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Comment Re:I've worked with that data (Score 0) 116

People like me sign up as Tripod McBallsington, living at an address in the zip code of 98210, with a phone number of 1-800-555-1212. And my email address is always on

Wait... I am Tripod McBallsington!

Are you the reason I keep getting all this spam mail? Wait till I find you, what is your name?

Comment Re:Fools and their money (Score 1) 153

Look at this from a consumer point of view.

I am by point out how full of shit you are and how you are lying. There is nothing to fix here apart from you lying.

That way legitimate consumers won't be fooled by your crap. You are not actually a consumer if all you have ever done is lie about it.

It is not as if there are no legitimate concerns about bitcoin but instead of picking one of those you make up fairy tales.

Comment Re:Fools and their money (Score 1) 153

More lies and bullshit.

I do have a question though, why does bitcoin threaten you so much? Seriously, you don't know that much about it and yet you hate it with a passion (enough to just make up lies about it and look like a dick).

Is there something in particular about it or are you just a general "I hate what I don't understand " type?

Comment Re:Fools and their money (Score 1) 153

More lies.

You wonder how I know you are lying? In a fork transactions are processed by both chains not by one or the other, there is no communication between the chains to say, "I have processed this so you don't have to". Chain forks delay things and change who receive the block reward but transactions still take place.

If you had actually used bitcoin you may actually know this, but yeah, your just a liar instead.

Comment Re:Strict scrutiny (Score 5, Interesting) 65

I get where you are going but the US has been into mass surveillance for so damn long with the approval of the American public it has only been a matter of time before those techniques are focused back on their own populous (I say that knowing full well that they probably already have).

I don't think there is any turning back now, it is like only finding out about the slippery slope when you are already at the bottom unfortunately. I don't think the "it is alright to spy on everyone else, just not us" permission that was given to the US government by the US people was intended to turn out like this but there you have it.

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