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Comment Re:they better offer monthly upgrades (Score 1) 376

There are home-based cable-internet boxes in the US that have built-in wifi that anyone with an account can connect to. All LG or any other manufacturer has to do is come to some sort of arrangement with the internet companies to allow their devices access to their internet boxes, and your security is by-passed.

And so is your privacy. 10 years from now local governments will be utilizing data to determine if you have the right appliance and if it needs upgrading. "Hey, John Doe at 7 Maple Lane has a fridge that isn't up to current energy-saver specs. Send them the letter detailing the deadline to replace their current fridge and what the fine is."

Comment Re:Trump is a traitor (Score 1) 404

Y'know what's really ironic? Trump is actually colluding with Putin and the Ruskies, but the NSA and the rest of US Intelligence haven't been able to find and/or prove it.

Russia's response to Obama's persona non grata move is one giant red flag, as was the article about one of Trump's servers connecting 24/7 to a Russian bank server.

But the DNC hack? That was a DNC insider phishing a freakin' password. Not that I don't believe the Russians didn't have full access to DNC emails, US Intelligence just can't prove it.

Comment Re:having recently been on a carnival cruse (Score 1) 531

Senior IT guy sounds like a guy who has saved his pennies all of this life and is in a position of FIRE (Financial Independance Retire Early) or has a F U Fund, knows he has mad skills and can get another job easily, and doesn't care what Carnival and India thinks.

He also knows that he who dares, wins.

Comment Re:Good for Alphabet! (Score 1) 399

Fraking over your employees is not being socially responsible. Bonuses are part of your compensation. You stop paying bonuses, it's the same as inflicting a pay cut.

And the language of the memo indicates management has no respect for their workers. Management didn't refuse to pay bonuses because times were hard, management didn't pay their people because they don't like their people.

Any company that does this, while still paying their executives their bonuses, is to be avoided at all costs. It won't be long before they start justifying pay cuts, working unpaid overtime, etc etc. Anyone working at Alphabet now knows they have to get the hell out. And Alphabet will have one hell of time trying to hire anyone, except for any desperate-for-the-experience newbies.

Social responsibility is giving your employees the option of donating their bonus, and letting the employee have the tax write off. Instead, management turned a $30 million expense into a $15 milliion expense via tax write offs - and that's only if they actually donated the items. Sharks as nasty as Alphabet's management will have no moral qualms about saying they made the donation and then not donating a damn thing.

Comment Re:"Industry desire" is all good and well (Score 1) 382

*Except one of the first things that'll come on the market is a dongle so you can plug your nice expensive Senheiser's or Bose's or whatever into the USB3 port.*

And they'll code up software that turns off the audio stream until the dongle is unplugged. I know a lot of audio is now drm-free, but that will change very quickly. I trust the studios about as far as I can toss them.

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