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Comment Not all complaints are legit (Score 4, Informative) 95

There was a time where people faked their accounts being hi-jacked as a way of duplicating really expensive skins. They would then turn around and sell the skin which was scammed on a site like OpSkins and then keep the duplicated skin in their main account and still play with it. Not anymore though, Steam wised up and made some changes.

Comment Re:joek (Score 2) 101

Since no one else did yet and you seem to be oblivious to this fact, allow me to be the first to say so:

While PCI audits aren't perfect, people like you are the bigger problem. You're too god damned lazy to read (and probably too stupid) to understand or even act on the feedback provided by the report so instead you cheat to pass the test.

One of the most confusing aspects of PCI audits for noobs like yourself is the fact that applications installed using package managers (as opposed to compiled from source) will often have inferior version numbers, despite the fact they're still safe since security patches are back-ported.

Comment Re:A two factor device (Score 1) 88

The easy solution to that is to always have two ubikeys registered with all apps/sites and keep one in a safe location. One breaks, disable it and order a new one to replace it, after which you add it. Sure it requires some amount of work to maintain and it'll cost double what you expected to pay originally but what do you want? Good security ain't cheap. Redundancy is a must.

Submission + - SPAM: Iran nuclear plants hit with yet another worm

Acid-Duck writes: "Iran's nuclear infrastructure was the target of another cyber attack, this time at two different nuclear plants. The worm targeted both the Natanz and Fordo facilities, reports a scientist inside Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization. The worm attacked the nuke plant's automation network, comprised of Siemens hardware, and played Thunderstruck by AC/DC in the middle of the night at maximum volume."

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