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Journal Journal: Just got back from Vacation

Just got back from a great vacation. Sara and I went and stayed with a buddy of mine in Huntington Beach. It was awesome. I'll fill you in on details later. Took a million pictures though. Speaking of which, I started a deviantart thing. Check it out here. Let me know what you think. Later.
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Journal Journal: It's amazing

So you may look at the last few entries, and say jeez it's only been two and a half months. But you have no idea. I absolutley am totally completely in love. I have never ever felt like this for anyone else before. I want to spend the rest of my life with her and I know that. There's so much more I wish I could do. I do absolutely everything I can for her and would do anything she asked or needed but it seems like I could be doing more. I know she loves me and feels the same way and has never complained about anything (except too much cuddling) Well I guess it is kind of hard to sleep with someone laying on top of you. She is just so amazing. I never thought another person could make me this happy. That's it for now, I'll try to keep you posted, but I'm busy and life is so good.
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Journal Journal: I am so in love 2

I didn't know love could be this meaningful. I now understand what people mean when they say they've found the one. She's it and I know it. I can't imagine my life without her and I would do anything for her. I love Sara so much and I know we're going to have an amazing future together. Time for a movie, I'll talk to you later.
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Journal Journal: Almost A Month

So it's been almost a month and things are going great. Although there's something she wants to tell me tonight that she thinks might upset me a little bit. Oh well. I'm pretty anxious about it though.

But yeah everything is going so well right now. It's a shame camp starts next week. I love spending time with her so much and it's gonna be hard to be that busy. And she's really busy too. But I know we'll make time for each other.

This is so too good to be true, I hope it doesn't bite me in the ass. Ahh, to be young and in love.

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Journal Journal: It's Official

We had a nice little talk last night and as the topic suggests, we've decided we're together. So the kids were right, I do have a girlfriend. Yay me!
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Journal Journal: Yay for me!

So I'm sitting here in my newly organized room waiting for a girl to come over. What's so special about that you ask? Well she's not psycho. YAY!

First a quick update on life. My roommate's moving out. Shucks. And D-IAA is moving in. Should be fun. Unless we kill each other. What else? Work's good, I love my job. But you already knew that.

So back to the girl. She's so cool and we have a lot of fun when we hang out. I need a name. Hmmmmmmmm. How about Mrs R? As in Mrs. Robinson. She's not that much older, just turned 23 and my birthday's in two weeks. So about two years. But yeah Mrs. R I like it. Plus she's gonna be a teacher so it fits. I crack myself up. That's all that matters. Oh and Sonny and Cher just came on, I got you babe. Is this a good omen? Can't be a bad one. Oh and my mom likes her. Who woulda thought? And Foxy and Jordan too. Sweet ass.

So that's it for now. Insert usual shit about updating more often here. Later.

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Journal Journal: Damn Partitions!

Do you know how hard it is to find a friggin thing to resize partitons? Damn near impossible, I've been searching all day. Finally I've found a system rescue cd that should have an updated version of parted on it. Cause parted with no NTFS support aint helping much. Bah! Such frustration! Oh well hopefully this works out ok. All I want to do is run a little FreeBSD action on the latpop, shouldn't be this hard, i swear.

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Journal Journal: Girls!

So she has a boyfriend, oops. Could be worse, could be better. Why can't I find a normal situation!? One day.........

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Journal Journal: Almost Friday

So here we are at Thursday, almost the end of the week! Good deal. This week has at least been pretty good. Kinda busy though but at least that keeps me out of trouble.

I saw first hand how inept our state government was yesterday. What a joke! Our tax dollars at work. Bah!

Love life is ok. I think the rookie figured it out finally. Thanks god. And now theres another girl. And I haven't talked to sunshine for like a week and a half. Good job me. It's funny how she falls off the face of the earth when she gets back with her ex. Girls are dumb. But this new girl I used to know and then we didn't hang out for a while and now we're starting to again. But she has a boyfriend, and good looking friends.

Such problems. One day I'll have that figured out. Hopefully. See ya.

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Journal Journal: Another day

I've been so busy lately. But busy is good. This year really sucks without the NHL. Basketball is winding down, haven't made it to many hockey games here, and football is over.

Oh well. At least hopefully the whole flood problem is almost resolved. That's been a chaotic mess. That's all I have for now, see ya.

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Journal Journal: Wow

Sometimes I even shock myself. I have a shit load of entries here that I just read through. I guess the sleep thing went out the window. So we'll see how I do with the updating this time around. It's just hard to find the time to write.

