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Submission + - Computer scientists develop 'mathematical jigsaw puzzles' to encrypt software (

another random user writes: The claim here is that the encrypted software can be executed, but not reverse-engineered. To quote from the article:

UCLA computer science professor Amit Sahai and a team of researchers have designed a system to encrypt software so that it only allows someone to use a program as intended while preventing any deciphering of the code behind it.

According to Sahai, previously developed techniques for obfuscation presented only a "speed bump," forcing an attacker to spend some effort, perhaps a few days, trying to reverse-engineer the software. The new system, he said, puts up an "iron wall," making it impossible for an adversary to reverse-engineer the software without solving mathematical problems that take hundreds of years to work out on today's computers — a game-change in the field of cryptography.

Submission + - Liberal Saudi Web Forum Founder Sentenced to 600 lashes and 7 Years In Prison ( 1

cold fjord writes: Some reformers travel a harder road than others. The Seattle Times reports, "The founder of a liberal-minded website in Saudi Arabia has been sentenced to seven years in prison and 600 lashes after angering Islamic authorities in the ultraconservative kingdom... Raif Badawi, through his website known as Free Saudi Liberals, had urged Saudis to share opinions about the role of religion in the country, which follows a strict form of Islam that includes harsh punishments for challenging customs. A judge in the Red Sea port of Jiddah imposed the sentences but dropped charges of apostasy, which could have brought a death sentence, the Al-Watan newspaper reported. Badawi has been held since June 2012"" More at The Inquirer, and the BBC, which informs us that, "The judge ordered that the 600 lashes be administered 150 at a time. ... "The lashes could be spread out but in Sharia this is a sign that the judge wants to insult him," he said."

Submission + - What should I do with my old laptop

Aditya88 writes: I have an old Dell Studio core 2 duo 1535 laptop. Speakers are not working properly. I removed its hard disk and inserted in my xbox 360. and the batteries are dead long ago. Currently its in the corner with lot of dust. Any suggestions how I can use it ?
Open Source

Submission + - Makerplane aims to create the first open source aircraft (

cylonlover writes: MakerPlane plans to do for the aviation industry what Firefox and Linux did for computers. By adopting open source design and digital manufacturing, MakerPlane's founder John Nicol hopes to overcome the frustration and disappointment that most kit plane builders encounter. Over 60 percent of all kitplanes started end up collecting dust and those that are finished must overcome the challenges of complicated plans, the need for special tools and thousands of hours of labor with little or no manufacturer support.

Nicol believes that a more community-oriented design approach will overcome many of these obstacles. Israel-based aeronautical engineer Jeffrey Meyer is leading the MakerPlane charge to develop a safe, inexpensive kitplane that can be built at home or at a “makerspace” through the efforts of people volunteering their efforts and ideas. MakerPlane intends to make the plans and avionics software for the plane available for free, but will sell parts and support services to fund the project.

Comment Not sold out, Just need to satisfy retailers first (Score 0) 262

I bet there will be no demand for 16 gig nexus 7 if 8gb version is also supplied for retailers. Google only halted it from its site because it has to fulfill retailers demand. there is only 20 bucks diff between 230$(include shipping+ taxes) 8gb google store nexus 7 and 249$ 16gb retailer version(lot of stores have no tax no shipping). so when you compare, extra 20$ for 16gb is worth it. I bought mine for 234$ from only 6 more buck than 8gb version. only money come here no specs no space nothing....

Comment Great initiative (Score 1) 91

Mozilla is one of the organisation which doesn't try to compete with others, but still strives to improve user experience, to bring innovation even if people care or not. I love Firefox. This new OS is definitely not gonna die like HP or RIM(almost dying) because goals of Mozilla are different from Android, IOS etc.... One more major thing is, it will be completely open unlike androids semi open software. waiting eagerly for their first release in India.

Submission + - Just how big are porn sites? (

Aditya88 writes: Finally, bandwidth. Referring back to our Xvideos example (based on an Ad Planner estimate), a large porn site will have to have enough connectivity to serve up 50 gigabytes per second, or 400Gbps. Bear in mind this is an average data rate, too: At peak time, Xvideos might burst to 1,000Gbps (1Tbps) or more. To put this into perspective, there’s only about 15Tbps of connectivity between London and New York.

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