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Comment Re:First you have to be able to imagine the palace (Score 1) 190

Oh I do this all the time when I forget the shop list yet I've gone shopping, I just kinda stand still, lean against something, imagine I'm looking in the fridge, cupboards, bathroom, cabinets etc and identify the places for each item and then try to remember how much is left.

I generally end up getting most of the stuff on the list.

Comment I see it is omitting the physical home button (Score 1) 111

Lovely, I just love a phone I can't hold easily. I rest my thumb on my physical home button ALL THE TIME to stabilise the phone in my hand. That's INCLUDING the sling grips (google them) I use on the back of the case to keep it stable.

Nothing more ghastly than a home button I can't rest on as it's thinking it's being pressed.

I'm now in the minority on this, my current phone has it, the next Samsung is finally doing away with it (and I'll be doing away, with the next Samsung)

I dislike this trend and I will spend my money where I can find what I'm looking for.
This is otherwise a fairly stylish phone but basically utterly impractical.

Comment Re:Don't support Bethseda or id (Score 1) 77

That's actually complete bullshit which mainstream left media pushed and hammered around as usual.

I've done some reading into this and there's several leaps to conclusions made as part of this story.

Firstly, we don't know that Palmer had any knowledge of the activities of this group other than "meme magic" and general internet trollery and sillyness, a far far fucking cry from genuine Nazi / racist posts that the group is accused of.

Secondly, upon doing some reading, I can't find any evidence that this group did anything than produce one single lame billboard which simply said "too big to jail".
Seriously, I had real difficulty finding actual evidence of what they produced, infact on my search all I found was a couple of posts by people saying exactly the same thing "What did these people actually do?" and thus far, no one can provide anything but one lame billboard.

It's entirely possible infact that Palmer was actually simply ripped off by Nimble America and the only way they stopped him litigating / calling them out is doing the billboard.

While Palmer said some dumb trolly stuff, considering his age and reflecting on myself, I've said dumb, hyperboilic trolly shit online over the years when younger too.

I suspect he did lie about being a Gary Johnson voter and he did infact vote Trump.
I suspect he owned the Reddit account he was accused of owning, which said some lame and stupid things if I recall about democracy.

All said and done though, what he does with his PERSONAL money in his own time is none of my business, it was kinda dumb and handled poorly but until someone can actually provide for me irrefutable evidence that he ACTUALLY KNEW that this was a "Neo Nazi" group AND some evidence of their "Neo Nazi" postings and work, then I don't know what to say, just people leaping to conclusions because "I hate Trump, all righties are Nazis!"

(Note: Not an American, I have nothing in this game, except I am sick to high heavens of misrepresentations of the truth in media, be it omitting details, exaggerating details, clickbait headlines, leaps to conclusions and other such things.)

Note 2: If you can and will provide evidence that Nimble America really genuinely produced nasty shit, I'll gladly apologise, however I still may not be convinced Palmer was actively aware of this and pushing it. Possible but nothing anyone can ever know for certain.

Comment "Toxic" gives it away (Score 2) 195

I'm just going to say it... "Toxic" is a social justice flag word. Like over use of "gross" or "icky" or referring to people as babies "shitlords" "edgelords" or "shitbirds" and so on.

Now that we've established potential bias here, we need to define "Toxic"? Is that simply not agreeing with the status quo? Is an opposing opinion debating a topic deemed "Toxic"?

Comment Re:Less favorable lending rates? (Score 1) 491

I'm not going to find the post or do the figures (sorry!)

What I've read and seen mathematically proven is that low interest rates don't mean squat, if the houses are _insanely expensive_ .

When the figures are worked out with old interest rates (but old housing prices too) vs new interest rates and new housing prices, it's actually beter to have the high interest rate on a low base figure than the opposite.

NOTE: I'm from your generation too fwiw and I didn't buy in my city due to insane prices which have continued to go,.. insane.

Comment Gives landlords excuse to hike rent (Score 1) 491

I'll be damned if I'm moving, I'm in Australia so landlords can and will increase the rent but /generally/ don't do it as much if you've been there a while, just small little increases.

Had I left my place and shopped around, I have ZERO doubt my place would be 20 to 40% more expensive.

The landlords are loving fucking the rental class, fuck that.

Comment Android Pay works totally fine here, so....? (Score 2) 68

I mean I don't like banks but I'd assume this is Apples doing? They must be pushing for something ridiculous in some way, because Android Pay appears to use the standard Pay-Wave technology of normal cards.
I'm normally very much a luddite on this stuff but I thought I'd give it a shot and I hate to admit, it's genuinely better than cash, purely from a "wow, it's even quicker than cash" perspective.
(I've *always* hated cards normally, because I'm stuck behind idiots taking forever with PIN# business or swiping a different card, etc)

None the less it's literally faster than cash, it's a very very fast transaction and (to my knowledge) any place with Pay-Wave (very common) works fine.
I believe Pay-Wave is just our contactless card thing, you guys might call it something else.

(NOTE: I hear you guys in the US have only just got the card tap and pay stuff? We have it in I would say at least 90% of places in the metro / city areas and maybe 60 or 70% out in the country regions)

Comment Re:Enter the casual, brazen SJW injection (Score 1) 495

You're going to continue noticing it, it's currently incredibly hip to hate on white people, ironically,.. generally articles written by white people.

So so so many articles about X or Y or Z just happen to mention race or gender out of nowhere, once you actually notice what's going on (as you have) you can't help but continue noticing it, there's an onslaught of anti-white, anti-men articles all the time.

My local city newspaper has at least 1 editorial a week which is ridiculously biased / shaming / guilt focused, they just slide it in there. I too, get really sick of this shit.

Comment All I know is LCD and "LED" is awful. (Score 2) 190

I'm a CRT and Plasma man.

I will not be upgrading my plasma until there's a superior option, it's as simple as that.
OLED does sound good but burn in (like plasma, and yes, plasma does burn in, even the final models)

I'm patient, she's still humming along ok, I think I'll get another 3 years out of my Panasonic 65".
I want exceptional blacks, fantastic colour range, a non flickery display, movement that doesn't look weird. I want interpolation which can be disabled.
Considering where the TV market has gone the past 12 months and game consoles, I pretty much 'demand' HDR as well as 4k.

So, I'll wait, I'll wait a long time until they sort it all out.
P.S all this "but this new LCD / LED trick makes them amazing!" yeah no. Just no. The blacks don't cut it in a dark room, not even close.

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