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Comment Re:Pokemon Go (Score 3, Insightful) 79

Not all players do that. As always you hear a lot more about the idiots than the normal players.

I've see a lot more people walking around the park and downtown than before. And I personally have tried 4 new restaurants I never knew about before thanks to aimlessly wandering around town for pokestops.

Comment Re: As it's been said... (Score 1) 621

I have no clue what a tory spoiler campaign means. As an american all we get are left and right, so what the tory party stands for is quite literally foreign to me.

All I know is there is all the news coming out of the UK shows the vote was rampant with lies and misinformation, and now that it's all public the hardcore exiters are desperate to convince people all the bad shit going down is lies and misinformation from the remainers and their evil banker puppet masters.

Comment Re:As it's been said... (Score 1) 621

If obama held a press conference the morning after the vote to say "Yeah, all that change I promised? Complete lie. Business as usual from here on out baby!" then yes I would support a second vote.

If the vote had been 100% turnout or if there wasn't rampant admitted lies and disinformation form the leave campaigns then I agree there is little need for a follow up vote. But with all the lies exposed, this is more like obama holding a press conference the day after the election and ripping off a face mask to reveal himself as Dick Cheney in blackface.

Comment Re:As it's been said... (Score 1, Interesting) 621

So the people's opinion is final, set in stone, cannot ever be changed?
I kinda thought that's what a second non-binding resolution vote would test. Whether the people opinion has infact changed, especially after all the lies of the leave leaders were made public so quickly.

If you're so sure the remainers are just a small minority with malicious bureaucrats pulling their strings, then why are you so afraid of a second vote?

Comment Re:But now part of the historical narrative? (Score 1) 621

Except opinions can change. And from the news it looks like a lot of british citizens changed their minds the day after the vote when the leave leaders fessed up that all their promises were lies.

I see a lot of people claim the vote was set in stone, the pure will of the people and cannot be denied or fought against.
But it was a non-binding poll. And frankly I'm pretty sure the hardcore leave supporters are just afraid of a second vote showing public opinion swayed far away from the leave side after the lies, deceit, and fear mongering were proven false.

Comment Re: backup! (Score 2) 290

Well this is a coincidence. 2 times a day I and my co workers have to read off two dozen numbers off the environmental monitor software, which has to run on an old win xp box, and put them into a spread sheet. We can't throw together a quick parser or other automated recording system because my just as ancient manager says that's "a solution looking for a problem".

Just because you don't recognize the benefits doesn't mean a younger generation isn't allowed to innovate.

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