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Comment Re:Not viable on Windows 10 (Score 1) 238

and for other things it will just fail instead, either forcing you to relog as admin, or to enable admin for your main account

Right click, select "run as admin". For the few system management apps that don't prompt for admin themselves that's all you need to do. No need to relog or change permission settings.

Comment Re:Talk about a subset of a subset (Score 1) 61

Not to mention that Valve knows well enough that Microsoft is working hard to throw as many obstacles between their feet to make Steam as unusable as possible in Windows to promote their own game store.

I know people like Sweeney have claimed that Microsoft "will" break Steam to promote their own store, but is there actually any evidence that they are doing so?

Comment Re:Too bad we don't have 1977 technologies anymore (Score 1) 58

Voyager 1 still took the most impressive close-up photographs of Jupiter

What about the Cassini photos? It took amazing images of Jupiter and Saturn.

In their shortsightedness, they will say these aren't of great scientific value. A more sophisticated mind understands that the scientific importance of these images was enormous, because it inspire hundreds, if not thousands, to do science as their calling.

Ahem, NASA put a visible light camera on Juno specifically for "public science and outreach and to increase public engagement".

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