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Comment More than that (Score 2) 1081

More than that, get rid of first past the post voting; It strangles 3rd parties. It's no mystery why the house and senate have 10% approval ratings but a 90+% re-election rate when you only have 2 choices. There should be Proportional Representation for the house, Instant run-off for the senate, presidency, and any other election where it's only practical to have single member districts.

Comment Re:Because their pointless. (Score 1) 330

If anything, what I'd like to do is get rid of the damn phone's display. The watch can tell me who is calling or texting, my BT headset can be used to accept calls, and for anything I need a bigger screen for my tablet would be far nicer than some tiny phone screen (even at 7+).

Do you actually carry your tablet with you everywhere? If so why would you need a screen-less phone at all? Surely you'd just use your smart-watch tethered to a 3G tablet instead.

Comment If he used vi this wouldn't be a problem (Score 1) 412

If he used vi this wouldn't be a problem, he'd be able to do all his work just fine over a 300 baud acoustic coupler!

On a serious note I still don't get what the big deal is, as even if for some reason he's not allowed to use obvious things like 3G, surely all he needs to do is co-ordinate things with other wikileaks staff over the phone?

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