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One of HST's Cameras Is Back In Action 47

StupendousMan writes "One of the two big cameras aboard the Hubble Space Telescope is the Wide Field and Planetary Camera 2, or WFPC2 for short. As the most recent HST status report indicates, the camera was recently powered up again and sent commands to take some test images. Today (Sunday, Oct 26), I received E-mail from a colleague at STScI indicating that the calibration images were 'nominal.' That's NASA-speak for 'fine and dandy.' The E-mail goes on to say 'The data look nominal, indicating that Hubble optical imaging capabilities are in fine shape. (We can expect more glorious Hubble images in the near future.) ... Science with WFPC2 has resumed, and plans are underway to restore ACS/SBC to service this coming week.' Let's hope that the other big instrument, the Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS), also comes back to life successfully. We should find out in just a week or so."

Comment Re:Value America (Score 1) 463

Dont know why VA did not make it to cnet's list

Yeah, I was kind of hoping my one-time employer would have made the list. Calling it a rollercoaster ride puts it mildly.

Kuo's book was okay. There were some inaccuracies and author embellishments - a number of events/quotes that David claims to have witnessed happened after he left and/or his version is a little more dramatic. Regardless, VA was a fascinating environment - a company with a lot of potential driven into the ground by some very poor decisions and, in the end, management's personal greed leading to deliberate junking of the company.

Ah, those were the days...

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