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Comment Re: Supply and demand (Score 1) 587

> They call it "mugging" over in India (and no, not mugging as in attacking someone and stealing their cash - I have no idea how the term came to be).
> You memorize. You don't deviate. You do not think for yourself. You do not understand a concept and come up with a solution;
> you only follow the solution that's been provided.

It's from the English "mug up" (, meaning to quickly learn something.

(English is difficult, but can be understood through thorough thought though :-)

Submission + - UK Government Warns Growth Of AI Increases Reidentification Risk

An anonymous reader writes: A new report from the UK’s Government Office For Science warns that the explosive growth in artificial intelligence, driven by Big Data, could make anonymised individuals in datasets extraordinarily easy to re-identify, due to the interlinking of vast semi-supervised systems and sets. Chief Scientific Adviser Professor Sir Mark Walport wrote in the report: 'As the volume of publically available data increases...and more powerful artificial intelligence techniques are developed, what was a ‘remote’ chance of re-identification may become more likely, and organisations will periodically need to revisit the protection they have in place.'

Submission + - Winter Is Coming: Scam Texts Target Apple Users As Clocks Go Back In The UK

Mickeycaskill writes: Criminals are targeting Apple users with a text message scam timed to coincide with the clock change in the UK.
One user posted iPhone screen-shots displaying the messages, which warn of the expiry of the user’s Apple ID, the account used to manage all Apple products.

“Your Apple ID is due to expire today, please tap (url) to update and prevent loss of services and iCloud accounts,” the message reads.

The link leads to a sign-in page that closely resembles Apple’s own site login.
The malicious site prompts users to enter their Apple ID username and password, then asks for further details including credit card information, personal identity details and passport numbers.

Submission + - China's new policing computer is frontend cattle prod, backend, supercomputer (

dcblogs writes: China recently deployed what it calls a "security robot" in a Shenzhen airport. It's named AnBot and patrols around the clock. It is a cone-shaped robot that includes a cattle prod. The U.S.-China Economic and Secruity Review Commission, which look at autonomous system deployments in a report last week, said AnBot, which has facial recognition capability, is designed to be linked with China's latest supercomputers.

Submission + - Espionage Group Uses Cybersecurity Conference Invite As A Lure (

Orome1 writes: A cyber espionage group that has been targeting organizations in Southeast Asia for years is misusing a legitimate conference invite as a phishing lure to trigger the download of backdoor malware. The APT in question is Lotus Blossom, and the security conference is Palo Alto Networks’ CyberSecurity Summit. The researchers weren’t able to get a look at the attack emails, but believe the document is delivered as an attachment. Once opened, it shows the decoy Word document while attempting to exploit an old MS Office vulnerability (CVE-2012-0158) to deliver the backdoor Trojan in the background.

Submission + - Terabit-Scale DDoS Events Are On The Horizon (

Orome1 writes: Corero Network Security has disclosed a new DDoS attack vector observed for the first time against its customers last week. The technique is an amplification attack, which utilizes the LDAP: one of the most widely used protocols for accessing username and password information in databases like Active Directory, which is integrated in most online servers. While experts have so far only observed a handful of short but extremely powerful attacks originating from this vector, the technique has potential to inflict significant damage by leveraging an amplification factor seen at a peak of as much as 55x. When combined with other methods, particularly IoT botnets, we could soon see attacks reaching previously unimaginable scale, with far-reaching impact. Terabit scale attacks could soon become a common reality and could significantly impact the availability of the Internet.

Submission + - Hotel CEO Openly Celebrates Higher Prices After Anti-Airbnb Law Passes (

An anonymous reader writes: A hotel executive said a recently-passed New York law cracking down on Airbnb hosts will enable the company to raise prices for New York City hotel rooms, according to the transcript of the executive's words on a call with shareholders last week. The law, signed by New York's Governor Andrew Cuomo on Friday, slaps anyone who lists their apartment on a short-term rental site with a fine up to $7,500. It "should be a big boost in the arm for the business," Mike Barnello, chief executive of the hotel chain LaSalle Hotel Properties, said of the law last Thursday, "certainly in terms of the pricing.” Barnello's comment adds fuel the argument, made repeatedly by Airbnb and its proponents, that a law that was passed in the name of affordable housing also allows established hotels to raises prices for consumers. It was included in a memo written by Airbnb's head of global policy, Chris Lehane, to the Internet Association, a tech trade group, reviewed by the Washington Post. LaSalle, a Bethesda, MD-based chain, owns hotels around the country, including New York City. The memo is the latest volley in a bitter fight that has pit the hotel industry, unions, and affordable housing advocates against Airbnb and its supporters. At the heart of the fight is a debate over the societal value of the Airbnb platform and its role in the economy of cities throughout the world. The question is whether Airbnb has been a net benefit, by enabling middle class city-dwellers to make extra money by renting out their homes, or whether it has had the unintended consequence of exacerbating affordable housing crises in expensive cities such as New York and Los Angeles.

Submission + - 28,882 Emails From Hillary Clinton's Private Server available online (

Okian Warrior writes: [Note: This information is 10 hours old as I type. If Slashdot wants to post this, perhaps with an appropriate warning, they could potentially scoop all of the the MSM and Breitbart/Drudge for this news item.]

The twitter group PunishmentPosse appears to have released 28882 E-mails from Clinton's private server, available from as either a torrent or direct link.

The files appear to be 28882 PDF files, each of which appears to be state department E-mails to Hillary from 2012 to 2016. Some E-mail addresses have been redacted, and occasionally an entire page has been blanked out. Everything seems legitimate at first glance and to my untrained eye.

Note that this is not a wikileaks drop, and the data might not be authentic.

