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Comment Anyone want to do the maths? (Score 1) 176

Does anyone know average electricity prices in India? How much the average Indian home uses for power and approximate maintenance of this entire plant? (I'd assume, robots or no, they have at least 30 staff?)

I want to believe in solar, heck I do believe in solar but the cost right now,...
If only the god damn panels didn't degrade (assuming that's not some kind of republican myth?) if the panels were consistently reliable or lived for 100 years, it would make much more sense economically.
"Free" power sounds fantastic, especially if it's not damaging the planet.

Comment April 2019,....... (Score 1) 117

My paid account ends then, let's see if Oracle somehow manage to fuck it entirely before then,...?

I really like the HUGE amount of modems / routers / cable boxes etc which support Dyn. Does anyone know of a product which even comes close? The closest I can think of is, they seem to be fairly common on a handful of cheap and pricey routers but still not as many as Dyn.

Comment Re:I can't be the only one who hates OLED (Score 1) 67

I use a desktop wireless charging stand for my Note 5 and an app called (IIRC) "desk clock".
Due to the OLED display being totally pure black, I can set the desk clock to be ridiculously dim and not illuminate my entire bedroom, it really does look like a bedside desk clock, except it moves around to prevent screen damage.

I believe OLED still has burn in, but it's getting better - the colours are ridiculously good and the blacks essentially perfect.

Comment S.E Aussie here, drought has been fantastic for me (Score 1) 90

We had one for near a decade which has mostly subsided the last few years, sadly

As an asthmatic and hayfever sufferer, the difference is night and day. I honestly thought I'd 'grown out' of my asthma and hayfever as I basically didn't have symptoms for near a decade, or exceedingly rare / lite symptoms.

Last 2 years and especially this year, just a disaster, not fun at all.

Comment I'm surprised this is being asked,... (Score 1) 232

If anything, the vast vast majority of information I've encountered online is extremely pro left, facebook, twitter, news articles. It is exceedingly difficult to not stumble across article upon article how ghastly Donald Trump is, be it lies, truth or 'opinion posted as news' which is all too common.

I can't stand either of them, but the amount of misrepresentation I saw of Trump online was so intense and so vehement, frankly I'd have to agree with Zuckerberg, for different reasons. It's clear that whatever has been endlessly posted online with a leftist slant, seemingly hasn't had enough impact to win an election.
The media are clearly out of touch with 'the little people' and very much in touch with a young, hip, far better off demographic than they realise.

No, I voted for neither, I'm not even in your country, FWIW I think he's clearly a complete fucking Doofus but she would not have been some miraculous beacon of hope either, I think she wouldn't have been as good as people think and he won't be as bad as people think. It's all status quo bullshit.

Comment I'm no where near as smart as most of you.. (Score 1) 711

Can someone clued up here, please explain to me more about the figures of this thing in regards to propulsion?

It's obviously generating very little propulsion, but it's "free" if electricity is free, right?
So if we had a massive reactor shoveling power into it, would it generate more, or the device need to be larger or we need more of them?

Could we build a ship with the existing one, assume again unlimited power reactor somehow and then fire the thing up, would I be right in thinking this thing would incredibly slowly start moving the ship and over a ridiculous amount of time, eventually be moving very rapidly and in theory (?) just keep on accelerating?

I get the no fuel and I get the very little force but I can't imagine the implications for it.

Comment Re:Last to the party, yet again (Score 1) 110

Actually this is a new (fucking stupid) change by Microsoft back to the old system.

Windows 10 is the only OS (that I know of) which employed very very large updates, effectively re-installing Windows over the top of itself, breaking all kinds of 'under the hood' settings that tinkerers may have set up AND more likely to cause risks to the PC (I support only 3 Windows 10 machines, the anniversary update took out one of them)

Windows 10 is proper garbage, so many issues with it. At least they are fixing one of them.

Comment 16GB is ridiculous (Score 1) 319

I used to play video games and be a benchmark nerd, I know hardware fairly well and I always figured more than 16GB was a waste of money.
Ever since I STOPPED playing games and did a little graphics work or fired up some VMs I realised you really can require a lot of memory in a system.
I've now got 24GB in my machine, despite an upper mid range 2013 CPU, regular business style desktop model, nothing but onboard, but I do exceed 16GB fairly regularly.

If you want to future proof a machine for developers or graphics people (previously Apples bread and butter!? years ago) then you need to be able to go to 32GB
I must admit I figure exceeding 32GB would be rare but I'm sure some video editing guys could / would need it.

They really are just making devices for the average consumer to feel cool now.

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