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Comment Re:Not hard to see why (Score 1) 356

I'm totally aware how binocular vision works. And no the 3DS doesn't use eye tracking. Instead there is a lenticular lens as a layer about the display where a mask basically prevents the left and right eye from seeing the same pixels below.

As for "no way", that depends on how it might be done. If a TV did track faces and could affect the lenticular effect then it could project a display in a manner unique to each viewer. There might be an upper limit since horizonal resolution / number of eyeballs = actual resolution but it could be done.

It's not the only way of course. Holograms have been around for a very long time. Display techonology might be close to catching up with the effect.

Comment Not surprising (Score 1) 110

I bet Oracle thinks its easier to sell Oracle Linux (and easier to write too since they basically ripped off RHEL) than to bother developing Solaris. The gap between successive releases of Solaris has simply widened over time. They probably think of it as a legacy platform at this point.

Comment Re:How about the link directly to Krebs? (Score 1) 96

That's very true too. I've often seen a news article crawl from its original source through aggregators before it turns up here. But at least this site serves a purpose beyond just being some kind of clickbait ball of aggregated content and inward pointing links.

Engadget used to a lot better site but not these days. Pick any article and if the original source is cited at all it'll be 2, 3, 4, 5 links into the article with all the other links pointing to other Engadget stories, each of which pulls the same shit. The site is deliberately designed to retain visitors (for ad impressions), not for any original content, insight or opinion of their own.

Comment Not hard to see why (Score 1) 356

The problem with 3D TVs is they sucked. The ones that used active glasses were the worst - ghosting, expensive glasses etc. The ones with passive glasses were MUCH better but used polarising bands on the screen to deliver a left/right eye picture so the resolution suffered and they were more expensive to produce. Either way they compromised the effect. On top of that glasses of either kind are uncomfortable and make the picture look dim - bad enough in a darkened movie theatre but worse in a home.

Some day someone will produce a 3D TV that doesn't require glasses and supports multiple angles and multiple viewers. At that point it might experience a resurgence.

Comment Re:Microsoft Hurt Themselves Early (Score 1) 132

It depends on what you mean by "limit". Having to insert a disc to play a game is a pain in the ass, so if the XB1 did uniquely register a game to a console to avoid that hassle then it has obvious advantages.

Where they fucked up is they didn't provide a way for people to "de-register" the disc so they could sell or loan it. The obvious way to do it would be to say that whoever owns the disk can play it and other images are invalid. If you try to play from the image the console will check online to see if the disk has been used elsewhere and ask you to insert the disk if it had. It could also occasionally challenge the user to insert the disc, more frequently based on usage if it thought the disc was a rental copy.

But instead they junked the feature. So now the console has a cache of the game but you always need to insert the disc to play it.

Comment Re:Scorpio makes no sense (Score 1) 132

Scorpio, an upgraded Xbox One, is said to have about 3x the power of the PS4, 1.5x the power of the PS4 Pro. And 5x the power of the Xbox One, which it has to be compatible with. Scorpio software must run adequately on the Xbox One despite the huge power gap.

It wouldn't be the first time Microsoft have gimped specs between announcement and release. When Kinect was called Project Natal it had an onboard CPU/DSP that could do motion tracking of 4 people independently, track fingers & hands, even facial expressions. Then they decided to do all the processing on the 360 instead and the thing could barely recognize a person flailing their arms in an exaggerated bowling motion.

Microsoft might take a look at the PS4 Pro and decide there is no reason to exceed it in performance in any substantial way. If games have to remain backwards compatible with the XB1, then perhaps there are limits on what they could even do with the added compute power even if it were available to them.

Comment Not surprising really (Score 1) 132

Microsoft fucked up the launch of the XBox One. It was overpriced, bundled with a peripheral that nobody wanted, was less powerful and looked uglier. That gave the PS4 the lead and it's been widening since.

Whether that continues when "Project Scorpio" turns up in some form remains to be seen. The PS4 Pro and PSVR didn't exactly take the world by storm so perhaps there is an opportunity for Microsoft to seize or maybe the same pit to fall into.

Submission + - Law for Autonomous Vehicles: Supporting an Aftermarket for Driving Computers (

Bruce Perens writes: How will we buy self-driving cars, and how will we keep them running as self-driving software and hardware becomes obsolete much more rapidly than the vehicle itself? Boalt Hall legal professor Lothar Determann and Open Source Evangelist Bruce Perens are publishing an article in the prestigious Berkeley Technology Law Journal on how the law and markets might support an aftermarket for self-driving computers, rather than having the manufacturer lock them down or sell driving as a service rather than selling cars. The preprint is available to read now, and discusses how an Open Car, based on Open Standards and an Open Market, but not necessarily Open Source, can drive prices down and quality up over non-competitive manufacturer lock-in.

Comment Re:IT is amazing (Score 5, Insightful) 98

Most folks drink stale coffee. Try roasting your own (I use Sweet Maria's for supplies) or going somewhere with a roaster on site who is honest enough to tell you the roast date. It should be from 2 to 10 days ago. Flavor development in coffee is a rancidification process. Like cheese, you want to catch it when it is a little, but not too, rancid.

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