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Submission + - Does anyone fact check anymore? (

jjrff writes: "So there is a story over at some place called Blorge by an expert from Lenovo titled: Lenovo analyst: Linux on netbooks is doomed. The story has drawn the usual reactions from both sides of the fence but I posed the still unanswered question: was this story verified? According to the bottom of the story it was but only by a single phone call. This raises a much larger question; who fact checks anymore? It seems pretty obvious that no one experienced fact checked this story (or rather they simply didn't check it at all). Normally a misquote here or there isn't a big deal but the mistakes in that particular interview are pretty big. It also would appear that the interviewer might have decided to let the interviewee just hang themselves without questioning some of the statements. In any case — still a valid question."

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