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Comment Re:battery life a braindead argument (Score 2) 290

video and photographic professionals who legitimately have needs for that memory it really was a strange move.

Even the latest iMacs and Mac Minis have no 32GB of RAM option.

Of all the products Apple sells.... only the Mac Pro is configurable up to 64GB.

And the hardware's still all a generation behind PC hardware.

Comment Re:PC is NOT dead and not even dying (Score 1) 482

The only thing that can kill the PC is a better product, with a more reliable operating system, and I see nothing on the horizon that prohibits that evolutional step.

You could say the same thing about the Automobile or the personal car or boat. Nothing on the horizon prohibits that evolutional step.

Nothing on the horizon shows that evolutional step will happen, either.

The demand for PCs will still exist, Until such time as a superior replacement can meet all the demand. An open platform for software development, running software, and creating things, are some of the things PCs are demanded for that nothing else provides.

  Even if PCs become a niche market whose buyers are only computer scientists, engineers, makers, and other tinkerers, they still exist.

Comment PC is NOT dead and not dying (Score 2) 482

Just because the exponential growth of sales has ended, thus the PC is now in structural decline....
does not mean the PC is dead.

All it means is that New people who never owned computers before are no longer getting in at a fast rate.
There's a huge population now who have purchased desktops more than 4 years ago, but less than 8 years ago,
who already have all the Laptops and Desktops they will need for years to come. We're largely still running Windows XP and
Windows 7, if we can, or perhaps Linux, and we don't like changes Microsoft made in Windows 8 and Windows 10.
New operating systems are no longer a reason to upgrade hardware.

Our personal computers are lasting longer between upgrade cycles, and we need new ones less often.

This is a good thing for consumers, and a terrible thing for the hardware and software industry.

Industry in decline, or no longer exponentially growing does NOT mean the product is dead, it means a thing called
Market saturation was reached, new growth will not be possible, since everyone who would demand it has already
has bought it, and does not mean there is no future demand for PCs. They are rather ubiquitous in fact.....

Comment Dishonest statement (Score 1) 495

Whites still earn dramatically more than Blacks and Latinos, reflecting the legacy of discrimination for jobs, education and housing.

No argument or data is given for this claim.
This is one of the things that we mean, when we say the media is biased.
Somebody's irrelevent personal opinion is given as the supposed cause for a thing.

As if it's proven or self-evident that discrimination is still rampant today and the reason for a purported wage difference.

Comment Re:Why "I" shouldn't trust Geek Squad? (Score 1) 389

If you know how to do any of that, you're not taking your computer to Best Buy to be fixed.

Why? You're implying anyone with the software knowledge is able to do something better for every situation?

It's all hypothetical, because there's no Best Buy in less than a couple hour's drive away.

I might have someone bring them a Laptop that won't power on, because I don't want to fool with it.
It would have to be almost brand new, but out of warranty for some reason..
(I don't currently own a laptop that's new enough and expensive enough to justify the inevitable costs, but imagine I went out
and bought a $3000 laptop, and then 1 year later, one day after the warranty expired, the hardware stopped working -- maybe the vendor slipped a component in set to self-destruct in the Motherboard.)

You need to take out like 50 screws if you just want to just catch a glimpse of the CPU --- replacing a component on the motherboard, or the whole board itself is definitely something you pay somebody to do, in order to save 30 hours or more of headache.

Best buy is one of the few companies left you can pay to take a look at it; if you have one in your area, anyways.

Comment Re:Similarly (Score 1) 389

They won't lift a finger because "They don't do data recovery"

Even if you have a 100% working unscathed HDD or SDD on an Apple computer or iPhone, which won't boot because of damage to the system board;
the Apple people will not so much as provide you a copy or transfer the drive or data to the replacement system. Even if you were willing to pay $10,000 for the additional service; they won't do it.

Comment Re:Why "I" shouldn't trust Geek Squad? (Score 1) 389

What about if you have legal adult naked videos/pictures of yourself having sex with your wife

You best keep personal files encrypted at all times. Windows Encrypting filesystem works if you NEVER give out your account password (Be sure to backup your Files and EFS credentials).

Plan Ahead. Create and maintain a separate Admin username/password you can provide to a technician if necessary
have that in place before the system even breaks.

Comment Re:You don't know how hormones work, do you? (Score 1) 397

You heard it here ladies and gentlemen (and sorry, those are the only two genders): Calling Gender Dysphoria a mental illness - when it is a mental illness -- somehow means the following:

* You wish to physically assault and / or murder people suffering from this mental illness.

* You believe this mental illness is by choice, like no other mental illness in the history of the world.

Because some folks have an agenda where they wish to call transgenderism, or people changing their genders as "Normal".

Just like it's normal for people to walk around with seeing-eye dogs and canes. Therefore, calling "Blindness" a disease shall henceforth be banned as well. And don't even think of causing nearsightedness or need to wear glasses as an illness.

Comment Re:How to get it in future? Where is it lodged? (Score 1) 397

No.... One person involved with Libreboot (the maintainer) decided the Libreboot community would leave GNU in protest citing frivolous claims of transgender discrimination as a reason for requiring the project to dissasociate with GNU --- That is, unsubstantiated claims, which the Maintainer of Libreboot has personally maintained to have some basis, but which by all rational accounts and published details seem to be unfounded or lacking believable evidence for valid basis.

Since some involved with Libreboot have demonstrated themselves to be political activists that see the manner they conduct the Libreboot project as a means to furthering their goals. If the claims of TG discrimination were not in fact so Unfounded, you just know they would surely have lawyers All over this.... to swarm GNU, to bring them into submission and apology, or to make a civil case against them.....

Comment Re:Misguided Priorities (Score 1) 303

A standard FM antenna 3 km line-of-sight away from a 1 watt transmitter should get about 1 microwatt at the antenna terminals.

That's not a good accomplishment; Typical cell tower spacing is 5 to 10 miles. That 3km is less than two miles, and there's no way the cell phone companies can justify the cost of building additional VHF cell sites to that density across the continent for a mere 20 Mhz of bandwidth. Cell phones using the existing bands have a range of more than 15 Miles.

Are you implying that high power signals aren't attenuated by building materials by the same ratio?

No. Higher Frequency signals aren't attenuated by building materials by the same ratio -- the function is nonlinear, and many frequencies less than the UHF range have a higher chance of being absorbed or reflected, But the 20-Fold increase in antenna size is a huge problem for having a compact mobile device. You cannot just increase cell phones from 500 mW to a full Watt, or 2 Watts..... The POWER your cell phone can transmit is fixed by the size of the device, Human safe RF exposure maximums (since phones will be held to the head), battery capacity, and the weight of materials within the phone whose purpose is to conduct energy and safely dissipate heat.

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