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Comment Re:pathetic (Score 1) 307

Then find what needs to wait until you reach a desk and make compromises to keep that set small

So instead of my current setup where I have a nice high-powered, multi-monitor PC set up and a cheap laptop for travel work, I should get an expensive laptop and do most of my work on that?

What exactly am I gaining from spending that extra money to do more work on a sub-optimal computer?

Comment More than that (Score 2) 1081

More than that, get rid of first past the post voting; It strangles 3rd parties. It's no mystery why the house and senate have 10% approval ratings but a 90+% re-election rate when you only have 2 choices. There should be Proportional Representation for the house, Instant run-off for the senate, presidency, and any other election where it's only practical to have single member districts.

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