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Comment Who cares? It's over. (Score 1) 133

Check my post history, I've been posting about that browser for a decade. I was THE diehard, I loathed Chrome.
I fought tooth and nail to keep Firefox, I hate many things Chrome does, which FF does better. It looks better, the plugins (I use) are much better, it's a great browser with a little work.

and I don't mean "oh golly, that's not snappy" I mean it's SLOW, frequently delays, lag, lockups, freezes, script errors (slow, then error), more slow, lag, it's just atrocious, it's awful. They should stop coding for a YEAR and just optomise it.

I really feel horrible even posting this from Chrome, the thought breaks my heart, but guess what? IT'S NOT INCREDIBLY OMG HOLY ....... god damn slow,.....

Sorry Mozilla, it's over - I had my say on the reddit firefox site and that's it, I'm out - no more. I can not endure that performance any longer - it's been 2 years and I tried every god damn thing.
So long. Sorry.

Comment Holy crap, betanews is still around? (Score 3, Informative) 72

I had no idea.
Also that's some criminally fast memory, shame they are only 8GB sticks and shame it's about 70% more expensive than it was 7 months ago.

I'm literally not upgrading anything due to this, I can take 20% but this has become ridiculous. Count me out of the upgrade game.

Comment Re:Always trust Centauri. (Score 2) 36

Just a note on this post:

I re-watched that film only 6 months ago and besides some weak CGI man does it REALLY hold up. It's nice to see a film that's more than just action scenes, flashy CGI and generally poorly written characters and script.

If you're thinking of re-watching the movie and concerned it'll be dated trash. Don't, much like WarGames it very very much holds up, recommended.

Comment Re: Chinese buying the property, selling all resou (Score 1) 115

Yep, that makes sense, if you didn't buy a house in the 90s "fuck you" response. Very typical and unsurprising whatsoever.

Also, not all of the Chinese investors come here, where did I claim that? Quite a few buy here and don't come, the unoccupied house is simply, effectively used as a "physical bank" to keep cash out of China.


You people are never ending. "Fuck the losers who don't have a house", who cares if they are only 18 or 23 or 25 or even 35. Nope fuck em "should've got one sooner, this boom is great!!!! "

Just stop.

Comment Re:Chinese buying the property, selling all resour (Score 1) 115

Bear in mind the subject of this Slashdot article, it's not so much about the prices only, it's about the lack of a recession.

Rising property prices with no external influx of money wouldn't shield us from a recession, selling all our resources and allowing huge amounts of foreign investment however would grow or at least reduce stagnation of the economy.

Totally agree about negative gearing, it's disgusting, no other word for it. None the less the foreign investment thing is huge.

Also general overall massive immigration, my understanding is that this boosts our overall economic figures each year as we've got more 'turnover' for lack of a better word. Not looking at the overall average wealth / buying power of a typical middle class Australian, which is infact slowly eroding and has been for a while.

Comment Re:Chinese buying the property, selling all resour (Score 1) 115

One particular race is by far the most common, because they are now,
a) rich
b) there's over a billion of them
c) in a country which has inferior health care, schools, breathable air
d) in a country where the government can take their money at will (historically)

The problem is *primarily* Chinese investment. You could re-word my post to say "foreign investment" and remove all elements of race in it, it wouldn't change the fact it's *by far* Chinese investment and even the pro housing blogs, news articles, cite the Chinese as "keeping us going, yay!"

At the end of the day *as stated in my damn post* huge swathes of money coming in from another country, into housing is extremely detrimental to the locals, period.

Comment Re:Chinese buying the property, selling all resour (Score 1) 115

I no longer care, I couldn't care less.
Fuck them all, a generation (or 3!) have been fucked by the Australian government policies and I want to see it all crumble horrifically.
There's far too many "interest only loan" investors with 2,3,4 properties, reducing their taxable income (google: "negative gearing" a true scam for the rich).

Nope the middle class, the young and a small handful of the cautious middle aged (me) have been ruined. Let it fall to utter pieces.

Comment Re:Chinese buying the property, selling all resour (Score 0, Troll) 115

It has to do with economics, not race. It's not logical to sell out property and land to foreigners, period.

However I've triggered some kind of angry extreme leftist rant, which I'm not surprised, there's still a couple of you guys left coming here. I used to be one of you!

Anyhow, good day, I'm not even going to waste my time replying to the points in your post, if you can't understand what I wrote the first time, you'll hardly understand the second.

I'll let the moderators deal with the problem.

Comment Chinese buying the property, selling all resources (Score 4, Interesting) 115

I've posted this maybe dozens of times across the internet, I'm tired of shouting it and I'm tired of making lengthy posts with links and evidence.

The country is selling all it's gas, minerals at rock bottom prices to anyone and everyone for a start. In a huge massive way. The mining boom is finally slowing down significantly, at least so I hear.

We are also pretty lax with stopping people buying property. There's arguments why shouldn't we stop them, but seriously, I'm sick of debating it. If you can't see how someone vastly wealthier than the common local, bidding for houses isn't going to mess up the cost for the locals,..... well I don't know what to say. There's a reason Thailand, Indonesia, other smaller second class countries don't let foreigners buy.

We're getting 'Vancouvered'. It ain't about race, it's about economics and the locals (who don't own yet, you know, a LOT of people) are getting destroyed, totally by this.

That's the facts, it's as simple as that. Furthermore, as long as the Chinese can still buy property (and they do it legally and illegally) then I suspect the 'crash' which I've hoped for, for a decade, simply won't come. They'll just see a cheaper place to store their money they want to hide from China.

We're boned. Best benefit to all this would be a property developer in the last 20 years. Rest of us? Well I've held off using expletives but to say I'm white hot raging angry would be an understatement. @$#%^ our governments.

Comment Samsung fan here, owned 4 or 5 of them. (Score 2) 104

Great job doing what the whiners said, the whiners who don't buy your phones.

"We want metal" - now they're heavier, less flexible, more prone to break. (Apple, HTC fans)
"We hate the home button" - finally removed.
"Make it flashy" (forced curved screen)

Excellent job. You've added all the shit which NON SAMSUNG CUSTOMERS whined about, meanwhile alienating Samsung customers.

I can deal with the transition to a metal case, but the home button and especially the curved display? Great job. You lost a long time customer if you force this shit on the next model.

Comment Re:First you have to be able to imagine the palace (Score 1) 190

Oh I do this all the time when I forget the shop list yet I've gone shopping, I just kinda stand still, lean against something, imagine I'm looking in the fridge, cupboards, bathroom, cabinets etc and identify the places for each item and then try to remember how much is left.

I generally end up getting most of the stuff on the list.

Comment I see it is omitting the physical home button (Score 1) 111

Lovely, I just love a phone I can't hold easily. I rest my thumb on my physical home button ALL THE TIME to stabilise the phone in my hand. That's INCLUDING the sling grips (google them) I use on the back of the case to keep it stable.

Nothing more ghastly than a home button I can't rest on as it's thinking it's being pressed.

I'm now in the minority on this, my current phone has it, the next Samsung is finally doing away with it (and I'll be doing away, with the next Samsung)

I dislike this trend and I will spend my money where I can find what I'm looking for.
This is otherwise a fairly stylish phone but basically utterly impractical.

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