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Comment Re:Gnome# (Score 2, Informative) 587

Why? Have you tried writing a dbus-aware program in C, and then in C#? There is a world of difference, in favor of the C# version.

But the problem has nothing to do with C#'s technical merits.

This irrational fear of all-things-Microsoft is out of control. There are good engineers at Microsoft, and some of them are even free software proponents.

The potential problem isn't the engineers, it's the lawyers.

Regardless all that, Mono is a GPL language, free in every sense.

No, it isn't. It's covered by patents.

The basic issue is: MS created a language, patented parts of it, but also said "We're not going to sue you for implementing this. Though we reserve the right to change our mind at any time". They also created a standard that might be safe, doesn't cover all that much, so most useful programs will go beyond that into the less certain patented territory.

You can write GPL/whatever licensed code all you want, if somebody has a patent on your algorithm that won't save you from the trouble.

That is the problem. It's not about C#'s technical merits, or MS's engineers' abilities, it's about what could possibly happen if MS decides to change their mind. And there's ample evidence of that getting involved with Microsoft too deeply is almost a guarantee for getting screwed.

Comment Re:Google (Score 1) 527

You're the first person to ever take me up on trying to prove a difference in search result quality rather than just saying how rubbish Bing is. So kudos for that. :)
However, there's something very wrong here. Your Bing results don't match up with what I get at all. Here . As you can see, the first couple of links in Bing are offers to buy a Wii on Amazon, but that's just the different location of ads in Bing v. Goodle and easily distinguishable. In the links proper, I see the Main page that you said was the best result, immediately followed by the Wikipedia page which you said was the second result. I see no sign of the Spanish and German "scam" sites.

So we have a few possibilities. One is that you are getting different search results, perhaps due to personal settings or being located in a different country. Another is that you are making things up and relying on Slashdot's tendency to believe anything it reads. For politeness sake, and because you sound rational, I'd prefer not to suggest this possibility. Thirdly, MS Bing admins are watching the story on Slashdot and updating things super fast.

I suppose the last is possible, do you want to try refreshing? Failing that, what country are you in and do you have any particular preferences set for Bing? There has to be a reason why we get different search results.

Comment Re:What (Score 1) 1747

> Denialism

Godwin's law; the AGW True Believers have lost the argument, since they are the ones who started calling anyone who disagrees with them Nazis.

Nobody is unclear on where the epithet "denialism" comes from.

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