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Comment Well this is ass backards (Score 1) 319

It's not hard to figure out. If your traffic gets prioritized higher over others on existing infrastructure, that's less infrastructure you have to invest in to run your business. Net neutrality actually makes those who use more bandwidth have to spend more to get what they want over those who sip at the pool of bits and bytes. Pai clearly wants to kick the plebes out of the pool, build a wall around it, and allow his capitalist buddies free reign while the rest of the crowd lines up at the gate.

The internet is not a commodity - it's a utility, a means to an end. It's essential that it remains balanced for all.

Comment Re:ethics/governance contact (Score 1) 102

I used it once. A manager at the company I was working at decided to stop notifying employees about missing time on their time cards until AFTER it was submitted to payroll for processing and thus too late to correct it so the employee got their full pay. It was done as "training on the consequences of not properly reporting your time." I called BS on it, was told "If you want to get paid, submit your time," which is reasonable, but to not even give a person a chance to fix it before it's too late? Nope. I'm not down with screwing with someone's paycheck, so I called our hotline to report the practice. They didn't take any of my information, gave me a case number, and said to call back in a couple of days for an update. The very next day the office started reporting missing time again, word on the grapevine was the manager had a tough conversation with their boss, and not a single thing happened to me or changed in any way.

If your company doesn't do business in an ethical manner, it's time to find a new company, or raise hell and fix it yourself if you think it's worth the risk and effort.

Comment Re:Well there is this one app... (Score 3) 42

I actually enjoy it. Once I trained it a little to understand what was an update versus a promo, it does a pretty good job of sorting my stuff. Things that don't get automatically sorted stand out more to me since they don't have a category attached. Plus just checking "done" on everything helps me keep my inbox clean without actually deleting anything. I wouldn't want to go back to regular GMail.

Comment This isn't about platforms. (Score 2, Insightful) 983

If the suspect Johnson was shot and killed during exchanges of gunfire twenty minutes into the standoff, no one would care. He was a shooter, he was shooting at cops, he got shot. It would become a part of the tragedy that was last night, but no one would be calling for the head of the Dallas police officer who fired the gun with the bullet that ended his life.

Instead, DPD negotiated with him for hours. They gave him every opportunity to peacefully end the standoff, to lay down arms and leave with his life. I can only speculate on how those hours passed since we don't have details yet. But you don't spend that time before you drive a robot in with an explosive device without giving him several warnings. Johnson knew the only way out was if he laid down arms and came out with his hands up. Johnson chose not to do so. Instead he chose to continue to be a threat to the people of Dallas, to continue taking shots at police officers, and to continue to make threats on the citizens of the city. His life was in his own hands.

It is a tragedy that the end was what it was. This man chose to plan, organize, and execute a planned attack upon law enforcement officers who were guarding citizens demonstrating peacefully. This isn't about war, this is about terror. For the most part no one here in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex is blaming anyone except for the individuals who carried out this attack. The rhetoric and platforming is primarily coming from y'all, the rest of the world. Here we're just mourning the loss of five officers who died in a peaceful situation for absolutely no reason other than other people were consumed by hatred enough to ambush them in the line of duty.

I don't care what the sides are. I don't care about anyone nitpicking the means. I care about the people around me. Y'all should too. And that's where it should end.

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