stop it (easiest way is just to make the auction so that it closes 5 minutes or so after the last bid, more like a real auction). Now they raise their rates so high that even hard core ebayers are crying foul.

Frankly, I'm done with it. I'll either sell my crap on Anandtech or maybe Yahoo Auctions, and I'm never buying from eBay either because I know the people selling there will have to inflate their prices to make up for the eBay hike.

All of this so they can continue their stupid broadway musical ads during the superbowl. What a waste ...

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Journal Journal: Big Ben 1

Reading over the locker room comments over at ...

Ben Roethlisberger has declared that he will donate his entire check from Saturday's playoff game to Tsunami relief. I believe he really cares and this isn't a stupid publicity stunt (after all, he's the offensive rookie of the year, how much more good press do you need)

Just goes to show, Ben is the real deal. I never really cared for the steelers much but I dig this guy. (Especially since he went to a local college. ;) )

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Journal Journal: Worthless NFC 1

I hate the NFC this year, not only are they filled with mediocre teams, but now they have two 8-8 teams advancing in the playoffs.

How absurd!

I'm glad Denver got their asses handed to them yesterday. Frankly, Mike Shanahan irritates me. Pissed me off the way he defended his call to basically break Tony Williams ankle. "All the other teams do it to my guys!! Waaaa waaa!" Go home loser. Champ Bailey is good but he can't cover the whole field when Peyton has about 6 different guys he can go to and he can throw to them very near perfectly.

Anyway back to the NFC, how could Green Bay lose to the Vikes on their home turf? These are the same vikings who lost their two last games, and who were like 2 for 8 heading into the postseason?

And man... who would want to be Josh Brown in Seattle right now... the biggest kick of his entire career and he blew it. It doesn't help though that Holmgren decided to run three crappy plays before letting him kick it, mind you 40 yards isn't _easy_, but you HAVE to make that kick, and you should have made a serious attempt at the end zone, you had plenty of time. Seattle blew themselves up. If the bengals can't resign Rudi Johnson this year though, I hope we can pull in Shaun Alexander, though I doubt we could afford him.

Oh well. I can't wait to see what drama unfolds next week. If the Rams on the Vikings make it to the Superbowl.. that would just be icing.

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Journal Journal: Stay in your Car! 3

Today is the second time in recent months that I heard of a guy getting run over on the freeway. Its the first time though where I actually had to see it.

I didn't see the accident but I saw the dead guy laying on the freeway, blood everywhere, like so much road kill. I could be more graphic, but I'll spare you. What was the guy doing on the freeway, I don't know, but here's a good hint: If you ever, ever break down, lose something, whatever, on a busy freeway, STAY IN YOUR CAR.

I can't remember when it was, but a while back in Dayton some guy, who I'm told was otherwise educated, he was in fact, a minister, had his favorite hat fly out of his window and onto I75.

Now, I don't know how much he paid for the hat, but it was supposedly a standard ballcap type hat. The most I have ever paid for such a hat was $25. So lets say this $25 hat, which apparently he had some attachment to, was lost on the freeway. Instead of just writing it off for lost, he decides to pull over and get out of his car and attempt to cross three lanes of traffic going 70MPH to rescue his hat.

Well, a Semi vs. a pedestrian, the pedestrian loses every time. The truck driver in this case was very upset as you can imagine but there's really nothing he could have done. You simply CAN'T change lanes really fast on an intesrstate, or you might run over another car. Frankly, if I am a truck driver, I'll plow over the dumbass who thought it was a good idea to take a stroll on the freeway than risk killing an innocent person in the lane next to me.

So this guy today, we don't know why he was walking on I-75 but he was. And the driver who hit him sped off but they got his license plate so its only a matter of time before they catch him.

But the fact remains, walking on a busy freeway is suicide, so don't do it.

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Journal Journal: The Star Chamber

So I've been going through the independant games linked off the /. games section, and I've found a few that are fun, but this one is annoying.

I say this, because I just spent some time going through the tutorial and reading up on it, thinking it would be a pretty fun game, only to try to make a game and there's no one to play.

So here I sit, in the games lobby, waiting for someone to play me.

Anyway Star Chamber is like an online version of Master of Orion but it plays a lot faster, is 2 player, and has randomness thrown in with "card decks" that give you specials. Its neat, I think I could do well if I could get a real game going ...

If you're interested go to:

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Journal Journal:

So, for years I've owned the domain name "". Actually, since 1998 according to network solutions, though I'm moving the domain name off netsol because, well, I refuse to pay $35 a year.

Anyway, its sat dormant for years, I sort of bought it with a friend of mine and he always said he would put something up. Now, I'm an admin, not a web designer, I can code PHP fairly well mechanically but everything I do looks like some cheap ass crap. I guess it doesn't help that I code web pages in vi...

Anyway, today I finally put something on ... its a cheesy MX-portal based forum system, and I haven't done that much customization yet, but I figure, what the hell, its better than letting it sit around.

So if you're a fan of football check it out, .. let me know what you think and how I can improve it. And if you want to help with it, that'd be cool, its going to be non-commercial and I won't even put ads up on it unless bandwidth costs require it, but I think its gonna take quite some time for that site to push past my 50GB per month limit. I especially could use help with look and feel and graphics, as those are my weak points.