KimDotcom has previously hinted that Clinton's E-mails might be released on Hillary's birthday (October 26th). He has not claimed responsibility, but has recently made a few cryptic tweets today.

(Kim Dotcom may have an axe to grind, because Hillary Clinton signed his US extradition order)

Submission + - Rogue Green Bank Observatory Begins Search For Life Around Tabatha's Star 1

unclejimstroutshack writes: It's hard to survive in an era of budget cuts and constraints. The Green Bank Observatory has in fact flourished going rogue Going rogue is never easy the largest fully steerable and most modern United States radio telescope has turned the corner and is lighting up Tabatha's Star tonight, which created a huge internet sensation last year when it's unusual and prolonged dimming led conjecture that it could be due to the construction of Dyson or Near-Dyson sphere around it's host star KIC 8462852. At some points Tabatha's Star dimmed up to 22% of output. The Green Bank Telescope has faced budget cuts from the Nation Science Foundation which is odd considering it is the United State's most modern radio telescope. Her first light was in 2000 and she is true behemoth. going rogueYuri Milner, a Russian internet tycoon has financed Setis Breakthrough Listen project to the tune of 100 million over the next ten years in the search for life in our universe and the investment at Green Bank has been phenomenal through UC Berkeley including water cooled processors and a new multi-band addition to the telescope that can pull down a terabyte of data every hour or two. History is being made and amateur astronomers are leading the charge. In fact the data is readily available. Code example: perhaps a signal has already been found .
Social Networks

Meg Whitman Campaign Shows How Not To Use Twitter 147

tsamsoniw writes "California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman's campaign team attempted to share with her Twitter followers an endorsement from a police association. Unfortunately, the campaign press secretary entered an incorrect or incomplete URL in the Tweet, which took clickers to a YouTube video featuring a bespectacled, long-haired Japanese man in a tutu and leggings rocking out on a bass guitar. And for whatever reason, the Tweet, which went out on the 18th, has remained active through today."

Australian Visitors Must Declare Illegal Porn To Customs Officers 361

Australian Justice Minister Brendan O'Connor has advised visitors to take a better safe than sorry policy when it comes to their porn stashes, and declare all porn that they think might be illegal with customs officers. From the article: "The government said it changed the wording on passenger arrival cards after becoming aware of confusion among travellers about what pornography to declare. 'People have a right to privacy and while some pornography is legal and does not need to be disclosed, all travellers should be aware that certain types of pornography are illegal and must be declared to customs,' Mr O'Connor said."
Red Hat Software

Submission + - It’s Not Your Father’s Linux Market An (

AlexGr writes: In a recent article by Jeff Gould he talks about the proprietary nature of Linux in the hands of companies like Oracle and Red Hat. What I found most interesting was this:
"A recent Red Hat marketing newsletter ( sternly instructs Red Hat channel partners that customers who choose not to renew their RHEL subscriptions "must de-install Red Hat Enterprise Linux software from the servers with the expired subscriptions". GPL fans will point out that this injunction is mere table-pounding intimidation that has no legal force, but that's beside the point. As far as Red Hat is concerned, no one is entitled to use RHEL without paying for it, and they're not shy about letting people know where they stand."


Submission + - Cannot opt-out of unlimited contactless payments

|>>? writes: On 30 July I contacted the Commonwealth Bank in Australia about a product I'd recently seen advertised on TV, PayPass or Tap 'n Go — a contactless payment system attached to all their Mastercard Credit and Debit Cards.

The idea behind this technology is that you can make a transaction without needing to sign or enter your PIN when making a purchase. You just wave your card in front of a reader and the transaction is complete. There is no physical contact between your card and the reader — in fact you don't even need to take your card out of your wallet.

I learnt the following:

      1. The transaction limit is AUD $100 per transaction.
      2. There is no limit to the number of transactions.
      3. You cannot set a limit.
      4. You cannot opt-out.

I raised several security concerns and was advised that I'd receive a reply to my case. The reply on 6 August did not address any of my concerns and I put them in writing to the bank on 9 August. The second bank reply arrived on 28 September and it did not address my concerns in any substantial way.

I am concerned that I cannot opt-out or limit my exposure to this technology — I didn't ask for it and I don't want it. There is no protection against skimming my card and once it becomes known that there is no limit to the number of transactions, there will be an incentive to physically steal my card for those who may not be so technologically advanced which potentially exposes me to a higher risk of physical violence — since it's like carrying a large amount of cash in your wallet.

I've kept a log of my interaction with the bank. It shows their email responses and my email to them as well as related information as I learn more about this:


What else can I do to get my point across to the bank, since the level of response I'm getting indicates to me that those replying appear to have no idea what I'm talking about.

Submission + - Yahoo Hires Goldman to Handle Takeover Approaches (

suraj.sun writes: Excerpts from Bloomberg:

While the company hasn’t received an offer, Yahoo has been working with advisers for about two weeks to help defend against possible takeover approaches, said the people, who asked not to be named because the talks are private. AOL has talked with private-equity funds including Silver Lake about a possible bid, people familiar with the matter said.

Yahoo surged 13 percent in extended trading, headed for the biggest gain since February 2008, when it received an offer from Microsoft.

Excerpts from CNET News:

Sources said the key players in the growing soap opera are the execs who run Yahoo-affiliated companies in Japan and China. That would be Masayoshi Son of Yahoo Japan and Jack Ma of the Alibaba Group. Yahoo owns big and lucrative stakes in both companies, assets which make up a big part of the company's current valuation.

The sale of those stakes is what has some investors interested, since--if thorny tax issues can be solved--it would make the purchase of part or all of Yahoo very inexpensive in relative terms.

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