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Comment Re:eye of the beholder (Score 2) 208

It's a scam in that it is actually a transfer medium with no reason to increase or decrease in value. The only way its value can go up is if people are hoarding it in such a large amount that it's hard to come by (like tulip bulbs or gold, which is also mainly a scam).

It is actually very easy to see why it increases and decreases in value and it is the same reason as gold, simple supply and demand. To put that in context there are only just over 16 million of them currently in existence and the bitcoin economy is booming as far as transactions go with somewhere around 150,000 of them exchanging hands every day.

So, supply and demand + utility. Exactly the same reasons that gold has fluctuating value (or value at all).

But the fact is that people view it as money backed by a government (which can increase and decrease value depending on financial situations in the country) or as a stock. But stocks increase in value due to increased productivity (well in theory at least, actually perceived productivity).

I don't follow you there, I am not sure that anyone thinks that bitcoin is backed by a government, that is kind of one of the strengths to bitcoin.

Bit coins as an investment is a scam.

Who do you think is running this scam? Is it any different than gold as an investment?

Comment Re:One bitcoin is worth more than gold to idiots (Score 3, Interesting) 208

But bullets magically would continue to work, right?

As long as they are not electrical ones (not sure where you are going with that).

They last for an amazingly long time too being sealed units, for example, fairly much the entire world supply of 50 cal rounds were manufactured in WWII and we still use them today.

Comment Re:One bitcoin is worth more than gold to idiots (Score 1, Troll) 208

Gold has several properties that make it useful - it is non-reactive, corrosion resistant, quite biocompatible (has been used by dentists for centuries), an excellent conductor and so on.

Remember, this is a world where the laws of physics have changed (yeah, it is ridiculous but he bought it up) so there is no electricity.

Gold would not be useful for any of your applications (especially being an excellent conductor) in that parallel universe.

Comment Re:And for everyone else...? (Score 1) 193

you originally made the claim that NZ is "more free" w/o backing it up.

No, you made the original claim, here it is for your reference:

> You as a foreigner have more rights in the US than I as an American have in your country. Go ahead and enumerate the rights that you don't have in my country that I don't have in yours. Yes, I'm subject to complete search at the border. Read your entry requirements. I also give up free speech.

I then addressed specific points on financial freedom (NZ is poor per capita) and GDP. I gave specific examples on why the NZ "freedom of speech" is actually not freedom of speech at all. I then gave size examples - GDP and population of businesses bigger than your country, and EU vs EU states - supporting the claim of why you can't even make the comparison.

the way you talk - zero substance, completely misunderstanding things adults say - you seem to be a pot smoking frat boy in his early 20s. you cannot keep the conversation on track, logical, or address any actual points. Literally, in many, many comments, you have zero actual material. I'm gonna fire one of your moron kin today just to make myself feel good.

And I have told you that there is no correlation between GDP and freedom.

So, in summary, you made the original claim and to back it up you have prattled about GDP. You have failed to establish that there is more free speech in the US compared to New Zealand.

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