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Comment Re:Too much bullshit from Canonical (Score 2) 267

Canonical has bullshitted too much in the past to be taken seriously about this. Several times, they've announced that new products from major vendors (Asus, Dell) would run their version of Linux. Never happened.

I am writing this comment on a Dell that came with Ubuntu preinstalled.

What is this? A voice of reason and fact? I insist you take back your harsh statement and engage in fallacy and untruth!

Comment Re:Too much bullshit from Canonical (Score 4, Informative) 267

Canonical has bullshitted too much in the past to be taken seriously about this. Several times, they've announced that new products from major vendors (Asus, Dell) would run their version of Linux. Never happened. They need to STFU until the product ships.

Who is voting up this dumbass?

Submission + - Canonical crowdsources to make Ubuntu smartphone called Edge ( 1

nk497 writes: Canonical has kicked off a crowdfunding campaign to raise $32 million in 30 days to make its own smartphone, called Ubuntu Edge, that can also hook up to a monitor and be used as a PC. If it meets its funding target on Indiegogo, the Ubuntu Edge is scheduled to arrive in May 2014. To get one, backers must contribute $600 (£394) on the first day or $810 (£532) thereafter. Canonical will only make 40,000 of the devices.

Comment Re:Excuse me? (Score 5, Informative) 474

You must be a conservative.

I hate to break it to you, but the Kyoto Accord is based on science, whether you like that science or not. This is exactly the point: you don't like the science, and neither do most conservatives, because it indicates that a BIG business (fossil fuel based energy) is bad. Since those businesses have a fair amount of money, the Kyoto Accord is pretty anti-fossil fuel business.

Despite that fact, it is still based on valid science.

I remember the Kyoto Accord very differently then you do. The Kyoto Accord was signed by the Liberals at the end of a very unpopular Liberal term. The Liberals never made a plan of how to meet the requirements of The Kyoto Accord because it was impossible for Canada to meet it in the specified time frame. Signing it was a recognized political joke at the time.

Full disclosure: I voted Conservative for that election and Liberal for the one after.

Comment Re:The problem, of course, is people (Score 2) 622

There's a subset of self- absorbed, arrogant twits that believe that if a programming language is "too simple," it's just wrong and You. Just. Don't. Understand. REAL. Programming! I tend to filter them out as noise and recommend you do the same.

Yeah, you're right. I hate PHP because exceptions like "Unexpected T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM" are just too simple. Or how about this line of code: if(new stdClass() instanceof get_class(new stdClass()).... Just try it. Or how about this error message: "Fatal error: Exception thrown without a stack frame in Unknown on line 0". Why not just stick to the classic message: "lol error".

PHP is full of these weird errors, odd behaviours and inconsistency and you have the nerve to say that programmers are complaining about it being too simple.

Comment Re:Child pornography is not an excuse (Score 5, Insightful) 583

I just sent him an email telling him that we need to ban curtains because obviously only people that murder other people in their living rooms have any use for curtains. So if you support having curtains, you are supporting mass-murderers.

Now I'm worried that this analogy is too complex for him to grasp.

Comment Re:The only proper way to 'appeal' to these people (Score 1) 477

Agreed. besides why do the believers feel the need to handle insults for their deities?
I'd think that all powerful beings would be amply capable of smiting anyone they themselves deem to have insulted them, and find it quite revealing that so far none have done so.

For the same reason that I feel compelled to correct people if they happen to insult / mock someone close to me (such as my mother). I think that it is a human affection thing. If my mother isn't around then there is no harm done right?

I am not saying that I agree that the law needs to get involved here. It is very mean and certainly without class to mock my mother but there shouldn't be a law against it. In my opinion this is the same for mocking someone's beliefs or core figures of said beliefs. However, not understanding how that can be offensive is willful ignorance.


Submission + - Ubuntu TV unveiled (

Barence writes: "Canonical has unveiled the first screenshots and details of Ubuntu TV. Plans for versions of the Linux distro for tablets, smartphones and TVs were unveiled last year, and now the television is — perhaps surprisingly — the first of those to arrive. "It's a simple viewing experience for online video, both your own and routed over the internet," Jane Silber, Canonical's CEO told PC Pro. Movie streaming services will be supported as well as live television broadcasts. Ubuntu TV will be integrated into television sets, but Canoncial was unable to confirm any manufacturers. It will be released later this year."

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