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Comment Re:Developing Pioneers (Score 1) 20

ProTip: Electrical tape will cover better, although require additional reapplications. ;)
Maybe there is a solvent for the injected ink?

The wristband company did make the logo awfully big on the the black bands (but not the others). That being said, using MS money for things like camp infrastructure (or soup!) isn't a bad thing if it helps us all.

Comment Or you could just go to ToorCamp (Score 2) 38

So, it isn't a kids's camp per se (although should be family friendly), but ToorCamp has been around for several years. In fact, the first one was keynoted by Emmanuel Goldstein, who runs HOPE where Tobais was interviewed. The camp is attended by InfoSec/Hacker types, so the emphasis is on security, including the physical security that Tobias is fond of. I'm going at it looks like it will be awesome.

It's happening in a few weeks in Washington state, so if you are in the Pacific Northwest, you should go!

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