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Comment Alaska!!!1!! (Score 1) 300

The state of Alaska has essentially implemented a small Basic Income scheme since 1982 - the Alaska Permanent Fund gives permanent residents an amount varying up to about $2000 per year from a trust fund from natural resource royalties (mostly oil). Everybody there seems to love it, and treats it as a right rather than an insulting welfare program, as far as I can tell. Criminals are excluded to various degrees, but otherwise there's no criteria other than residency.

There's no reason the country as a whole couldn't do something like this, although it'd cost a lot up-front. Maybe UBI's biggest problem is just marketting, and it would be popular once established. Something to think about.

Comment Re:Everyone runs with fear from NP problems (Score 1) 497

The classic "Computers and Intractibility" book by Garey & Johnston (1979) gave three ways to explain to your boss:
  • I can't find an efficient algorithm, I must be too dumb.
  • I can't find an efficient algorithm, because no such algorithm is possible.
  • I can't find an efficient algorithm, but neither can all these famous people.

Some of us have been going around saying "I must be too dumb" when we get stuck for a few decades now.

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