So I guess I should update you on the love life. Well the girl from the on again and off again is hopefully off for good. We'll call her rookie. That's quite fitting. She just wants to keep having sex even though I keep telling her I don't want to be with her. It's hard to turn down sex but it has way too many strings attached. Oh and as for sunshine? She moved, came back, and is now back with her ex-boyfriend. Thus confirming my theory that she's quite the dumb shit. I think I talk to her less now that she's living here. Oh well.

Let's see what else? I still love my job to death. And now I get responsibility. Which is good and bad. Everyone wants to be in charge and that causes most of our problems. However I'm there all the time now so it's going much better. The kids are great though. Just being with them is such a great experience to have every day.

Which leads to basketball. That takes so much time away from work it sucks. But hey it happens. I managed to somehow get 3 college games this year which I'm really proud of. And next season no more freshman / jv high school stuff. I like working those games but it kills me to leave work that early.

As for current love interests, theres not a whole lot going on but I'll work to change that. My condo is a mess, stupid flood problem. But that should be resolved by midweek.

Firefox is the best invention ever! And I'm still wrasslin w/ mysql. Bah! Computers suck! That's enough of this frantic pace. I'll write more when I have a topic, or just something to update you on.

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Journal Journal: 3 days? Or 1 year?

Man, something about February. I don't want to update this thing at all and then right around Valentine's Day I get the bug. Oh well.

It's funny reading some of the old stuff I've written. So much has happened since then and yet so little has changed. Ok so you missed all the details of one little 7 month, on again, off again thing. But now we can all pray it's off for good.

What is it in me that makes me find just psycho chicks? Bah! I have a lot to say, so much has happened but I fear it's best left for another time. I have to be at work in 8 hours, and I'm tired as all hell. See ya.

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Journal Journal: Quick Update

Just a quick update. I've been busy as all hell, it's hard to find time to write when your out until past midnight and need to be up at 7. When it comes down to taking a nap or getting on the computer the choice is obvious.

It is going to be a real challenge to get over sunshine, but I'll see what I can do. Part of that is to find someone else and I'm half heartedly working on that. I'll see her tonight and report back on how it goes. See ya.

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Journal Journal: Well it's 11

So here we go. What's happened? Well I think I've seen the light. This could be a long entry, I'm bored and in front of the TV so I hope you have some time.

We'll start with friday night. I just went to dinner w/ my mom and sunshine and then went to a party w/ dumb and dumber and their friends. Nothing too great. I can only hang out w/ them for so long w/ out losing it. And friday was about 2 hours too long.

Then on Saturday I picked up sunshine and we went to the game my dad was ref'ing. After that we went to see Miracle which was just kick ass. What a great story and a great movie. The best part was in the final ten seconds of the game against the soviets they switched from the call from the announcers in the movie to the real call from the broadcasters during the game. It was so kick ass. After the movie we went to dinner and then that was about it.

But to back up a little bit. At halftime of the basketball game sunshine made me call the other girl. Which went pretty well I'd say. I figure I'll go to her game on wednesday. Should be fun. I was so nervous calling her though. Damn me being a giant pussy! It's getting better at least though. Or I can at least dream it is.

On to today. At the moment the Grammy's just started. Should be a good show. Man prince is one gay dude. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Just making an observation. Now I'm trying to figure out if the chick singing w/ prince is beyonce or not. All I know is that she's friggin hot. Speaking of beyonce what in the hell happened to Destiny's Child? I guess the same thing that happened to nsync. Yeah it is beyonce, she just started singing one of her songs. That clears that up at least. Now I'm less confused.

Back to earlier today. I call sunshine and we had an interesting conversation. I think I'm finally starting to see the light. Or maybe just realize it's time to move on. Or maybe it's hit me that I want to move on. Or something. I can't really figure out this feeling in my stomach. Once I do I think that will shed some more light on the subject. I just need to get over her. As much as I would love to be with her it aint gonna happen at the moment. And this other girl has some real potential so I should pursue that I think.

Plus getting over my feelings for sunshine should be a lot easier if I develop feelings for someone else. The biggest thing I don't want to do is start a relationship w/ someone when I still have feelings for sunsine. The litmus test is that if I feel like sunshine could come up to me and say I want to be with you waht i would do. If I would drop the new chick at that point it wouldn't be fair for me to pursue a relationship with her now. But I don't now how I would feel about everything until I develop feelings for someone else. And I can't do that until we start hanging out and stuff. And we can't do that until I grow some balls.

Seems to be a common theme huh? Me growing balls. I should really work on that. But it's not something they offer classes on at your local university. It's funny though, on a basketball court or a football field, I have more balls then anyone. I just need to channel that to my everyday life and I'll be good.

Well I got caught up watching the grammys and doing some other stuff, so I'll finish this update later.

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