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Comment Re:One in a billion (Score 0) 463

Assuming the 4 asian applicants and the 17 non-asian were all equally competent, I get a cumulative binomial distribution probability of choosing 4 asians out of the 21 applicants as 0.0036, which is more than one in 300. Where do they get this "approximately one in a billion" statement?

I'm not sure DOJ hires a lot of mathematicians.

In fact, over the last 8 years, they seem to have mostly acted like well-armed SJW's.

Comment No affordable 4K projectors yet (Score 1) 207

The last "HD" TV I bought was 8 years ago and was a 32" 720p. It has long been replaced with digital projectors. I get a much bigger "screen" for about the same money.

You're much better off with a 1080p digital projector than some TV. Most TV viewing happens in the evening anyway so lighting isn't much of an issue.

With 4K, a monitor is your most affordable option.

Comment Re:And thus the Internet of Things collapses (Score 2) 211

I apologize if my point was unclear. Please let me clarify:

You had written:

But you are right, working hard is not the key, the key is working SMART. The difference between low/middle/upper class isn't how hard you work.

The fact that you transitioned from talking about "the good life" to talking about "low/middle/upper class", makes me think that you were implicitly equating living the "good life" with attaining membership in one of those [economic] classes. That was my main point.

But I see also that I thought you were directly equating one's level of effort with which economic class one attains. I realize now that that was not your point at all. My apologies.

Comment Re:Legal (Score 1) 211

Any any case, this case will shake up the legal situation and set things vibrating!

You can expect some tingling legal issues arousing in the near future that are sure to give us all satisfaction.

All puns aside, I think the SCOTUS and U.S. Congress have shown a shocking degree of unwillingness in protecting the public from unscrupulous click-wrap EULA's and other onerous contracts. Nothing gives me particular hope that this will change in the near future. My guess is that it won't change until if/when some kind of revolution occurs which interrupts the influence corporations have over politics.

Comment Re:And thus the Internet of Things collapses (Score 1) 211

I know a SJW like you hates America, but that isn't what America is about. The American dream is not to get rich, but to have a good life. But you are right, working hard is not the key, the key is working SMART. The difference between low/middle/upper class isn't how hard you work. In fact, the lower classes work much harder than the upper ones.

It's interesting that you define the "good life" in terms of economic prosperity and/or how hard one works towards that end.

Comment It has stuck (Score 2, Insightful) 459

That's the audio of her laughing about getting a child molester off. The tapes were buried and the media refuses to play them. Snopes still calls it "false" even though we have the audio now.

It's not disputed that she attacked the women who accused her husband of rape and sexual assault.

The current FBI investigation turned up the fact that she mishandled classified information and they said flat out anyone else would be prosecuted.

So yes, she is being protected by the media and friends.

She's a walking dead politician.

At least Nixon had the integrity to resign.

Comment Re:So then Hillary is the warmonger (Score 1) 531


Hillary and Obama have been arming terrorists to fight proxy wars against Russian interests.

Our government is running around assassinating foreign leaders through proxy and Russia is going around nation building and somehow Russia is the bad guy.

They're going to happily expose Hillary for what an evil hag she is because they're tired of being fought by terrorists armed by the US government.

It has nothing to do with "weakening" the US and everything to do with ending unnecessary conflict and bloodshed.

Trump wants to renegotiate trade deals and enable peaceful commerce between nations and he's the crazy one.

Comment Re:How does it contradict? (Score 1) 302

Obviously Cook is planning that taxes are lower for corporations next year, or that Apple will get a break for bringing back the taxes - either condition would meet his statement that Apple would not re-patriate because taxes are too high.

What large-corperation loving candidate is very likely to win the election and be in office next year to make that happen, hmm...

Both of them?

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