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Comment Research Paper (Score 1) 56

Luminescence can be used to create a depth map using two offset images.

3D movies and VR headsets don't work for everyone and create headaches for a variety of reasons, one probably being the lack of bit depth. It's much harder to judge depth when the colors are so close together.

Comment The problem is depth perception (Score 1, Informative) 56

Your eyes are far better at matching light frequencies between both eyes to get the depth mapping correct. Your standard camera can only distinguish 24 bits of light frequency. At that level you get somewhat of a depth map but not a very good one.

Lasers try to get around that limitation by using a frequency the camera can easily pick up and compare between the two images. If you could use the whole image and any frequency, you'd be a lot better off.

That's ultimately the challenge: getting cameras that are not only incredibly sensitive to light frequency, but also very high resolution. Or they'll need to get the cameras looking around just like your eyeballs.

In a 3D mapped world, all the depth information is 100% accurate.

They'd need to render 48-64 bit color to emulate what might be possible in the real world to get accurate depth information.

Comment Medicare and SS are separate tax streams (Score 2) 249

We pay 12.5% of our income to SS and Medicare. If those are pulling funds from income tax to pay for them then that's an issue.

What people what reduced is income tax.

You can't conflate SS, Medicare taxes with income tax.

There are very distinct things. And as such you have to talk about the programs they fund separately.

Comment Not everyone is Infomercial level incompetent (Score 1) 343

There are some people who can't walk and chew bubble gum at the same time.

We don't outlaw walking and chewing bubble gum.

What we need to do is have harsher penalties for people who cause accidents so that if you can't walk and chew bubble gum at the same time, you are highly motivated to not try just because Bob over there is doing it just fine.

Comment Kid free screenings on opening weekend (Score 1) 370

If theaters want people to come back, they need to have 21+ only screenings of PG-13 and R movies on opening weekend.

Obnoxious kids and crying babies in theaters is what drives people away. And since most of the money for a theater is made on opening weekend, that would be the time to not drive paying customers away.

Those people can still come, but those people who don't want to deal with them, need that option.

Comment Re:Doesn't anyone pay as they go anymore? (Score 4, Informative) 364

Back in the 1990's college was affordable enough that you could work part time and pay the bill.

Arizona State used to cost 1200 a semester or 2400 a year. At $5 an hour minimum wage that's 480 hours to pay your tuition. 1/4 of full time.

Arizona State now costs 5000 per semester, 10,000 per year. At 7.50 minimum wage now, that's 1333 hours required to pay your tuition. More than 1/2 time.

That's why total loans are going up significantly.

Comment Re:The downfall of this idea (Score 4, Insightful) 307

As someone who rents out their house through Renter's Warehouse, I get to see the personal details of someone before I rent to them. And of course I do. I need to know their credit and criminal history before letting them live in my property.

Just because someone bids the highest doesn't mean they have the credit or history to justify letting them rent your property. They may be renting beyond what they can afford or they may have a history of causing damage. Or a criminal history you don't want to take the risk on.

Comment Why buy SSD when you can get higher capacity IDE? (Score 1) 109

All new storage technologies start with a significant price premium vs established technology.

$77 and 32GB is not intended for photos and videos (which is all consumers think about), they're intended for servers which need high speed but not a great deal of storage space per drive. $2 per GB is roughly what we saw with SSD when they first came out.

For someone running a home server, these drives are a feasible replacement for their existing database and web storage to get much better performance.

For commercial providers, these are going to start replacing SSDs in RAID arrays as the capacities go up.

Comment Re:Min 5 year warranty required (Score 2) 136

That works out great unless the all the companies that supply the product are conspiring together as is the case with farm equipment.

A big part of the issue is that farm equipment has become so expensive and so complicated that to make it affordable they prevent users from servicing the equipment to recoup costs in repairs. It's the printer and ink way of doing business. Farmers don't really own the equipment. They're leasing it. And while you can do your own repairs on a leased vehicle, it's generally a bad idea. And when the vehicle costs millions of dollars, it's a really bad idea.

Sure, you can buy an older tractor. But the cost of food is so low that you won't be able to grow or harvest enough with your fix it yourself tractor to make a living.

Comment How does refusing work make you an employee? (Score 1) 131

If I work as a contractor through a management company and turn down projects, they're going to start paying someone else who actually wants to do the work.

And if I don't have the proper tools for the jobs, I don't get the jobs.

A 2 door car is not sufficient because the passenger is trapped until the driver lets them out.

A beat up junker isn't sufficient because passengers expect a car that will make it to the destination.

There's a very huge difference between not being available during certain hours and selectively saying "nope" to passengers.

Comment Ignorant (Score 0, Troll) 131

The whole point is that taxis operate at excessive costs and poor quality precisely because of a playing field that is stupid.

Uber is playing on an entirely different field.

And if you don't want to play on it, you can go be a taxi driver.

It's completely ignorant to demand companies play on the "same playing field" when the whole point is to escape the existing one.

You're not an employee of Uber. You're a contractor. You set your own hours. If you don't like the terms, find another job.

If you like the terms of being a taxi driver better, be a taxi driver.

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