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Comment Re:Conspiracy theorists at work. (Score 2) 599

Want a good laugh? Someone (who will remain nameless because I am embarrassed that I know someone that stupid) recently told me that all space travel is impossible and I am a fool for believing it. Astounded I asked him why he thought that and he pointed me to this website with "inconvertible proof";-

I want to know where my €9.000:-/month for life is for lying about it?

But yeah, like I said, conspiracy theorists are gullible.

Comment Conspiracy theorists at work. (Score 4, Insightful) 599

This is fairly typical thinking from conspiracy theorists.

They are the most gullible of people and just believe any crap that is put up on the internet. They like to believe that everyone else has no idea what is going on but in reality they are just eating the shit that other people make up.

Comment Re:No constitutional crisis at all. (Score 1) 733

Do you actually think that's going to stop them?

I did not actually comment on that but since you ask, probably not.

In the end, if you get 2/3rds of the senate together you can impeach someone for anything they do in office. I have wondered why it does not happen more often. It would turn the US into a true 'banana republic' but thing are so shitty now with politics it may actually get better :P .

Comment Re: No constitutional crisis at all. (Score 1) 733

Yeah, but she isn't anymore.

They could have impeached her at the time as Secretary of State but that didn't happen.

Remember, the purpose of impeachment is to remove someone in a position that has abused their power in that capacity. The limit is there so that the impeachment process cannot be abused for political gain (i.e. you cannot impeach someone who had unpaid parking tickets from 10 years ago because you don't like them).

I am not really defending her, it is just the way things are.

The correct way of doing it is convicting here of a crime and that will remove her from office but you need to use the 'right tool for the job' as it were and impeachment isn't it in this case. Going off down a blind alley is not going to help.

Comment Re:Misdemeanor? (Score 1) 317

Photos and free speech go hand in hand.

Not even close, there are certain circumstances when you can argue that photos can by covered by free speech but not the other way around, they are not equivalent or even close to being the same thing.

If you really want to point at Apples to Oranges regarding Europe as a continent vs US as a country, let gloss over that I can generalize with "Europe" because not a single country on that continent has free speech protections as strong as the US' protections.

Well done, you just modified your argument because you realized how stupid you statement was. However, just because you are backpedaling it does not mean that I have to adjust my argument to mat ch yours, get back on subject buckaroo. (I can "draw the dots" for you back to what was said if you like/cant remember)

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