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Comment Re:"Venmo" defined for the lazy (Score 1) 26

From the report: "Venmo registered $17.6 billion in volume and is still doubling year over year..." Sure, they're not omnipresent, but they're certainly one of the most influential peer-to-peer (P2P) payment platforms, especially among millennials.

  And no, they did not pay us to post this story, nor did they sponsor this comment.

How are they one of the most influential person-to-person (that's what P2P stands for in this segment, not peer-to-peer) payment platform? XX billion per year? That's basically nothing compared to any major bank's P2P system, which nearly everyone already has access to, for free, including sending to other banks. All you need is the recipient's email address.

Comment Re:Article sounds like B.S. (Score 2) 133

Why the fuck is there any adobe metadata in explorer.exe at all?

Further, your original claim was:

I think this guy ran a program that misinterpreted some bytes in a binary since it's not really designed to be a general-purpose parser and then jumped to a really really dumb conclusion.

Yet by your own investigation you've found adobe metadata in explorer.exe , so his tool is likely triggering on at least some things correctly. Who's the one jumping to "really really dumb conclusion", then? (Hint: You.)

Comment Re:Trump helping himself out again (Score 1) 267

Yet another bit of crookedry that would have right-wingers rioting in the streets if Hillary did it.

With all of the "rioting in the streets" we've seen over the past few decades, you somehow classify the behavior as the trademark of the "right-wingers"?

Comment Re:Trump has no chopping block (Score 0) 267

Nor does he have an agenda, plans, or power: all he has is Presidential authority. He's doing exactly what the GOP, Bannon, Kusher, Putin, the Kochs, the Mercers, or whoever else with actual power tells him to do. He's a puppet. All he actually cares about is feeding his narcissism and exploiting his position for personal gain.

Stop attributing anything to him, he deserves neither credit nor blame.

Did you think that putting "Putin" in the middle of a list and putting "He's a puppet." in the following sentence would make you seem like less of an idiot?

Just come out and say it: You're a Puppeteer. You fools are worse than the "birthers" for the last President.

Comment Re:It's a joke (Score 1) 267

The best I've seen were the "smart" power strips with timers and motion sensors and whatnot they went around installing without permission.

Yeah, that meant unplugging the PCs and whatnot and plugging them into the new power strip, causing people to lose work and shit to break.
It also meant that people would have their shit power off if they didn't move their feet occasionally (or the sensor didn't see it happening). And even when working properly / having the PC plugged into the single "always on" port, the printers would boot up once, sit idle, enter their sleep mode to save energy, and then be powered off by the strip after some time. Then when the person moved the outlet would go live and the printer would go through its whole boot cycle, then sit idle for however long, then enter its sleep mode again. All that booting activity and time awake waiting for the sleep timer to retrigger results in massively increased power draw vs. just letting the damn printer utilize its own sleep mode.

Comment Re:Energy Star is a Scam (Score 1) 267

If the current regulations are flawed - FIX THEM, don't just throw them away....

Nope. Throw them out, fire the legislators who voted for it, and let the new batch of legislators decide if it's worth taking a crack at again.
I'd also be in favor of mandatory prison sentences for any legislator voting for something that is ruled unconstitutional, or voting on something without having personally read it in its entirety.

The solution is never more laws. The solution is almost always fewer laws, but better laws.

Comment Good (Score 3, Interesting) 68

This is what happens when you to to exploit the "global economy". It bites back.

Why would anyone pay the sucker price when they can walk across the street and get the same exact thing for much less?
A game, movie, song, etc. isn't worth more based on where it's sold. I'm sick of paying full price for such things while people in Asia and Russia pay pennies on the dollar. (Though I'm glad I'm paying tons more like people in Australia and South America are.) If you can sell the game to millions in China/Russia/etc. for X, I'm going to seek to pay no more than X as well.

I mean, what's the worst that can happen to me? You region lock your shit? I'll just crack it or use a VPN. You jack up the prices in Russia/wherever? You're not going to jack them up past the US price, so it's still a net win for me.

Comment Re: Remains to be seen (Score 1) 182

Of course they have an agenda. So what? Everyone does, including the person I replied to, who was harping on about things being "objectively fake" while showing nothing resembling objectivity. If you don't agree with their agenda, that's fine. But you should be objective about it if you're going to accuse them of being "objectively" anything.

This isn't about whether they're right or wrong, it's about whether they're incorrect or correct. I don't know what they state or claim, so I can't argue about that. But you and the person I replied to initially don't seem to offer any argument other than "religious/right-wing/anti-forced-vaccine bad, vaccine good", without discussing anything objective about the vaccine itself.

Please define "real college". A college is just an association of peers or (get this!) colleagues. Are they claiming to be doctors while not having licenses? Or are they just promoting an air of bullshit like Deepak Chopra? Because one is illegal and the other isn't.

Ultimately, if they're promoting abstinence, they're correct; abstinence prevents STDs. We could nearly wipe out HIV/AIDS and just about every other nasty STD in a generation if people stopped engaging in unsafe sex, drug use, blood donations, etc. That won't work on a global (or even local) scale, because that's not how many people behave. It will work on a personal scale though, and for a disease like HPV that's as far as anyone needs to consider.

Arguing that Girl A (or Boy B) should get vaccinated to protect others who may make shitty choices is fucking nonsense that's 2 steps removed from the concept of herd immunity. The thing being protected against isn't spread like chicken pox, it's spread like babies. Do you want to argue for all children to be chemically sterilized because some of them will engage in unprotected sex? I'd certainly understand the argument for it, and would be glad my tax dollars wouldn't be wasted on their unwanted spawn, but that's still some grade AAA bullshit that wouldn't fly.

However, arguing that an individual should get vaccinated to protect themselves makes perfect sense, as does arguing that parents should vaccinate their children to protect them. But that's different from arguing that they must, especially when the one doing the arguing is the company that stands to make lots and lots of money off of the forced vaccination program.

When did we go from a country of personal freedom and responsibility to a herd of mindless shits all racing to the common bottom to support corporations as long as they have a "think of the children" or "support the <blank>" or "green" style campaign attached? What kind of mentality enables this shit? It certainly isn't "objectivity".

Comment Re:Remains to be seen (Score 1) 182

No, you'll still get HPV if you're having unprotected sex even if vaccinated, you just won't get the handful of strains this vaccine protects against that have been correlated to a mild increase in the risk of developing certain cancers.

This isn't anything like an MMR vaccine. It's not even as justifiable as pushing for everyone to get a flu shot.

Comment Re:Retard (Score 2) 102

"No Bitcoin is not a democracy; it's called a 51% attack for a reason. That's not a majority of the vote, that's not how Bitcoin works."

51% would be a majority of the vote. That's how Bitcoin works. It's still a democracy. Democracies can use majority voting vs plurality voting, include runoffs until a majority is reached, or some manner of supermajority.

Have you considered that maybe, just maybe, democracy has more to do with who can vote than where you set the finish line?

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