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Comment Re:I get disks in the mail (Score 1) 192

I said the figures are public. Netflix does not lose money on streaming overall, only overseas. Netflix does not make more money from DVD rentals than it does from streaming. Even the article you linked does not say streaming is not profitable for Netflix, which was your own assertion.

Maybe these are recent developments; I leave that research to you.

Comment Re:I get disks in the mail (Score 1) 192

The surprising part, though, is not just that many people think disks by mail is old fashioned, but that people think that despite the fact that Netflix makes their profit from DVDs in the mail, not from streaming.

That's not true. Netflix loses money on streaming internationally, but in its most recent quarter its profits from domestic streaming were double its profits from DVD rentals. It also had five times as many domestic streaming subscribers than DVD plan subscribers. These figures are public.

Comment Re:That's 129.2F if you're interested. (Score 2) 353

Meanwhile, conservative America still has its head up its ass insisting that climate change is a liberal conspiracy and evolution the thing of the devil.

Not here to refute climate change, just to point out that this particular data point doesn't necessarily support it. The fact that the record in the western hemisphere was set in 1913 and has yet to be exceeded suggests that record temperatures are just, you know, kinda rare.

Comment 2008 crisis? (Score 1) 346

This part interested me:

It’s true, the 2008 crisis forced plenty of people to look for additional sources of income, not least of all the recent graduates who, with little experience and limited networks, were confronting the job market for the first time.

Really? I thought the 2008 crisis was when the housing bubble burst. Are people who are "confronting the job market for the first time" really looking to get home loans? Or was it just that their first jobs didn't pay all that great?

Statements like this one just reinforce in a lot of older people's heads the idea that Millennials, as a group, are the "everyone deserves everything" generation. What did these people expect when they had "little experience and limited networks"? Did they honestly think anything had changed about first jobs since the dawn of time? My first job was at a goddamn 7-Eleven, FFS. No reason to go looking for some bullshit armchair economist's theory of why that was.

Comment Re:Hell No (Score 1) 346

The camera mail order market is the absolute worst. Knockoffs and versions intended only for foreign markets abound.

Ironically, Amazon is one of the only mail order vendors I do trust for camera stuff. But I only buy Prime-eligible items that ship direct from Amazon, never any of those super-discount bundles from market sellers.

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