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Comment Cyanogen OS vs CyanogenMod (Score 1) 75

Cyanogen OS isn't quite the same thing as CyanogenMod. The OS is a commercial product that manufacturers can buy for your smartphone product (e.g. OnePlus One, Wileyfox). It's a rather nice Android offering, but Cyanogen Inc borked it.. especially their relationship with OnePlus.

As for CyanogenMod.. well, /. readers probably know what that is. Not always the most stable of offerings, but most Android devices (and even HP's WebOS ones) can run it which is a big plus. The Android world is a better place for CyanogenMod and to be honest it should have been a better place with Cyanogen OS. But I'm not really sure that one organisation should try to do both..

Comment Re:Kapew (Score 1) 176

Exactly, build a prototype and see if it works well enough to make demolishing bridges elsewhere worth it.

The stations are clearly elevated much as you would have with an overhead monorail, etc., in which case lifts/ramps are doable for access. Even though everyone's calling it a bus, I see this less as a replacement for a regular city bus with stops every block, more for a metro system with a relatively limited number of stops.

Comment Re:Kapew (Score 4, Insightful) 176

They're right here INSISTING that well, okay okay, it got built, but IT'LL NEVER WORK! Because turns and trucks and bridges and all KINDS of DUH OBVIOUS real-world stuff (not that they've ever seen it, holed up their moms' basements) that those stupid "engineers" CLEARLY haven't thought about before pissing away MILLIONS on this thing!

In other words, a normal day on Slashdot. :)

Comment Cool, now just wait. (Score 1) 56

I remember buying a camera attachment for my Ericsson T68. Not long after that, every phone had a camera.

So if I rush out to buy this thing because I can clip a projector on it, there'll be better phones with better projectors built in long before my phone's out of contract.

Speaker module, though... Those things should come with a built-in shaped charge to take out the asshat who doesn't understand what headphones are for.

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