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Comment Re:or, maybe Google screwed up "ownership" (Score 1) 188

Due to custom compilation of hardware. The OS requires firmware for all of the interfaces and chips. While you may be able to get away with a "One size fits all" solution like Ubuntu on an AMD/Intel chip, there's a huge variety of ARM version chips out there, each with different clock speeds and (presumably) instruction sets. Not to mention all the different WiFi, Bluetooth, and GSM/Edge antennae.

On x86 platforms, we have standards for dealing with things like booting, drivers etc. That's what's needed for ARM too. It would help not only with smartphones, but also with SBCs like the Raspberry Pi, Odroid etc.

Somehow, I suspect it will be hard to get the different manufacturers to agree on such standards. Oblig. XKCD: https://xkcd.com/927/

Comment Re:Why do people still go there? (Score 1) 347

From an EU citizen:

In the 90ies, that form you had to fill was pretty ridiculous, as if ill-minded persons would write out their nefarious plans there. The humor-less stern look by the border agent was certainly just as efficient.

I seriously doubt that the current security theater is much more effective though - but it does make sure I won't willingly travel to north america anytime soon. It's a pity really, I'd love to see some of the landscapes (Yellowstone, some of the canyons, Death Valley etc.)...

Comment Re:Other admirable traits (Score 1) 175

I seriously admire his talent for amassing huge sums of money by breaking the law, and getting away with a slap on the wrist.

I don't have that level of chutzpah - I'd have always been afraid of getting caught. He must have had a different upbringing from mine.

This! I wish I had mod points. Crime obviously does pay. Donating parts of the ill gotten doesn't make the crime go away.

Comment Re:GPS = Hot! Not something I want. (Score 1) 159

When I use the GPS on my iPhone5 it gets hot. (And it eats the battery.)

For sports activities, my wife acquired a TomTom GPS watch (including pulse measuring). I regularly wear it for running, and never noticed it getting hot. Same goes for my Samsung android phone, I never noticed it heating up more than usual when GPS is active. I'd guess that implementation on the iPhone is less than optimal, or there's another reason for it getting hot.

Comment Re:warranty length (Score 1) 189

the more annoying thing is, that for a device this expensive, the warranty is only 1 year long. apple even tried to bring that crap to EU. fortunately, apart from UK, the whole EU has 2 year warranty on everything.

Beware of the reversal of proof after 6 months though - if your device breaks past those first 6 months, you have to prove that there was a fault from the manufacturer, or else they won't need to fix it. Many will take up the warranty anyway (customer satisfaction and all), but definitely not everyone.

Anecdote: my telephony provider (through which I acquired it) didn't agree to have my Nexus 5 fixed after 1 1/2 years, despite warranty... and I'm 100% sure I wasn't at fault - but good luck proving that. Guess what: no more devices acquired through them, I've reduced my subscriptions with them, and I'll avoid them as much as possible in the future... and certainly no more recommendations for good service.

Comment Re:Aern't most of China's chips based on the Alpha (Score 1) 247

These systems are directly derived from DEC Alpha.

I seriously wonder where they got the Alpha stuff from. Did HP (after the DEC merger) sell it off (Carly?), was it stolen outright?
I for one mourn the Alphas, they packed serious punch. If only HP had kept those on instead of Itanic... we might be seeing a
bit more diversity in CPUs than what's essentially a duopoly x86 / ARM (yes, I know there's still SPARC etc., but seriously...).

Comment Re:Requirement should be 3 year warranty (Score 1) 224

In the EU, the minimum warrenty is 2 years. But! Only for the first half year, you can go back to the dealer to take back the faulty merchandise and it's automatically assumed to be a problem at the source (i.e. manufacturing). Afterwards, it's up to you, the consumer, to prove that there was a manufacturing fault, and you're in luck if the dealer will just accept the return or will send you home. Good luck bringing that proof, even if you're in the right.

Anecdote: I had a Nexus 5 go bad after 1 1/2 years - loss of the connection between microphone/speaker and the mainboard, then the connection of the screen also got flaky. The technician inspecting the phone judged I had dropped the phone or whatever, which I *know* not to have been the case. How do I go about proving I didn't mishandle that device? Yeah, right.

Comment Re:No Profit...Ever! (Score 1) 216

And not many people are about to trade a nice comfy seat traveling at 5000 MPH for a cramped, drafty, noisy cockpit...

Especially since 5000 MPH is over twice as fast as an SR-71 and is way the fuck faster than any commercial aircraft available. New York to Los Angeles in 30 minutes is kinda hard to beat.

Umm... is that a hint that Aurora actually exists? I'd sure like to hitch a ride there...


Comment Re:Driving 100mph (Score 1) 496

Depends on the highway. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people drive 100MPH or more every week on the Autobahn, and Germany's highway fatality rate is lower than that in the US.

100MPH on in the rain on a crowded 2-lane road with a 50MPH speed limit? Really dangerous.

100MPH on a clear day on a multi-lane highway where the average driver in the middle lane is going 80MPH or more? Not a problem.

Posting to undo moderation that went wrong.

This! Know when (not) to speed.

When I drive my Yamaha XT 600 on the highway, I won't go above 120km/h as it gets unstable (speed limit around here is 130km/h). I've driven my Triumph Sprint ST 2005 at over 200km/h and had no problem whatsoever, provided the autobahn was more or less clear of traffic (like, early sunday morning), or on a circuit.

Also, as someone else posted, tests for the driving license tend to be serious enough in these parts (western Europe), especially for the motorbike.

As to distracted driving, it suffices to look around even on a short commute - you'll pretty much see someone with their portable phone glued to their ear or doing something else rather than concentrate on their driving. It's a wonder there aren't even more accidents. But, as the germans say: if someone called out: "Lord, let it rain brains", and the Lord actually went with it, that kind of people still would use their umbrellas...

Comment Re:Seriously?? (Score 1) 154

What people want is ssh -X and yes it is a top priority to many.

That, plus the ability to reconnect to the same session (à la screen),
in case your connection goes lost for some reason, or if you want to
move to a different terminal (think remote/home work first via your mobile
device, then move on to your workstation as you get home after being
called when on call duty).

Similar as to what Sun did ages ago, with their Sun Rays,
of course updated and more flexible.

Comment Re:I am not a physicist but... (Score 1) 339

Aside from the duration of the plasma heating, I don't quite see the newsworthyness. JET (a research TOKAMAK in UK) has achieved temperatures of 100 million C and several seconds of fusion to boot.

Comparison with the german Wendelstein 7-X may not be appropriate, as it's a different type of reactor (stellarator vs. TOKAMAK). Also, its experiments have just started; longer durations are fully expected, but will be a while to achieve.

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