Weak as in nonexistent skills, but oh well.

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Journal Journal: The Pittsburgh Steelers, "America's New Team"

Link to original

A nation of ex-Pittsburghers loves Steelers

Tuesday, December 07, 2004
By Reg Henry

Are you ready for some football? This column rarely strays onto the gridiron, but the moment is ripe for a discussion of the pigskin arts in a way that may appeal to the intellectually pretentious fan whose needs are so often ignored on the sports pages.

Football, of course, is very much on the minds of Pittsburghers on account of the fact that everything else here is so depressing. Alas, Pittsburgh has been flirting with bankruptcy, and although a plan has been devised to save the city, local residents understand that a crack team of elected knuckleheads lurks in the wings.

Moreover, who wouldn't think about the Bus, aka running back Jerome Bettis, when the real buses plying the area will have a drastically reduced schedule shortly if nothing is done?

Say not for whom the bell tolls, Big Ben, aka rookie quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, it tolls for thee. And he tolls for thee even if you don't live in Pittsburgh.

It has been obvious for some years that the Steelers are really America's team, despite the pretensions of a bunch of show-offs in Dallas. Every Sunday, wherever the Steelers play, the stands are full of people waving Terrible Towels. Just this past Sunday in Jacksonville, it was estimated that at least 20,000 Steelers fans were there on the cheerful mission of irritating the locals.

Only some of these fans would have flown from Pittsburgh for the occasion. What you see here is the result of the Pittsburgh diaspora, the great outward migration triggered by the closing of the steel mills in the late 1970s and early '80s.

As these friendly folk went out into America, dreaming their nostalgic 'Burgh dreams, they impressed other people with their simple Pittsburgh way of life, which is highly attractive, involving as it does large sandwiches and beer.

No wonder people who had never been to Pittsburgh had the good taste to begin rooting for the Steelers.

It is encouraging to think that if the city does descend into fiscal ruin, even more people will have to leave, and the Steelers will be dramatically more popular than they are now. That's something to look forward to.

Of course, it takes more to be a Steelers fan than making eccentric vowel sounds while appreciating the fries on a sandwich. There has to be a love of the values that the Steelers represent.

And what are those values? For that insight I must turn to my old buddy, Prof. Marmot Sinecure at Groundhog College in Punxsutawney, Pa., who has studied this question extensively at the local Woodchuck Tavern, "where a woodchuck would drink beer if a woodchuck could."

Prof. Sinecure argues that the very name "Steelers" denotes strength and hardness. "We are lucky indeed that the polymer industry wasn't big in Pittsburgh, or the manufacture of ladies' corsets or artificial limbs," the professor said. "None of these lend themselves to a handy monicker suggestive of the sort of values held dear by the Pittsburgh fans."

But Prof. Sinecure believes that a name alone cannot build a firm fan base. A team must play in a way that the fans can relate to.

In that regard, it is often remarked that the Steelers are very much a team that establishes the run in order to establish the pass. Football commentators always note this -- it is required by their union -- and they always say it as if they are revealing a great wisdom for the first time.

Prof. Sinecure, being a professional academic, takes a complicated view of this:

"Sometimes," he observes, "the Steelers establish the run so well they say to heck with the pass, but at least the pass has been established by the run if Big Ben decides to take advantage of its establishment. Of course, the corollary must also be true: If you establish the pass, then, ergo, you have also established the run."

But how useful is the run-pass establishment as a paradigm to understanding the cult following inspired by the Steelers?

"It is crucial," the good professor believes. "Pittsburghers are a straightforward people. They don't want to have too many choices to befuddle them. You will note that the Steelers don't have cheerleaders at their games.

That is because the fans don't want to be tempted by scantily dressed girls when they came to watch huge slavering linebackers."It's a matter of old-fashioned priorities. Establish the run. Establish the pass. Establish what type of sausages are available at the concession stands. Finally, establish a steely defense that guarantees we all go home happy, even if home is somewhere far from the three rivers."


Being a Bengals fan I've generally thought of the steelers as "Thugs" my whole life. But it seems "Big Ben" is turning all of that around. You can't help but like the guy. If the Bengals don't make the Superbowl this year (heh heh, if) then I hope the Steelers do. How long has it been since a rookie QB won the SuperBowl anyway?

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Journal Journal: MLB: Giambi and "The Cream" 1

"Hey, what are the things you're doing with Barry? He's an incredible player. I want to still be able to work out at that age and keep playing."


Well, its just my opinion that if any player is proven or admits to using steroids should be banned from the game and have any records they may have set stricken from the books.

They keep saying "But steroids doesn't help any with baseball, it won't make you any better."

Heh, well maybe thats true, with Giambi putting up such horrible numbers of late, however, if thats the case, why do they do it?

I'll tell you why they do it, becase it DOES help them out. They must think we are idiots if they think we'll buy that line. Quite frankly, why would you jeapordize your carreer, your reputation, and your body, to use steroids, if it doesn't help you at all?

It either helps or those who are using them are morons. I'll accept either. I'm glad Giambi fessed up but IMO he should be banned from the game for at least a year and if they let him back in none of his lifetime stats should ever go in the record books.

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