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Comment Re:What a Crock (Score 0) 1185

You're amazing! The depth of your close mindedness is profound and unwavering. My world view allows us to co-exist, while yours is very separatist.

I am familiar with the facts on both sides of the argument, and my interpretation of their implications is where we truly differ. Every fact I know of in "support of evolution" supports what I believe - and I promise you - if it were otherwise, I would change what I believe. My agenda in this argument is to be as honest as I can be; if it were otherwise, I wouldn't sleep at night. I just wouldn't ever tolerate the dishonesty you claim that I possess. In fact, I would go so far as to say that it is my observation that evolutionists believe what they do in spite of the facts.

In any case, I can discuss and work with people who choose to disagree in good faith. You are incapable of holding a discourse that involves a respectful exchange of ideas. As such, I submit to you that you are far closer to that white supremacist than I am.

Fare well.
Operating Systems

Ulteo Shows Linux-Windows Crossover Potential 70

An anonymous reader writes "With Wubi and now the Ulteo Virtual Desktop, we're starting to see examples of the potential 'cross-over' appeal of Linux to Windows users. Ulteo gets a nice look from Channelweb, which writes, 'Considering that this is not even a version 1 beta, we have high hopes for Ulteo Virtual Desktop. It allows Linux novices to dip their toes into the water without any fear, and lets Linux pros use their favorite applications when they are forced to be in a Windows environment.' This also seems to play into comments by Mark Shuttleworth, who has said the Ubuntu community may want to think about how it can start appealing to Windows users."
Data Storage

Submission + - What are the Alternatives for Long Term Storage?

9InchRails writes: "Yesterday, we discussed the 1 TB disks that will evidently be coming available. A main theme through the discussion is that optical media is not a good long term storage option, because the media goes bad. What are the alternatives? How can we store data in a retrievable fashion for twenty or fifty years? Do we just constantly migrate old data to newer mediums as they become availible? Suppose we're talking about 10 TB of data — which makes copying very difficult."

Submission + - Navisite Massively Botches Datacenter Move (

9InchRails writes: "In a move to consolidate a newly acquired datacenter, web hosting provider Navisite shutdown, boxed and transported hundreds of servers, effectively stranding in excess of 200,000 web sites and authoritative name servers. This fiasco is in its fourth day as noted here and here. How could a company been so completely incompetent?"
The Internet

Submission + - Worst datacenter migration ever? (

capnkr writes: What do you do, what *can* you do, when your webhosting company has serious problems that result in downtimes of 70+ hours? Sue them? This is what some customers of Alabanza hosting are threatening.

Alabanza was acquired in August by now-parent company Navisite, and this datacenter migration was to have happened over a month ago. Despite several promises to the contrary, servers are still not up, and the complaints are still coming in.

If you were affected by this, if you'd lost paying customers due to the webhosts foul-up, what could the company offer you that would keep you out of the lawsuit? Free hosting for a time would not seem to be much of an incentive. Monetary compensation would be nice, but how would you prove your value lost, with factors like customers trust in your sites reliability not being easily factored?


Submission + - Navisite Massive Failure, 1000s of websites down

dotpl writes: Navisite recently acquired Albanza and informed all hosting providers hosting servers at Alabanza (900+) that they would like to move all servers to the more secure Naviste data centers. The original plan was to virtually move the servers, and then do the physical move. But Navisite did the opposite and just unplugged the servers, put them in a truck and shipped them to the site. Once at the site, no one had any idea how to re-connect them and bring them back online.

red more about the issue here and here

Submission + - Perfect NOC Consolidation Storm

An anonymous reader writes: On Friday, November 2, while most of us were out having a good time, 300 web hosting companies, with 895 dedicated servers, watched as the AlabanzaNaviSite server migration began. Four days later, an estimated 100,000+ web sites are down, including Linux Web Host. "Navisite, the US web hosting firm, is scrambling to fix an extended outage that is believed to have rendered tens of thousands of websites inoperable for more than three days. The company hopes to completely resolve the problem by Tuesday morning at the latest." — UK Register. The Perfect Noc Consolidation Story starring Matt Damon & George Clooney in theaters Summer 2008.

Feed The Register: Navisite scrambles to restore web hosting service (

Planned server migration knocked thousands of sites offline

Navisite, the US webhosting firm, is scrambling to fix an extended outage that has left thousands of websites inoperable for more than three days. As many as 7,000 customers may be affected, according to a company executive, who said the company hopes to completely resolve the problem by Tuesday morning at the latest.

The Internet

Submission + - Navisite Fumbles Migration of 200,000 web sites (

tclark writes: "Managed hosting provider Navisite went forward with a badly planned attempt to migrate thousands of customers from the recently purchased Alabanza NOC in Virginia to its facility in Andover MA. After numerous problems and missed deadlines, customer websites are still down with little information coming from Navisite. Many current customers are considering ditching the troubled service provider."

Submission + - Teen untethers iPhone from AT&T

9InchRails writes: "An article on CNN Gives some minor details about a kid who has managed to overcome not being able to use an iPhone on a network other than AT&T. The article is void on details, but this may well unlock the hot new PDA on the block."

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