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Comment Cool, now just wait. (Score 1) 41

I remember buying a camera attachment for my Ericsson T68. Not long after that, every phone had a camera.

So if I rush out to buy this thing because I can clip a projector on it, there'll be better phones with better projectors built in long before my phone's out of contract.

Speaker module, though... Those things should come with a built-in shaped charge to take out the asshat who doesn't understand what headphones are for.

Comment Re:Not seeing how this is any different. (Score 2) 240

My idiot friend (at the time - now he's just an idiot) lost it on a country bend at what the police later estimated to be around 80mph, and flipped us clean over a dry stone wall and easily 60 metres into a field. The car rolled at least once, and the front passenger corner of the roof took the brunt of it. All four of us walked away, although one of the rear-seat passengers still has a nasty scar from sticking his head through the rear window.

That was 20 years ago, and the Ford Fiesta was easily 15 years old at the time. The reason the rear-seat passenger stuck his head out the rear window? No seat-belts fitted in the back. Idiot friend convinced another idiot to winch the wreck out of the field, then drove it 20 miles to the scrap yard. Roadworthy it most certainly was not, but it was drivable...

So: Amazing OMGWTFBBQ Tesla safety, or the same sheer blind luck we had?

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