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Comment You're welcome (Score 1) 98

"Magic Mouse horizontal scroll without SHIFT key"
It's nice to see a suggestion taken on board and implemented. I use FCP X all day so side scrolling the timeline with the Magic Mouse is very important. When I used Audacity, I noticed it couldn't do that, which slowed my editing down significantly. I reported it, some communication happened, a screen recording was sent, then ... silence ... and now this. Thanks Audacity team. Happy. :-)

Comment Re:Open source projects are some of the worst. (Score 1) 299

"You may be joking, but the reality is that open source projects often have some of the worst management around"

I find that hard to believe. I mean, just because open source programmers are overrepresented by the socially maladjusted loners with chips on their shoulders demographic, you think that translates to bad management?

Comment Re:No, They are Not Bullshit (Score 1) 498

Two problems.

First, system designers tend to be clueless about security needs of their own system.I want my bank to require strong passwords. I don't need some discussion forum about, I don't know, aquarium cleaning or salt shaker collecting to need a 10 digit password with numbers, letters, and punctuation marks. It's annoying.

Second, human beings aren't digital storage units. The harder the password to unlock, the more likely we are to either use the same password everywhere, significantly reducing the strength, or to forget what it is. There has to be a balance between ease of use and security, and overly strong passwords disrupt that balance.

Comment Re:Return for full refund under the law (Score 1) 241

"If the dead pixels do indeed detract from game play, return the device as unfit for prescribed purpose under the uniform commercial code (USA) NOTE: I am NOT a lawyer."

You don't have to be a lawyer to know about the uniform commercial code. Look at me; I AM a lawyer who formally studied the UCC in law school before practicing commercial law and I have no clue anymore as to what the UCC says. Something about commerce I think.

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